Thursday, January 2, 2014


Yello!! haha hihi this week --so awesome!!! Loved getting to skype with you and hearing and seeing how everyone is doing!!! the rest of the week was pretty normal except for some cancelled appointments and a big stake young men/young women activity which was really fun!!! 

After our phone call we went to the mission home and played games with other missionaries!! and then came back to help our neighboring area with their Christmas party!! the weirdest part was waking up the next day and having just be again another day!! 

Pretty excited for this next week, we will be able to meet with some of the people who we met over the last few weeks and also NEW YEARS!! so its tradition to watch the sunrise. and so on the 1st we will be with our branch starting off the new year!! And then we have planned a youth activity for later that day! on sunday the branch president told us he wants us to kinda act as young mens and young womens leaders for right now so we are planning a mutual like activities for every week from now till school gets really busy in march! It should be fun!! Lots of games and planning the spiritual messages based off of duty to god and personal progress and for the strength of youth!! 

Food- we went to a buffet twice this week, lots of Korean food and It was really good!! haha some new things that were basically veggies wrapped in veggies haha but really really good!! 

Weather is being weird -- all of the sudden today is not too cold still need a coat but gloves and scarf you would die! hah still cold and will be till about the same time as at home. Makes finding a little harder but its all good!!! 

I gave a present to the member that let me use his phone and he is moving back home today because he finished his tests for school! I dont know because we emailed and talked last week not much else but lots of activities coming so yeah!!! 

I hit 7 months as a missionary yesterday 12-29 really weird hah I still feel like a baby and at the same time like I have been here forever!!! I guess thats how things go!!! 

Thanks for your prayers and love and everything!! I really feel it everyday and as I am thinking of how I can do something better or make it more fun all of you come to mind because of the great times we have had and the many countless things you have taught me!!!! LOVE YOU ALLLLL!!!
ELder Jackson


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