Monday, December 8, 2014

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Hey hows it going???
This week has been so epic!!! unfortunately we have not had the most success with meeting and teaching investigators but working with members and preparing our many meetings and going on exchanges and everything is really busy-- 
So last week on tuesday we went to our service project and got to clean the cafe that the Senior center uses- and for the 2 hours the radio played some frank sinatra so just couldnt help but telling you all!! haha that night we had a way awesome Preach My Gospel class with a few of our members- We have this class once a week on tuesday nights and it was  initially created to help those preparing to go and serve missions but has opened up to whoever wants to come-- so we get to teach the members as well and help them recognize ways that they can more comfortably share the gospel. although there were only 2 members, we had a great time sharing our testimonies together and studying preach my gospel- It was through that class I came again to the conclusion that Preach my gospel is not just a study guide for missionaries in the field but ALL missionaries which means ALL members of the church- through Preach My Gospel we can learn and understand more deeply the basic principles of the gospel and help us recognize ways that we can follow Christ-of course. ^^

On Wednesday I got to go back to my training area for district meeting!!! way fun time!! and that district is awesome! Some of the missionaries that I am closest to are serving there! A really fun and spiritual meeting about the Book of Mormon! and after we started our exchange-- well I came back to jinhae with Elder Massimini and after visiting a less active we were out street contacting and found in a garbage pile a large tapestry of the last supper and so we picked it up and used it to start contacting people- of course it caught a lot of attention and it was just a fun easy way to share the message of Christ! 

On Thursday we had 2 lunches and really I felt so sick-- they were within a 3 hour period and so Elder Lee and I both were feeling pretty sick afterward-- thankfully the lunches were kimchi soup and meat so nothing bad but just a lot and thankfully not extremely heavy! and so later that night we ate silk worm. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

On Friday we got stuck in the church elevator for an hour....... we had alot of stuff that we had just brought back from our meeting down at the mission home and went straight to the church to meet a member and for the first time this transfer decided to take the elevator to the third floor where we had planned to meet-- well got to the third floor and the doors didnt open so there ya go luckily in the stuff we had there was this months Liahona and so we got to spend some time reading that while we waited for the mechanic.

Saturday was a normal saturday but sunday- anything but normal. It was fast sunday!! As elder lee broke our fast yesterday we talked about the feelings we have when we fast and are able to listen to the testimonies given in sacrament meeting- It truly is a time of spiritual growth and a time to really be in tune with the Holy Ghost! I am so thankful for that time we have set apart once a month to participate in the law of fasting- I know that through fasting and prayer we can understand the love of our Savior Jesus Christ and receive strength from Him!!

Love you all so much!! and as always thank you for your love prayers and support!!
ELder Jackson
#SharetheGift #Discoverthegift #HeistheGift

Wednesday, December 3, 2014


This week, wow talk about alot of planning and a lot of fun!! We had a total of three large meetings to plan and prepare for this week- One zone meeting, Held in masan where Elder Wilson is serving right now and a really great meeting! We finished planning last week but getting the preparation all set took longer than what we expected all turned out ok and we ended up with a very spiritual uplifting meeting. The first announcement that was made by the Assistants was that we have now been asked to share the video Share the Gift with as many people as possible! Such an awesome short simple message with so much meaning to it. As I watched the video for the first time, it really made me think again about Christ and the many gifts that He has given us-- if you read in Isaiah 9:6 it also declared Him as a gift to the world! Truly a blessing and so excited to share it this Christmas season!!
The second meeting was an English Camp that we ended up throwing together in a week!! The camp was set up as an english village and there was everything from "No rice No problems Super Market" to  "Please be Quiet Library" and "Master Lee's Concert Hall" and of course City Hall with a jail to help everyone speaking english. It was a really fun activity we had about 30 people attend and had a great time teaching and speaking english with each other-- the worst part about the camp though was that I was caught speaking Korean and so I was then thrown into jail.... sometimes habits can hurt hahah
The third meeting was our presentation to the ward about the social media project. We had our meeting with the bishop and ward mission leader last week and both of them liked it a lot and wanted to start as soon as possible and so we started today!! Yesterday after the presentation we had a lot of excited leaders and youth that were ready to start spreading the videos and messages of the church to help push on the Work of Salvation!! 
Outside of those activities this week we had a great time at our service project going to a "mini-store" where they were selling things that were made by the seniors that live there and by those that work there- It is so fun going to this Senior Center and talking and spending time with them! I was also interviewed in English by a college student doing a project about pet peeves of the opposite gender-- that was interesting for sure but ya know.. hah 
With all of that this week has been great! I love being here doing what the Lord wants me to do and helping others find the joy and peace that comes in and through His Atonement! I love the urgency there is to this work, finding and helping rescue those who may have lost their path. I am thankful for the power of one and the importance of the ONE in this gospel. He is the ONE and through Him we can become ONE with our Heavenly Father. 
Thanks for everything!!!
Your prayers love and support are really being felt here- I cannot put in words the power that they have had this week on the work that we have been doing!!
Love you all so much!!!
Elder Jackson

Friday, November 21, 2014

keeping a record


I cannot believe that we are already starting the 3 week of this transfer-- it feels like yesterday I was still in bangeojin and we were finishing our halloween party! hah but yeah next week is thanksgiving so ,,, the good new is - everything is going so well!!!

