Monday, January 13, 2014

great things come from small things

Well I have a little theme for this week found from the scriptures that applied a lot to every aspect of our work this week. So if you look in D&C 64:33 or Alma 10:4 or 1 Nephi 16:29 we find the same message and that is - through the power of the Lord great things come out of small things.
so to begin this week all of the sudden just froze and on wednesday what started out as a light rainstorm turned into snow! such a cool thing! it hasnt snowed in busan for a really long time apparently and it just reminded me of home and made me want to go out and work!! so from rain to snow a change that made something so beautiful and exciting!!
Next this week all of our appointments cancelled total of probably 15 and 5 of them all on saturday... so a rough week and with the cold sometimes just going out to try and find was not something we really wanted to do but what other choice do we have. So through each of these times we were able to meet or talk to some amazing people and alot of them are now potential investigators who have interest in our church!! Of course on saturday one of the sweetest experiences came as we were striving to share the gospel. We were talking to someone on the street and walking he didnt have a ton of interest but we were just talking and we walked past this lady (I was kinda lost in our first conversation haha) so I said hi. and she stopped us explained she was from the phillipines and was a member also that she wanted to go to church but didnt know where they were. we ended up getting her number and sending it to the missionaries in the area where she lives. the last thing she said was she normally doesnt stop missionaries but just felt like she should that day. with all that it really lifted spirits and brought a great weekend!
Lastly on thursdays we have district meetings and after we go out to eat so as we were walking down the streets walking to where we were going to eat two members visiting from seoul stopped us and took us to eat!! Really fun and really cool to see unity in our church and eat really good food!!
The pictures attached are actually the last thing. truly from these small places something great came -- me!! hahah but really when ever we are in a small or hard place we can always rely on the Savior and His Atonement and power to help us through. We get through the small things and become more like Him. We learn grow and develop while striving to reach the divine potential we all hold!!! 
It was such a blessing to again feel of the Saviors love and have been given the gift of a stronger testimony of Him this last week!!! 
Love you all hope all is well-
heard about our new mission president today a few times hah the Gilberts only have 6 short months left and even though it sounds like a long time the next transfers will fly! 

Elder Jackson 

"from these small places something great came -- me!!" 

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