Monday, January 27, 2014

Aristocats times 30

Well Hey,
To be honest not too much happened this week so I was kinda waiting for your email to get things started hahah soooo yeah..
I dont know - This week has just been fun! again alot of cancelled appointments and have not met with the same people more than twice haha but being ablr to meet with 4 new people this week was fun!!!
One of the people has been prepared to hear the gospel for ages!! He has been introduced to our Church since middle school and has taken from the church english class for already 4+ years...when we started the lesson he was not interested in hearing about church at all but by then end we had talking about prayer shared testimony and he asked us to pray to close! so that was really cool!!
Yeaterday also met with these two men from Sri Lanka that we met last week--Their english is not as good as I thought but the have such sweet spirits and are really open to our message! teaching was so difficult --first of all in english and then having to pick and choose certain words so they understood--really hard haha tested my english vocabulary again hahah
Our english class was awesome this week had a high of 9 people including members and potential investigators!! really fun!!!! had an exchange with the district leader here in 괴정 and it is just always really wierd when you can say whatever and understand everything haha but at the same time, I would not give up my Korean companions for anything!! I love em!!!
The branch is doing well continues to grow up to 34 people attending sacrament so really awesome!!!
This area is infested with cats honestly think of Aristocats times 30 and thats about what you have here haha lets see.... other random stuff rode bikes for our young mens and young womens activity until it started dumping rain and then walked through a near by cultural center haha also taught this old grandpa by a river the other day and couldnt understand a thing he said but it was hilarious!!! hahah
Anyway thats about it!! We are having a zone p day today so we will be leaving to play soccer after this email ha!!!
 -- cant believe you just got that I sent it the week of Christmas haha anyway, have a great week!!! so glad all is well love you!!!
Elder Jackson

faith through action

Sounds like eveything at home is going great!!! so excited for all of you and what you are doing as I have said before it really helps me and just keeps me going building on the fact that I know we are blessed when we are obedient and living the principles of the Gospel!! thanks for your examples that keep me going!!
This week again a little hard with a bunch of cancelled appointments and alot of time just left to trying to find people to talk to who will not ignore the hello as we pass on the street-and fortunately this week it worked out pretty well! There is always a reason behind things its all in Gods pattern and plan. As long as we are showing our faith through action a way or method is provided!
So this week we were able to meet with someone we found last week after a cancelled appointment-he is 19 and has been attending a different church for three years by himself. our first meeting we gave the baptism invitation and he accepted. Yesterday we taught the Restoration and he was very sincere about learning more. he truly has been prepared and our plan is to set a date with him this week!!!
Also this week during while we were on the streets because of a schedule change we met 3 people from sri lanka with their korean friend who have been calling and texting us since we met yesterday!! They are so kind and we will see if it is the time for them to accept this gospel later this week when we meet!!
Truly miracles are happening in Korea and im sure in every part of the world as the Lord is hastening his work!!!!
Ok so yesterday i encountered my first bible bash hahaha really funny as he just went off and then some other member of the other church came over and just stood and watched haha fortunately we just walked away and nothing big happened -- really crazy though!
Also I love old koreans!!! They are all just hilarious and to me it is really just because of their intonation--they could be telling me something 100% serious and i am always having to hold back on laughs hahah
Lastly held a Mini MTC with the young men and young women this saturday!! really fun!! Had everything from calls to name tags to companions (tied hands together) language study (in english),Spiritual study, gym time and even down to the friday pizza night haha and thanks to some fun times at home we decided to eat with our hands all tied together!! Really fun activity!!!
Yeah thats about all for the news in korea! haha pretty similar to what has been happening before just with blessings and miracles from obedience and having a blast with some amazing people!!!
Elder Jackson^^