I love the jinhae area and members and we are constantly blessed with miracles everyday!! This week with all the meetings done and trying to figure out a little bit what it means to be a zone leader we got to settle in and got deep into finding those who have been prepared to hear the message we share-- On monday we were having an area meeting with the other team in jinhae and the bishop walked in and told us that there was going to be a special meeting on sunday- a member of the 70 Elder Jung, and the head of church history, Brother Turley, were going to be visiting and so they set a goal of having 10 investigators at church and asked for our help. Well the status in jinhae right now is a little interesting- last transfer the other team was white washed in and then this transfer we came white washed in so alot of past investigators disappeared for both teams but we set our plan to try to get the 10 investigators there-- the result 4 came-- and that is more than we could have asked for because 3 of the four were brought by members and by calling and inviting as many past investigators as we could we were able to make appointments for this up and coming week!! such a miracle and blessing for all of us to hear then the words of Elder Jung and Brother Turley!

The fourth investigator that was there was actually an investigator that the missionaries here before us met once or twice-- because of death and trials in his family he decided to turn to Christ to find peace and hope- and through that he found our church! yesterday was our first time meeting him and you know that he was feeling the spirit because of the openess of his heart- willing to ask questions and share experiences and willing to participate! and then we had a short lesson with him in which he answered sincerely to each question and not only committed to read the Book of Mormon but also said from now on he would be attending church!!! Such a spiritual experience and again another miracle of the Lord!

The rest of this week has been fun! finding different ways to find and pulling out the winter clothes again because it is getting CHILLY!!! haha but still just a sweater and suit keep it warm- but next week we mat be pulling the coat as well! hah having a ton of fun with the two team house and learning alot as always!! 

Well just a last thought from Brother Turleys talks throughout our meetings yesterday-- His main two points to me were 1. remembering and 2 keeping a record. Our life story is important as every soul is great in the sight of God. When we keep a record to remember the events of our life, we also share our legacy and faith with the people we love and the generations to come! every event in our life has some worth something that we can learn from but sometimes we do not realize the importance until much later in our lives- as we keep record of our lives, we then allow our minds to be more open to the lessons which God has prepared for us to learn-- I am thankful for the journal I have kept throughout my mission and the blessings that it has brought me so far and am thankful for the examples of the blessing journal that you have all shared with me!!

and with that have a great week!!
Love you all!!
Elder Jackson

Monday, November 3, 2014

Zone Leader and transfer

HEY!!!! so yes I was transferred and so not only did I leave my home of bangeojin and the amazing members and my amazing trainee but also got called as zone leader and found out that I was white washing in with Elder Lee seokwoo!!! He trained one of the elders I came with and we both just finished training plus all the other times we met so we know each other fairly well!! One of the craziest parts about the area is that it was the other area in my district when I first came!! 진해!!! jinhae!!!!!! I dont know if you remember but today as we have come into the area just flashbacks like crazy started racing through my mind!!! so many good memories and so many awesome elders have served here as Zone leader and following there footsteps is going to be so fun!!!!

Well the last week in bangeojin-- did our best to visit all the members that we could to thank them for the help they gave for the Halloween party!! We made ghost candies and gave them to the members and less active members as we visited each day!! We didnt have a ton of appointments and now because we have had 3 baptisms in the last 3 months things have kind of slowed down and have reached another finding point-- but this next week as a new elder goes to bangeojin we left with many old investigators back in a bit of contact so hopefully they will be able to keep meeting with them!! 
 This week as we met with recent converts  a few times ate with them and said our final goodbyes they were bummed because they thought that I would send them off- not that they would send me off!!! hahah It was really hard saying goodbye to them but I am already planning to go be with them when they go through the temple as a family next year at this time!!! 

Fun things of the week--- we ate a ton of food this week provided by members including--- Live octopus!!!!! hahhaa It was so good and way nuts to feel it move around in you mouth when you put it in.... holy smokes!! so fun to eat!!!!
 hahah Now in jinhae I am living in a 4 elder house for the first time -- the one that we met when we went to the old mission presidents home hahaha things happen for a reason??? haha well thats about all for this week!! Love you all!!!
ELder Jackson

Happy Halloween!

