Monday, January 27, 2014

faith through action

Sounds like eveything at home is going great!!! so excited for all of you and what you are doing as I have said before it really helps me and just keeps me going building on the fact that I know we are blessed when we are obedient and living the principles of the Gospel!! thanks for your examples that keep me going!!
This week again a little hard with a bunch of cancelled appointments and alot of time just left to trying to find people to talk to who will not ignore the hello as we pass on the street-and fortunately this week it worked out pretty well! There is always a reason behind things its all in Gods pattern and plan. As long as we are showing our faith through action a way or method is provided!
So this week we were able to meet with someone we found last week after a cancelled appointment-he is 19 and has been attending a different church for three years by himself. our first meeting we gave the baptism invitation and he accepted. Yesterday we taught the Restoration and he was very sincere about learning more. he truly has been prepared and our plan is to set a date with him this week!!!
Also this week during while we were on the streets because of a schedule change we met 3 people from sri lanka with their korean friend who have been calling and texting us since we met yesterday!! They are so kind and we will see if it is the time for them to accept this gospel later this week when we meet!!
Truly miracles are happening in Korea and im sure in every part of the world as the Lord is hastening his work!!!!
Ok so yesterday i encountered my first bible bash hahaha really funny as he just went off and then some other member of the other church came over and just stood and watched haha fortunately we just walked away and nothing big happened -- really crazy though!
Also I love old koreans!!! They are all just hilarious and to me it is really just because of their intonation--they could be telling me something 100% serious and i am always having to hold back on laughs hahah
Lastly held a Mini MTC with the young men and young women this saturday!! really fun!! Had everything from calls to name tags to companions (tied hands together) language study (in english),Spiritual study, gym time and even down to the friday pizza night haha and thanks to some fun times at home we decided to eat with our hands all tied together!! Really fun activity!!!
Yeah thats about all for the news in korea! haha pretty similar to what has been happening before just with blessings and miracles from obedience and having a blast with some amazing people!!!
Elder Jackson^^

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