Thursday, January 2, 2014

Christmas bells are ringing-ding dongchim ding dongchim‏

와!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy Smokes it is really the 16th of december......I cannot believe it!!! and permission to skype.. AMAZING hahaha im so excited!! I will be looking for a computer to give you a call through that!!!!!! ^^^^^^ hahah so I need your skype name or number!!! and I will be emailing on monday for one hour even though our p day is on christmas next week! as for the packages I got everything  just as you thought some of the wrapping has been torn or cut so already open. christmas party is this wednesday! it should be really fun!!!
Not alot of pics from the new area but everything is great!!! one of our referrals from last week brought his younger brother to our meeting and also we have a new potential investigator who we found and came to a soccer activity on Saturday!!! REally SOOOOO sweet this area was prepared in a different way than changwon but the truth is this really is the time of the hastening of His work!!!
So this week I went to a wedding and ate a ton of meat!!!! and also we had a once and a life time opportunity of making.... KIMCHI hahahah for 3 hours we washed down cabbage with the red pepper paste haha sooo fun and the old granpmas that were there kept feeding us all this fresh kimchi and meat and oysters and rice cakes haha so funny!!! really fun! unfortunately I have to get the pics from some one else because I couldnt use my camera --
Really love the first few chapters of 1 nephi talks a lot about having faith and relying on the Lord! Also from our advent calender(thank you) I have been able to find and learn alot about the doctrine of Christ which is an everlasting study! haha
Well thats about it! im prepping for our talk next week because we only have an hour and there is so much to talk about!!
WEll thats about it!!! LOVE YOU
KICC always
ELder Jackson

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