I can only imagine what brads blur of a week was like with how much of a blur ours was this week--- It flew by everyday felt like nothing but a few hours with lots getting done but also a lot that we had to continue to do and its not yet slowed down!
We spent all day tuesday making decorations and gathering supplies for our Halloween party, from balloons to boards to paper to sciccors to any arts and crafts anything that you could think of and then just got to work!
Tuesday we finished just about all we had to make and wednesday spent alot of the day getting things in the plces they needed to be for the activities that we had planned!! WEdnesday continued with the planning and setting up and then Thursday went to another area for a Zone Conference where we really were able to feel the Spirit and learn more about our purpose!!! I love being able to hear the testimonies of so many people who are rooted in the doctrine of Christ, who understand why they are here and what their purpose is not only as a missionary but as a Child of God!!! that is one of the greatest blessings of being able to serve!!!
On friday while the sister missionaries and my companion finished the last touches of the Halloween set I went up to the Zone Leaders area for a fun exchange-- lots of contacting and soccer in the morning!
ANd then it came the most stressfilled and fun three days of my mission I am almost sure! Saturday after returning to bangeojin we went straight in to decorating with the young men and youngwomen, hanging up the decorations made or brought from members and cutting out many more to add to the atmosphere of the party!! after three quick hours the party started with our english classes- word search and jeopardy for the older students and games and trick or treating for our kids class!! from 5-6 we carved pumpkins and continued making last preparations and changes for the games that we played from 6-7 and closed the festivites with food made by the members from about 7-8.. so much help from the members and from the other missionaries in our district!!! Sunday the craziness continued with preparing the baptism and going away dinner for (recent convert) and his wife, now a recent convert!! Elder Bingham Tira and Payne ( all missionaries who taught the family) were able to attend the baptism service and the party!! such a fun time for all of us to see each other again and feel the love from the family all that night!
We spent our extra time visiting past investigators and meeting with them and then elder bingham tira and their companions all stayed in our two man house last night and early this morning we all took a trip to meet the rest of the mission for yet another 5k-- yes I did beat my last time!! really fun to get out and just run with and see everyone today!!!
and with that this week is the last week of the transfer-- now having been in bangeojin for 7 months it may be time for me to head out-- and I guess we will see! lots to do still and thursday will come so quick!!
Through meeting with sister lee there was one thing she said in our last meeting on tuesday that has continually stuck with me- that is the power of prayer!! SHe came to realize that prayer is not waiting for the answer but searching for it- not asking God to change His will but changing to match His!! such a testimony of the fundamentals of the Gospel that help us become truly converted!
Love you all tons!!! Thanks for the prayers and Love !!!!!
Elder Jackson

Halloween Prep

Hey hows it going!! things just get busier and busier no matter where you are in the world!! just as you have all picked up what sounds to be busy schedules things have been rolling crazy around here as well-- trying to get all the last minute stuff in for the Halloween Party and prepare a baptism service for next Sunday!! which means yes (our recent convert) and his wife  came to church yesterday for all three hours- she participated not only in the sacrament but also in our Gospel principles class and in relief society!! and then to add to it- they heard about a baptism that was happening in our zone and so they took a drive as a family up to see one more baptism before she will be baptized next week!! The interview has already taken place and so now just a time of waiting-- they will also be heading out to Canada next week sometime and so it will be quite the way to bring close to the end of the 5th transfer in Bangeojin!! 
So other news is just normal-- not anything too new. trying to find new investigators and picking up more in contacting and finding less active members again-- we have some great less active members that we are meeting with now.. it is a bummer sometimes to see the loss of hope and interest in what brought them so much joy no more than a few years ago and more than that the less active members who have to work on sundays to support their family and just hard situations that prevent them from participating in the Sacrament...
however when they do come there is always such a sweet spirit and when they bare their testimonies to us, you can feel the strong conversion that is waiting to come out of them!!! Patience is key haha 
working with members has also been a big part of last week-- we split the branch in half and we visited all but about 3 families in preparation for helping friends come to the halloween party-- as we met with each family we were able to talk with each family member about people who they would invite to the party and had a short role play and message to help as well!! We have been planning with a goal for 100 people but yesterday as the planning came to a close it may be up to 150 so we will see if our goal will come to be!! 
and so that is about all for this week!! always thank you for you prayers and for the Halloween Package!!! we have loved eating really sweet cereal and candy up the wall haha!! and the pins are perfect!!! we werent able to see them this week but next week we will give them! 
Love you bunches! have a great week!!
Elder Jackson

엄마!!!!!! 생일축하합니다!~!!^^ 사랑해요!!!!

엄마!!!!!! 생일축하합니다!~!!^^
hows it going!!! so first what I just sent hope it looks familiar but HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!!!!! love you so much!! and so thankful for all you do for me!!! I feel of all your prayers and love daily and know that Heavenly Father is watching over each of us just as he did for the sons of Mosiah as they went out to serve the lamanites!! Just as ammon was protected as he cut off arm after arm, I know that we will all be protected from the strikes that satan tries to make because Heavenly Father loves us!!!!!

and with that conference was just maybe the best of the mission!!! The testimonies of the servants of God spoke so powerfully to me as I know they did to many others and how perfect was the theme of trusting in the prophets and coming to know of truth!! Those two points are what really do lead us to Eternal life and was taught by Elder Robert D. Hales. 
It was a really uplifting conference for us here and really brought strength, knowledge, and confirmation of the spiritual truths taught within the Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Well this week we had two exchanges which put us in a three man companionship for both of the exchanges in other words we traveled alot back and forth between a few of our surrounding areas and spent alot of time on buses- really nuts in korea I dont know if you remember my explanation but basically a rollercoaster without seatbelts and add in the part where you have to stand u[ half the time makes it fun! haha 

This week our recent converts wife set a for sure date for the 26th of this month!!! The biggest problem that we have with her is that she "couldnt" come to church, well we thought for weeks of how to help her and when it came down to it we pulled out preach my gospel and looked at the list of requirements for baptism given by the first presidency and she said-- I didnt realize that it was that important but now it makes sense on why I have to attend sacrament meeting. It is to help prepare us for being baptized- I will do all I can to be there next week!!"
and so another miracle in our little peninsula of bangeojin!!! 

