Monday, January 27, 2014

Aristocats times 30

Well Hey,
To be honest not too much happened this week so I was kinda waiting for your email to get things started hahah soooo yeah..
I dont know - This week has just been fun! again alot of cancelled appointments and have not met with the same people more than twice haha but being ablr to meet with 4 new people this week was fun!!!
One of the people has been prepared to hear the gospel for ages!! He has been introduced to our Church since middle school and has taken from the church english class for already 4+ years...when we started the lesson he was not interested in hearing about church at all but by then end we had talking about prayer shared testimony and he asked us to pray to close! so that was really cool!!
Yeaterday also met with these two men from Sri Lanka that we met last week--Their english is not as good as I thought but the have such sweet spirits and are really open to our message! teaching was so difficult --first of all in english and then having to pick and choose certain words so they understood--really hard haha tested my english vocabulary again hahah
Our english class was awesome this week had a high of 9 people including members and potential investigators!! really fun!!!! had an exchange with the district leader here in 괴정 and it is just always really wierd when you can say whatever and understand everything haha but at the same time, I would not give up my Korean companions for anything!! I love em!!!
The branch is doing well continues to grow up to 34 people attending sacrament so really awesome!!!
This area is infested with cats honestly think of Aristocats times 30 and thats about what you have here haha lets see.... other random stuff rode bikes for our young mens and young womens activity until it started dumping rain and then walked through a near by cultural center haha also taught this old grandpa by a river the other day and couldnt understand a thing he said but it was hilarious!!! hahah
Anyway thats about it!! We are having a zone p day today so we will be leaving to play soccer after this email ha!!!
 -- cant believe you just got that I sent it the week of Christmas haha anyway, have a great week!!! so glad all is well love you!!!
Elder Jackson

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