Monday, January 13, 2014

great things come from small things

Well I have a little theme for this week found from the scriptures that applied a lot to every aspect of our work this week. So if you look in D&C 64:33 or Alma 10:4 or 1 Nephi 16:29 we find the same message and that is - through the power of the Lord great things come out of small things.
so to begin this week all of the sudden just froze and on wednesday what started out as a light rainstorm turned into snow! such a cool thing! it hasnt snowed in busan for a really long time apparently and it just reminded me of home and made me want to go out and work!! so from rain to snow a change that made something so beautiful and exciting!!
Next this week all of our appointments cancelled total of probably 15 and 5 of them all on saturday... so a rough week and with the cold sometimes just going out to try and find was not something we really wanted to do but what other choice do we have. So through each of these times we were able to meet or talk to some amazing people and alot of them are now potential investigators who have interest in our church!! Of course on saturday one of the sweetest experiences came as we were striving to share the gospel. We were talking to someone on the street and walking he didnt have a ton of interest but we were just talking and we walked past this lady (I was kinda lost in our first conversation haha) so I said hi. and she stopped us explained she was from the phillipines and was a member also that she wanted to go to church but didnt know where they were. we ended up getting her number and sending it to the missionaries in the area where she lives. the last thing she said was she normally doesnt stop missionaries but just felt like she should that day. with all that it really lifted spirits and brought a great weekend!
Lastly on thursdays we have district meetings and after we go out to eat so as we were walking down the streets walking to where we were going to eat two members visiting from seoul stopped us and took us to eat!! Really fun and really cool to see unity in our church and eat really good food!!
The pictures attached are actually the last thing. truly from these small places something great came -- me!! hahah but really when ever we are in a small or hard place we can always rely on the Savior and His Atonement and power to help us through. We get through the small things and become more like Him. We learn grow and develop while striving to reach the divine potential we all hold!!! 
It was such a blessing to again feel of the Saviors love and have been given the gift of a stronger testimony of Him this last week!!! 
Love you all hope all is well-
heard about our new mission president today a few times hah the Gilberts only have 6 short months left and even though it sounds like a long time the next transfers will fly! 

Elder Jackson 

"from these small places something great came -- me!!" 

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Strive for your goals

HELLLLOOOO!!! HAPPY 2014!!! Holy smokes such an awesome week!!! Unfortunately alot of our appointments again fell through but still such a great week!!!
So because its New Years I spent alot of time thinking about the different ways of celebrating and different traditions along with the many goals we set for the up and coming year. It was really different this year having all goals based on our main goals as missionaries and so they follow as you might expect with language and obedience and things like that. All working together for our purpose to bring others unto Christ. so these thoughts led to alot of what I studied and such this week.
First of all News years day - we watched the sun rise!!! Left our home at 530 and waited for the sun while eating 떡국 -like rice cake soup-when you eat it you get a year older-- and talking with the members in our branch! It was so cool to celebrate the actual new beginnings instead of more of a going away. So it was freezing but when the bright red sun rose --didnt matter!! SOO SWEEEETTT!! I will send pics for you for sure! also got a taste of culture as we watched ladies in munchkin looking costumes play their drums across the beach haha and to top off the morning we went on a little walk that was so pretty!! REally good new years day!!
This week when we met with investigators and members we talked about setting goals and we shared the message given by President Uchtdorf about the best time to plant a tree -in the liahona/ensign. A really good message about setting goals that touched alot of our investigators because they have different things they want to do but are worried about failure.. it also was a big help for me this week. The part that I like the most is when it talks about what if we fail? -- President Uchtdorf says we are most likely to short term. But as we continue to strive for our goals and dreams we will succeed. It also talks alot about the help we can recieve from our Heavenly Father and from Jesus Christ because of the Atonement. and this is what the week really came to, no matter where we are or what we are doing through the Atonement of Christ-Through His LOVE, we can overcome anything no matter the difficulty!
well to wrap up yesterday at church we hit a new high of 38 people at sacrament! More less actives on their way!!! so sweet!! and this week Thursday--transfer calls....I feel like last one was yesterday!!
Today for p-day we are going to 남포 pretty much just a huge mall and market so it should be sweet!!! and yeah i think that is about it! haha
Love you all thanks for everything! Good luck with homework tonight;) hah and HAPPY NEW YEARS!!!!
Elder Jackson

Thursday, January 2, 2014


Yello!! haha hihi this week --so awesome!!! Loved getting to skype with you and hearing and seeing how everyone is doing!!! the rest of the week was pretty normal except for some cancelled appointments and a big stake young men/young women activity which was really fun!!! 

After our phone call we went to the mission home and played games with other missionaries!! and then came back to help our neighboring area with their Christmas party!! the weirdest part was waking up the next day and having just be again another day!! 