Hope you have a great day!! today its raining cats and dogs and wind is going nuts so we are just chilling hah!
Love you so much!!!!
Elder Jackson

Monday, October 6, 2014

weather is changing pants are ripping

Hey Ho and what do you know- another week flying by like no big deal but really its a big deal haha weather is changing pants are ripping(only one pair^^) and getting ready to go back into suits next week--! The craziest thing about it is that I have now been in bangeojin for 6 months starting in spring and working well into fall-- everyday when we walk outside it just feels extremely normal but really really weird all at the same  time.   
Well this week has been a solid one lots of street contacting as well as english class advertisement and now working into planning for our halloween party-- we have come up with some really sweet ideas and our goal is getting 100 people to attend so the ideas have to come out well!! over the next two weeks we will be working with our branch members and with our district members to make it the party of the year!
This week we had a few meetings with some new investigators and got a little more information on our recent converts as to why they have not been coming to church- both of them working hard with school and one of them having opposition from family has been making it hard but we have been making plans to help them progress and continue to be nurtured by the word of God-- This week we had quite the time as we called a member who was baptized right before I came and his wife said she wanted to be baptized next sunday-- unfortunately she didnt come to church yesterday and so she cant but we will be setting a new goal and day for her to be baptized this month and before they move to Canada!!!
I dont know everything else is just going normal and because its normal Im gonna say its good!! I love this area and the members that are here!! I love the miracles that happen as we just try our best and I love the Spirit of God that I can feel as we study prepare plan and teach!!!!
Thanks for your love and your example and support!!!
Love you bunches!!!
Elder Jackson
For our english class we want to read scary stories could you send some through email or like a crossword puzzle or something thatd be sweet!!!
Loves ya!!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Following the 'Still Small Voice"

Hey Fam!! hows it going?? sounds like you had a great week this week!! and just as much as you did over there, we did as well over here!!! This week was full of alot of miracles starting with just following a little voice and ending with the baptism of one of the mothers that attend our kids class!!
SO on sunday as we were walking to visit less active members my companion and I both had a feeling to stop wait and go back to the main road to proselyte before going on- well after a few seconds of talking about it we turned around to find three high school aged boys all laughing and joking so it began talked about the church ... no interest.. invited to english class... no interest but as we were talking with them this lady came up to us and asked if we atill taught our english class. As we continued talking she explained that it had been 10 years since she had come but was looking for us again and so we invtied her to our thursday class-- class came and so did she. she started talking with the sister missionaries and said she would be there again saturday. our baptism this week was on friday and so we did annouce that as well at englsih class and so at 630 the baptism service came and so did she- saturday she met with the sister missionaries and accspted a Book of Mormon and with a smile left saturdays english class!
Such a miracle and it really is just the start!!!
On sunday as well a family brought one of their kids friends to church and we just got to go from class to class with him helping him in his first ever church experience which was really fun for all three of us!!!
Other than that things have been pretty normal here just lots of work to do and not alot of time to do it so trying to get things all sorted out-- and everything seems to be working well.
Right now in bangeojin there are alot of "foreigners" that are here for work at the ship yards and so recently we have been meeting people from europe and sri lanka and even from texas and california- and one man from ukraine who asked us how many wifes he could have if he joined our church-- I dont know what street contacting is like in ukraine or America but if its anything like that it would be so much fun!!! haha
This next month we will have a Halloween party and wondering if you have any fun ideas for games??
Also if you can find tie pins with the salt lake temple on them and send me 3 that would be great!! Our ym leader wants to give them to han sung jin and pak hyunsu and then the third is for him!

Again sounds like eveything is great at home!!!
Hope you are all having a great time - all 4 of you... thats still way weird to me too!!
have a great week love you!!
Elder Jackson

Monday, September 22, 2014

prayer and commitment

Ok so today we had transfer meeting- found out our whole entire zone except for the zone leaders and sister training leaders will be in training this transfer aka our mission is turning way young and its crazy!!! haha but alot of fun!!!
This week again flew by - had exchanges with a great elder-  who Is now in his last transfer! the best is gettting to learn from the older missionaries as they have experiences with so many different people and different ways of doing the work! so lots of fun for me!! Had an aweome district meeting about prayer! what it really means to pray and how we pray- Its interesting how as a missionary you forget some of the basics sometimes- but the power of prayer really came to life this last week! then we just kept going with the norms- englsih class has boosted to 10 people attending the last 2 classes plus an increase of people looking on the blog!! way fun!! 
Ended this week with a baptism interview for one of our Kids class moms who will be baptized this friday!! the sisters have done a great job with teaching her and she is truly prepared to enter into the waters of baptism!!!
We had again one of the most intense meetings I have ever had as a missionary- He came in with a few excuses and then straight up said - I want to be straight with you.... religion is not my thing.... well talk about bringing a few thoughts back from our 7 year english investigator- really a rough moment but through the Spirit and a prayer which jackie said right there and then in the room we were able to keep him as an investigator and will hopefully be able to help him come closer to that baptism commitment! 
Thats about all for now not much time so have a good day and until next week..
Love you
Elder JAckson

