Monday, December 2, 2013


Yeah so this week holy smokes it flew by especially our thanksgiving day which happened to be transfer call day.....
Well this week we just had break throughs with all of our investigators. One started studying the Book of Mormon by using footnotes and reading through more than once to answer questions that he has after the first time reading. Another came to church for the first time and loved it attanded again this week and said he would continue to come. Another we set to meet with more than just once a week to study and learn about the gospel and finally we set a baptism date for the 21 or 22 of december!!!
Well of course on thursday during daily planning we recieved a few phone calls. One for my companion. starting this week he will be a trainer ... in ...창원 changwon. Which means . I am now in an area called 괴정 holding a branch of about 40-50 people and as of right now there are no real investigators in the area so as I said a challenge to find more of our Heavenly Fathers children to teach about the message of joy and love!! my new companion is hilarious and we are in for some great work in the new area of goejoeng! (gwayjong) haha
This week I have been thinking alot about learning by and through the spirit and of course today in transfer meeting it is part of what our focus will be this transfer! Coming to remember who we are through the gifts of the Spirit!! in other words learning how we recieve personal revelation and how we can most effectively use these gifts to most effectively share the gospel of Christ!!! AHHH I love this work and do not want to be 6 months in haha really there is so much to do and so little time!! I really have thought about KICC alot this week and espcially the scripture we use for "IN" found in 1 timothy 4:12 being an example of the believers!!! So cool and I know that as we do this that we will be blessed with the power of God even the Holy Ghost the Spirit of our Heavenly Father that teachs only truth and allows us to become beackons of Light and Examples of Christ!
For Thaksgiving I made spaghetti for dinner hahah requested by my companion and we had a good time that day with weekly planning our service activity and visiting less active members of the ward! A really great day of thanks as together as a companionship we made an extra effort to give thanks for the blessings we have and the miracles that we see! So cool!!!
Christmas season has begun and weather has not cooled too much we still are in suits and a sweater with a scarf at night and doing just fine! ha next week I will give some information about how we will talk on Christmas .. as of right now there is a possibility of skype but it hasnt been cleared other directions we will recieve in district meeting this week!! And thanks for the packages i got all of them today at training meeting so again just to help missionaries astand out adding 3 boxes on a subway does a good job ahahahah ps with all mail-including packages-send them to the PO box that way they can just forward them on and I will not have to wait till transfer day haha
Well thats about it!!! Glad to hear all is well!!!
elder Jackson
Last Day in Changwon

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