Pretty excited for this next week, we will be able to meet with some of the people who we met over the last few weeks and also NEW YEARS!! so its tradition to watch the sunrise. and so on the 1st we will be with our branch starting off the new year!! And then we have planned a youth activity for later that day! on sunday the branch president told us he wants us to kinda act as young mens and young womens leaders for right now so we are planning a mutual like activities for every week from now till school gets really busy in march! It should be fun!! Lots of games and planning the spiritual messages based off of duty to god and personal progress and for the strength of youth!! 

Food- we went to a buffet twice this week, lots of Korean food and It was really good!! haha some new things that were basically veggies wrapped in veggies haha but really really good!! 

Weather is being weird -- all of the sudden today is not too cold still need a coat but gloves and scarf you would die! hah still cold and will be till about the same time as at home. Makes finding a little harder but its all good!!! 

I gave a present to the member that let me use his phone and he is moving back home today because he finished his tests for school! I dont know because we emailed and talked last week not much else but lots of activities coming so yeah!!! 

I hit 7 months as a missionary yesterday 12-29 really weird hah I still feel like a baby and at the same time like I have been here forever!!! I guess thats how things go!!! 

Thanks for your prayers and love and everything!! I really feel it everyday and as I am thinking of how I can do something better or make it more fun all of you come to mind because of the great times we have had and the many countless things you have taught me!!!! LOVE YOU ALLLLL!!!
ELder Jackson


red striped candy.nutcracker dandy.‏

okokokokk GAME ON!! First i cannot believe that it is Christmas in 2 day s and that I get to talk to you and that I have been a missionary for 7 months... holy smokes!!! So on wednesday morning i will call you at 930 korea time through skype! I have a great friend in the new branch who is allowing me to use his phone and my companion has a skype account I will use to call you!
So this week we remodeled our apartment and replaced all the windows and screens...haha doors anyway then we has our Christmas party and watched the lion the witch and the wardrobe hah its been a really long time since any of us have seen a movie like that and we are missionaries im sure you can picture what it was like. hah so fun! anyway at the christmas conference we had a very awesome devotional as well. the feeling that was there really can only be describes as in 3 nephi 11 the spirit piercing to the heart-- I learned so much from so little and it was awesome!!!
Investigators are doing great!! we have a brother set of investigators that remind me of josh and matt haha so funny! but they were referred by a less active family- yesterday all three members of the less active family attended church and on saturday we talked with the investigators family and they are now all potential investigators! I love missionary work!!!!!!!!!!!
Pretty much thats about it I am working on getting together stories that I want to tell and I hope that when we talk we will be able to catch up on the last 7 months!! hah love you all so much!! SEE you on christmas eve:)
Elder Jackson

Christmas bells are ringing-ding dongchim ding dongchim‏

와!!!!!!!!!!!!! Holy Smokes it is really the 16th of december......I cannot believe it!!! and permission to skype.. AMAZING hahaha im so excited!! I will be looking for a computer to give you a call through that!!!!!! ^^^^^^ hahah so I need your skype name or number!!! and I will be emailing on monday for one hour even though our p day is on christmas next week! as for the packages I got everything  just as you thought some of the wrapping has been torn or cut so already open. christmas party is this wednesday! it should be really fun!!!
Not alot of pics from the new area but everything is great!!! one of our referrals from last week brought his younger brother to our meeting and also we have a new potential investigator who we found and came to a soccer activity on Saturday!!! REally SOOOOO sweet this area was prepared in a different way than changwon but the truth is this really is the time of the hastening of His work!!!
So this week I went to a wedding and ate a ton of meat!!!! and also we had a once and a life time opportunity of making.... KIMCHI hahahah for 3 hours we washed down cabbage with the red pepper paste haha sooo fun and the old granpmas that were there kept feeding us all this fresh kimchi and meat and oysters and rice cakes haha so funny!!! really fun! unfortunately I have to get the pics from some one else because I couldnt use my camera --
Really love the first few chapters of 1 nephi talks a lot about having faith and relying on the Lord! Also from our advent calender(thank you) I have been able to find and learn alot about the doctrine of Christ which is an everlasting study! haha
Well thats about it! im prepping for our talk next week because we only have an hour and there is so much to talk about!!
WEll thats about it!!! LOVE YOU
KICC always
ELder Jackson