Monday, December 9, 2013


Well again it has felt like maybe 2 days have passed and it has already been a week in 괴정~!!  So nuts!!! But I love it here! Very different from changwon-here is a like an older city so feeling is .. Old haha anyway it is a branch with between 20-30 people attending each week-yesterday a high of 35 people so very fun!! Most I have already met 3 times just because there are so few haha young men and young women total a number of 5 --- sound familiar;) yesterday as I prepared and blessed the sacrament and then spoke and then after church visited a hospital to give the sacrament to an older woman i felt right at home!! haha flash back to hanging out with Jeff and Chad and Jason and other leaders for hours on sundays hah
The other members are just about all over 40 and hilarious! on Friday we had a dinner party with the branch and after we had a little program with singing and the members were dancing --it was hilarious!! When we finished my companion just kept asking mehow weird I thought it was because when he first got here he thought it was crazy!! haha ps at this dinner we had some sort of fish always with the bones still learning how to eat that hah and mussels and just alot of fish haha it really is weird but so delicious!!!
ok so finding in this area ---we will be doing alot but this week we recieved 3 referrals two of which we will be meeting with twice a week teaching 30 minutes of english and 30 of gospel! and one of them came with the less active family that referred him to church yesterday! so cool!! the other was at first a little taken off by the gospel part when we first told him but by the end of our first meeting said he was open to it and so we will see where that goes!!!
apparently this area used to have a ward of 200 people and so this transfer we will be visiting a ton of less actives and trying to bring them back! also the members are starting to get involved and the branch president is starting to push missionary work!!! so excited to be here!!!!!!
I dont know what else to say hah packages one was from grandma and grandpa and the other was santa one both were checked by mailing and a few of the presents wrapping had been cut so early thank you for the socks and stocking candy:) and also to grandma and grandpa for the socks as well:) and I was too excited to wait to open the book that you made so i opened it and it has been great for introducing myself!!!!:) Thanks!~!!! haha
So glad that everything is going well and hope that it continues!!! LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!
~~~Elder Jackson~~~^^

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