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Korean Thanksgiving round 2

HEY FAM!!!! hows it going??? 
Well this week has been a busy one as always!! After the celebrations ended it was like nothing happened hah everyone back in school busy working and the feel of just no time! but we were able to have a lot of fun and see a lot of really cool miracles!! so ... so start our recent converts:
han sung jin and pak hyunsoo- they are doing really well! we had another meeting with them this week and talked about the Book of Mormon and prayer- of course they were trying to keep these commitments before they were baptized but just right after it was almost as if they forgot a little bit and so being able to re-spark the flame in reading the Book of Mormon and praying was a really great experience for us! There have been a lot of the lessons we have been teaching recently that have been helping the investigator understand how these things can bless their lives and so it has been a great opportunity to study really what blessings I have received from keeping the commandments.!! 
Well- our investigator with a baptism date-- he is doing awesome! reading the Book of Mormon and praying and keeping the commitments that we have given-- this week however he stopped answering his phone from saturday until last night when he explained that something that is really difficult has come up and so we are meeting with him tonight to help him over come that challenge- not sure what it is yet even--so youll have to wait till next week!
also this week way cool miracle call from this random guy we talked to for a bit on the street-- he has a way nuts dialect so kinda hard for both my companion and I to understand but he is either from north korea or china and as we were talking he said he recognized us as servants of the Lord and that meeting us was Gods will-- well all things are too good to be true so he also said he doesnt need the Book of Mormon or the bible because that was in the past and Christ is already here -- anyway we will hopefully be meeting with him to talk about the book of mormon that he accepted hah
This week on friday we had a mission tour!!! Way fun Elder Aoiyagi (spell check) of the area presidency came and taught us in japanese which was then translated to english and then to korean! way crazy but awesome meeting learning alot about how we can hasten the work!!! one of the first things being just to smile!!! I always love those meetings and being able to receive guidance and instruction!!
That pretty much sums up this week! Thanks for your love!! ill try to send some pics but time is almost up-- we will see!
Have a great week!!!
Love you!!
Elder Jackson

Thursday, September 11, 2014

more miracles

HEY!!!! hows it going??? sounds solid but busier than ever back at home!! this week has been way solid and time just keeps on flying! 
this last week we started the new members lessons with our recent converts and had a great help from the young mens president in teaching the restoration!!! It is so nice to have another outlook as to how the lessons go and have just another person to be a witness of the truth of the gospel!!! The young mens president has been a way solid help to us with han sung jin and pak hyun su and will continue to be as they continue to learn and start preparing to serve a mission next year!^^ 
The young mens president also referred one of his friends to us a few weeks ago and so we were able to meet with him and invited him to start taking the lessons with us- no religious background but a really sincere heart with a desire to learn and so that is all we need!!!
and another huge miracle-- we have a 25 year old investigator who we have now met with 4 times he has attended church twice and last week we set a baptismal date for the 27 of this month!!  such a nice guy, way good at english and really open to the spirit!!!!! and so things are going really well here!!!
There has been huge help from the members and because it is 추석 or koreans thanksgiving we will be eating some delicious food over the next few days!!!!!! 
Yesterday was the main celebration and so to celebrate we had a mission 5k!!!! so fun and I was pretty impressed as I finished in 24 minutes.... but today I woke up feeling like an old man---- geez I cant even believe it!!! haha but it was a lot of fun being able to be with some of the mission to celebrate yesterday!!!
Recently I have been studying in the New Testament and now especially in Acts-- It is so cool to me the many miracles that the Lord works through His servants! but the reason is because they are obedient and recognize that they are witnesses of the Living Christ- throughout the first 18 chapters it mentions becoming a witness many times- and as we are baptized we also take a step in becoming those witnesses! I am so thankful for the example that you are all to me of being a witness of Christ!!! To tyler and everyone- think about what it means to be a witness of Christ and live accordingly- It is not an easy task and in Acts many receive persecution for it but the blessings of the Spirit that come from it are more of a reward than we can imagine!!
Thanks for everything!!
Love you 
Elder Jackson


