Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The work is on the rise...push along!

HEEELLLOOOOOO from chilly korea!! hah it is definitely starting to cool down here but the work is just warming up!! I have been so blessed to be in this area right now!!! 
So to start, this week has flown by....I cannot believe that it is already week 5 of this transfer.. and really koreans love christmas so plans for the party on the 21 are already in progress!! haha so just making things go by quicker. this week we had 7 lessons with our investigators and 4 of them are progressing reading the book of mormon praying and there has been a change in how they are seeing the principles that we teach!! 
unfortunately we were only able to meet with our baptism committed investigator once and so didnt set a date this week but next week for sure!!! And the men that we are teaching really have shown alot of trust and love towards us and our efforts. It has been so cool to see the hand of the Lord this week in our work and see the Spirit working in the hearts of these amazing people!!!!

Well along with that we had 3 meal appointments this week all of which were so different from each other and all really fun!! At the first we had clam chowder and salad and pasta...yeah some how the amazing sister just knows how to make foreign food and where to find ingredients!! the second back to korean food and with an older sister so...very interesting a combo of meat (which my companion recooked for us because she didnt cook it all the way) and some bitter mushrooms along with some kimchi and other side dishes! hahah soooo much fun and the one tiny room that we had to fit in made it better!!! the last another buffet during this meal we got to know the family pretty well and their son who is less active was their and it was fun being with them!!!!

This weekend we did alot of traveling.. saturday to busan for a young mens activity to play soccer --soooooo dang fun!!!! and then to masan--the stake center-- for stake conference and for this special stake conference we were asked to attend all 3 sessions. why? because they were all about missionary work with the members and missionaries!! so cool to hear experiences and try to figure out what the speakers were saying hahah but really a spiritual saturday night! and then sunday a special broadcast where we heard from Elder Cook and Elder Hales... both really great talks about how to strengthen a family through prayer, scripture study and family home evening and family counsel!!! so so so good!!!! And to end we had a last minute lesson with one of our investigators last night that was awesome so there ya go!!!!
The work is korea is on the rise and I am so excited to be here and help push it along!!! 

Thanks for everything!!!! I love your emails and letters--havent gotten the most recently sent but will soon im sure!! This week sounded like it had some ups and downs and as always it did here too. but truly when we take a step back and listen to what others say and especially listen to what the Spirit is trying to tell us we find what we need to do and say. where we need to go and what we need to be in order to align ourselves with Heavenly Fathers will!! Im thankful for a missionary family and a covenant keeping family that has taught me how to be happy and how to live the Gospel of our Savior Jesus Christ!! 
LOVE YOU ALLL!!!!!!!!!!!
Elder JAckson

Brother Aston, Elder Jackson, Elder Yang Sunjun

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