Thursday, January 2, 2014

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okokokokk GAME ON!! First i cannot believe that it is Christmas in 2 day s and that I get to talk to you and that I have been a missionary for 7 months... holy smokes!!! So on wednesday morning i will call you at 930 korea time through skype! I have a great friend in the new branch who is allowing me to use his phone and my companion has a skype account I will use to call you!
So this week we remodeled our apartment and replaced all the windows and screens...haha doors anyway then we has our Christmas party and watched the lion the witch and the wardrobe hah its been a really long time since any of us have seen a movie like that and we are missionaries im sure you can picture what it was like. hah so fun! anyway at the christmas conference we had a very awesome devotional as well. the feeling that was there really can only be describes as in 3 nephi 11 the spirit piercing to the heart-- I learned so much from so little and it was awesome!!!
Investigators are doing great!! we have a brother set of investigators that remind me of josh and matt haha so funny! but they were referred by a less active family- yesterday all three members of the less active family attended church and on saturday we talked with the investigators family and they are now all potential investigators! I love missionary work!!!!!!!!!!!
Pretty much thats about it I am working on getting together stories that I want to tell and I hope that when we talk we will be able to catch up on the last 7 months!! hah love you all so much!! SEE you on christmas eve:)
Elder Jackson

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