Hey fam hows it going!!!!!!!!  so this week was probably the most miraculous week of my mission!!! starting with a solid district conference and ending with..... a baptismal service of our 2 senior investigators!!! both baptized on saturday, and then confirmed on sunday with one of them also being interviewed and given the Aaronic Preisthood!!! So they are both well on there way to serving a mission next year!!!! hahaha really though if youwant to talk about a change in heart, you could see it shining through these two young men as they stood in the water ready to start a life clean through Christ!! and last night as we all went to our branch presidents house for a taco party they had time to express their feelings and really there is such a strong bond that we now have!!!
Well this week I dont know from monday until wednesday we just tried to find new investigators so lots of street proselyting and then thursday just hit with the last preparations for the baptism this week!! We did however have a way cool experience out side the baptism- one of the missionaries in our zone has less active relatives that live here and he got permission to come on an exchange and introduce them to us!!! it was really awesome to hear what they thought about the church still even though it had been a long time since they had last come~ the example of members really has had a lasting impression on them and they both have interest in coming back!!! 
Lots to do here in bangeojin and time isnt slowing!! so thankful for the opportunity I was given to continue to serve in such an amazing area where the Lord has prepared members for the work and His children to receive it!! 
Thanks for your love and prayers!!!
Elder Jackson

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

progress in the field and the kitchen

Alright so the week in review
Set a baptism date last monday night for our two senior students -- if all goes well that should be a result coming on saturday--- we are pushing forward with them hoping that they will continue to prepare personally as they have now started school again and have not been able to meet as often as before- they are ready to be baptized but the school issue is having a large effect on if we will meet with them this week-so we will see.
This week we met with our 7 year english sister - and her husband. this week as they were talking they realized that the only conclusion to getting an answer was being baptized. now as great as that is they also said that now and in the future it is not something they will be prepared for or what they want to do and so unfortunately the conclusion came to stopping our meeting on friday nights- but they will continue to attend english class.- kind of a rough meeting but then miracle-- Saturday and Sunday we had District Conference and as we attended all three meetings there was a great spirit and learned a ton!!! So sunday we had one of our potential investigators came to church to come with us to the meeting. we sang in the choir together and he loved the meeting and read the book of mormon over the last week!!! so just another blessing of the Lord!!
With Elder Jang!! i love him so much!!! we have been making way good korean food the last week and with the lack of korean companions over the last few months it is so nice to eat it so often!!! and learning the recipes so that i can make you some good stuff when i am home!!!!^^
This week 5 out of 7 days it has been pouring rain!!! this morning when we left the house there was a mini river rolling down the stairs of the house across the street!! way crazy!! thanks for all the news and updates!! ill send some pics and hopefully the video a little later!
Elder Jackson

New companions

안녕하세요!!! so this week-- holy smokes it was a busy one -- we spent monday and tuesday in elder richardsons area and it was a blast!!! doing all we could to clean up and get things ready for the new missionary that would serve there as well as continuing to meet with their amazing investigators as well!!!  i got a solid taste of riding bikes as a missionary once again which was way fun! and learned a lot from elder richardson-- he is such a good missionary and an even better person!!! so fun to see his style of doing the work and see alot of sincere service and love!!
Well on tuesday we found out that one of the flights was delayed and so that our meetings would all be pushed back one day-- due to that we got a day in bangeojin also to clean up the bit that we had left and teach our high school students as well as get a new investigator who we found just a few weeks ago!! -- huge miracle with both of them! but the new investigator actually goes to college in elder richardsons area and so when he goes back the transition between us and them should be really smooth!!- It was perfect situation that the lord placed before us!!!
Thursday, our training meetings started and that night we went out for a real nice 4 hour street proselyting activity with the new missionaries in the rain!!!! soooooo much fun!!!! we actually only spent about 30 minutes outside the rest was done in the underground shopping complex just close to the mission home!!!! holy smokes such a party!!!! and he new missionaries were outstanding!!!!!!!!!!!! I couldnt believe it all 13 foreign missionaries were so good at korean it was almost a shock!!! so sweeet!!!
So then friday morning came and companionships were announced...and I was paired with-- the only korean in the group!!!! hah Elder Jang ilwon!!!! 
he is hilarious and already an awesome missionary- almost came pre trained- the only thing is getting him filled on all the rules- after only 2 weeks in the MTC(where everyone speaks english) there were a few things that may have been mixed in conversation haha but we are doing well!!! He hardl speaks any english and since he hasnt been with a bunch of missionaries yet he still uses harder words that I have been learning more or less over the last few days!!! but It has been such a blessing to have him here!!! since then we have been so busy we have hardly had time to rest at night haha and that is more of a blessing than anything else!!!
Well for the week, that will be all!!!
Thanks for everything!! loved hearing about Cali even down to the seats on splash!!! youre the best!!!
Love you!!
Elder Jackson


School is about to start at home-- but mission school is starting even faster here... This week got a transfer call with Elder Tira leaving and I will stay in bangeojin as district leader and also... be training!!!!! Today had our meetings and learned a lot about what we need to do as trainers and how we can become what the Lord needs us to be!!
With this news also comes the part where I will be in Bangeojin probably for another 2 transfers for the twelve weeks of training!!! I am so excited to be able to continue to serve with the members there! They have taught me so much and have really helped me understand what missionary work is all about! 
Because of transfers this week, it was a good bye week for my companion and so we spent a lot of time with the members and ate delicious food!! 
We also have had a breakthrough with our two senior age investigators- have now taught them everything except the commandments-- A baptism date will come soon with them as the work continues!!! 
Our 7yr english class students went to Seoul this week to send a relative off to canada but will be back this week and we will hopefully be able to help them progress to a baptismal date as well!!!
and that is about it- not much time today but thanks for the Love and also for sending moms talk!! cant wait to read it!!!
Elder Jackson

