Saturday, January 11, 2014

Strive for your goals

HELLLLOOOO!!! HAPPY 2014!!! Holy smokes such an awesome week!!! Unfortunately alot of our appointments again fell through but still such a great week!!!
So because its New Years I spent alot of time thinking about the different ways of celebrating and different traditions along with the many goals we set for the up and coming year. It was really different this year having all goals based on our main goals as missionaries and so they follow as you might expect with language and obedience and things like that. All working together for our purpose to bring others unto Christ. so these thoughts led to alot of what I studied and such this week.
First of all News years day - we watched the sun rise!!! Left our home at 530 and waited for the sun while eating 떡국 -like rice cake soup-when you eat it you get a year older-- and talking with the members in our branch! It was so cool to celebrate the actual new beginnings instead of more of a going away. So it was freezing but when the bright red sun rose --didnt matter!! SOO SWEEEETTT!! I will send pics for you for sure! also got a taste of culture as we watched ladies in munchkin looking costumes play their drums across the beach haha and to top off the morning we went on a little walk that was so pretty!! REally good new years day!!
This week when we met with investigators and members we talked about setting goals and we shared the message given by President Uchtdorf about the best time to plant a tree -in the liahona/ensign. A really good message about setting goals that touched alot of our investigators because they have different things they want to do but are worried about failure.. it also was a big help for me this week. The part that I like the most is when it talks about what if we fail? -- President Uchtdorf says we are most likely to short term. But as we continue to strive for our goals and dreams we will succeed. It also talks alot about the help we can recieve from our Heavenly Father and from Jesus Christ because of the Atonement. and this is what the week really came to, no matter where we are or what we are doing through the Atonement of Christ-Through His LOVE, we can overcome anything no matter the difficulty!
well to wrap up yesterday at church we hit a new high of 38 people at sacrament! More less actives on their way!!! so sweet!! and this week Thursday--transfer calls....I feel like last one was yesterday!!
Today for p-day we are going to 남포 pretty much just a huge mall and market so it should be sweet!!! and yeah i think that is about it! haha
Love you all thanks for everything! Good luck with homework tonight;) hah and HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!
Elder Jackson

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