Monday, August 4, 2014

August 3rd

안냥하세요!! hay!! haha hows it going at home??! sounds way way crazy and looks like youre having a pretty solid time --- I cannot believe how almost everyone is the same height~~ what in the world happened??!?!?! haha 
well-- this week was a very fast week once again and turned out really really well- unfortunately our "golden investigator" is still off the charts but this week we were able to meet with our senior high school aged friends and teach 2 lessons with members there at both which was a huge help in making them feel welcomed when they came to church again on sunday!! now their 3rd time attending church and one of them said he wants to be baptized and like Dad said we are praying that they will continue to keep commitments and act on what we teach so that they will be able to feel Gods love and influence in their lives! 
Our 7yr couple are doing well-- its amazing how they study the book of mormon-- so thoroughly marking and thinking about what it says- for the first time the polygamy question came up- they were a bit concerned about it but had the answer before we even explained it-- We talked about baptism with them and they said right now they are not ready to change but how the spirit has been working with them really gives us hope for meeting with them more!!! 
this week to celebrate hitting a year mark in korea went to this way good burger shop again- haha and also ate some really good korean food!! karbi- some of the best i have had since I have been here!! and again got a nice soccer saturday going with our branch against another branch-0- and while we were there got to see my MTC teacher- he just married a girl whose family lives in the other branch! so that was all really fun!!!
This week is transfer week and so if we get a call it will be on thursday--- crazy that i have already been here for 4 and a half months and we will see what happens--- with that I will let you know next week
KICC love yas tons!!!
Elder jackson

exchanges and rats

HeY!!! Hows its going????
So this week was way crazy probably the fastest week of the mission yet... surprise surprise--they just go faster hahahah but yeah the exchange we went on was really fun!! got to experience a threesome companionship with two other really awesome elders!! we had a blast and learned  a lot!! 
So after the unexchange the week went as follows- district meeting and playing soccer on wednesday, preparing for our activities of this weekend and having a sweet english class on thursday and then going to help another area prepare for a hawaiian party that they had planned for saturday and again another lesson- saturday our two english classes and family home evening and then yesterday after church had a proselyting activity with our branch and then went out to a festival to promote our family english program!!!!

so the most amazing and almost most heart wrenching story is the woman who has attended our english class for 7 years- they are progressing and you can see it in their eyes! they said that they cannot deny that the book of mormon is the word of God but just havent hit the point of knowing that joseph smith is a prophet- We have had really spiritual mettings with them and have really been ableto feel Gods love!! It is such a blessing to see the lord working with them and feeling Him also work with me in preparing to learn with them! 

Well other things- buried another rat this week -- found him on the stairs on the way up to the chapel one day hahah the sister missionaries freaked out!!! it was way funny!!!! Ill send my selfie pic!!! haha but the count is at about 13 dead rats found and buried between us our branch clerk and the branch president!! so fun!! hahah
well our other computer caught a virus so cannot use not much time left today but love you all so much and thank you for everything1!!!!!

Elder Jackson

investigators and turkish ice cream

HERRO~!! haha hows it going?? Today I am on a compter in a LG service center to have to make things kinda quick so
This week -- the investigator who came to the baptism a few weeks ago lost his phone this last week-- we were so confused at why he wasnt picking up for about 6 days and finally the sisters in our area ran into him and made the connection- because of that we have only met him once this week. but he brought a friend with him to introduce him not only to our english  class but also to the church!!!!!! it was a way sweet lesson and reaally fun to see him again-m we are still working on a way to contact him because he hasnt bought a new phone yet but he is continuing to progress!!
Our two senior aged investigators came back to church on sunday- this week was awesome with them and as the topic of sacrament meeting was love, they really liked the talks given and told us that they think church is a good thing for them!
Our last big meeting of this week was with the woman who has been attending our english class for the last 7 years-- on tuesday at our english bible study class- we taught the story of the prodigal son and tied it into alma 36 when alma the younger relates his conversion process. after that class we invited her to meet with us and study the book of mormon and take the lessons and set a date for last friday - so together her and her husband came and it was one of the most spiritually uplifting lessons of my mission- not just the fact that we were able to teach and testify and help them increase their knowledge but to also gain an increase in knowledge of the book of mormon and the bible from which we taught!!! so cool!!!!!
funny stuff of the week-- on saturday we were street contacting and found a turkish ice cream man who wants to learn english-- two funny things about this- we communicated through his iphone and he played his tricks on us ( think back to amazing race) that show really gives a cultural insight hahahhaa
that is really it for this week- we are on exchanges today and starting the 5 of the 7 weeks of this transfer-- it has flown by!~~
well love you so ,much!!! having a great week!!!
Elder Jackson


What a busy fast week once again!-- I almost want it to slow down at
times and whenever I wish for it- things just speed up- its like an
ever accelerating motorcycle!! haha
well this week we met with a lot of people I probably taught the most
lessons I have ever just in the last week- We hit lots of new levels
with our older investigators and some of our newer investigators
almost hit a bump with them- but all is going well- as we have been
teaching it has been alot to help them understand the importance of
the action and also the blessings that they can receive- all are at
about the same level right now of really trying to read the Book of
Mormon to come to the knowledge that it is Gods word and that it was
given to us because He loves us and wants us to know what to do so
that we can live with Him agan!
This week in studies I focused alot on the Characteristics of Christ
for the talk that I gave in our Zone meeting- - It was really fun to
look back at all that I have studied throughout the last year about
these charateristics and how we can obtain them-- not an easy thing to
do but what I came down to becoming as an innocent child ready to grow
and learn through the atonement- pg 115 of preach my gospel sets up a
method of how we receive these gifts from God!~
and DOG~~~~~
hahah so yeah went out for dog on saturday night way delicious ate it
right off the bone- they are the only ones who like it like that! and
Ill send my pics in just a bit! It was just a really fun time with the
members and with our recent convert- continuing to see the
relationships grow between them all is so cool!! I love it here!!!!!
Continuing also to find dead rats around the church and in the last
week maybe 3 more were found and taken care of haha
there was also supposed to be a typhoon this week but it headed down
to japan instead!! hah so lucky for us but still cooler here than in
other areas - its been really humid and really fun!!!
Thank you for your prayers and love!!!
Elder Jackson<3

Monsoon season and investigators

wow --- just another busy week in the Jackson home this week!! haha
one of my favorite parts of the email was how the fire was recognized-
nice work brad hhaha a smoke bomb?? hahah

Well this week was really a blast!! and looking back it was a little
longer than others-but interviews were great!! President Barrow as we
all know was called by God to be here and to lead and guide us in this
mission and he is already doing an awesome job! Interviews were fun
and then meet the President Meeting was a blast and lastly they came
back to our area for the baptism service we had yesterday for our
sisters investigator!!! Really a great week and so nice to already be
quite acquainted with the Barrows!
This week we found 3 new investigators all interested first in english
but as we spoke about the Book of Mormon and prophets as well as our
purpose as missionaries they really opened up to the message and want
us to share more! we will meet with them later today! Huge miracle
happened yesterday- we invited one of our potential investigators to
church and to the baptism service and by the time it was over he was
wanting to be baptized- he did however think that yesterday was just a
huge general baptize anyone who isnt a member day but after talking to
him and explainin it a little more there was definitely more of a
peace with him! ha after explaining what we have to do in order to be
baptized it was cool to see his desire increase! besides that other
investigators are about the same.
Over this last weekend there was a huge whale festival in an area in
our district- funny thing is you dont watch for whales- but lots of
cultural performances and such!We went as a district and proselyted
there over this weekend which was really fun!! We handed out and
advertised the blog that we made for our english class and numbers
jumped on those who have been to it! also using Im a Mormon cards we
were able to find many people interested about religion and met a few
who had met with missionaries before- really fun and successful
This last week monsoon season started up in korea!- thankfully we are
in an area where not much comes but it really is alot more humid and
the skies have been a bit dark and gloomy- but its still pretty cool
here so Im not complaining!!
others this next saturday our branch is going to eat dog!! hahaha Im
so stoked!- its crazy how many koreans actually havent had it haha but
Im really excited to try!
alright not much more time but Ill send pics soon gotta switch to the
good computer!
Have a great week!!! Love you so much and thanks for everything!!!
Elder Jackson

June 30th

HAHAH love the email this week thanks so much!!!!
this week has again just gone by way quick!!~! its just flying by and
everyday there is so much to do and so glad that we are learning day
by day how to be more effective and keep the work pushing on and on
and on!! and thats whats going on!! this week we ended with 3
progressing investigators and although one of them moved and didnt
tell us until the end of our last meeting on friday.
the other two are both seniors in high school and are awesome!!!!!
they both have such a desire and really think about what we teach! one
of them this week said that he wanted to do be a missionary and so we
will now be working on the steps for that which includes baptism! ill
keep you updated on that one!!
but yeah everything is going way sweet!!!
This week I gave my first baptismal interview- some stress of course
but everything is working out great and she will be baptized this
sunday! Although she is old she is really ready and it was really cool
to hear about how the Lord has prepared her to be baptized at this
Also had a way fun week with our activities again for family home
evening and we played soccer and had a fun time with our english
classes as well!!
yeah really everything is just great!!! I love being here at this time!!!
We meet President Barrows tonight for a bit and then have a meeting on
thursday with our zone!!! really excited to serve with him!
When you see the Gilberts and also elder wilsons parents tell them
both thank you for me!! they have done so much for me and I owe a lot
to them,!!!
Thanks and love you!!!
ELder Jackson