Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Life Changing Limbo

hahah welll what do you know this week .. I got dongchimmed... hahaha
soo funny all I could do was laugh!!! We were at a member's uncles house
for dinner and we were playing with the kids limbo and my arm was the
limbo stick(always the prop..haha..bugs life) anyways the youngest son
went under my arm and then behind me and the next thing I
know---DONGCHIM! hahah soo funny and so strange!

This week has been awesome!! since the second day we havent been lost
and have been having quite the success in the littlest ways! We
received two referrals last week from members - both between age
16-18) and havbe already set a time to meet for our next lesson! one
of these new investigators accepted the invitation to be baptized when
we invited him yesterday. no dat set but we have no doubt that it will
be soon!!! The other is a little more quiet and shy so we have been
workingon trying to build trust and a relationship with him still.

2 of our other investigators are progressing little by little and the
other two are just not keeping commitments.....its really sad and hard
to ask them over and over again and have them still want to meet and
learn but not doing anything after--we have been trying to work on a
moer effective way to follow up with them so as we put that in to play
this week we will see how it goes!

This week we had interviews--HOLY SMOKES!! I love them!! haha while
interviews are going we have that time to discuss a certain topis that
we have been asked to study. This week it was so cool to share and
learn and build a stronger testimony and have a deeper understanding
of our topic: The Doctrine of Christ and how to recieve power to match
our authority! really cool!!!! in my next letter I will send more of
an explanation home! really what it all came down to is knowing our
such a strong spirit!!

ALso this week alot of meetings with memebers! whether it was a dinner
appointment or an activity all soo fun!! to celebrate halloween, a
newly returned missionary set up a thursday Family Home Evening(this
is where we were introduced to our baptism commiting investigator) and
had pizza chicken and these japanese snacks --tapanyaki or something
like that haha anyway it has squid and lettuce baked into this batter
pretty dang good!! We had two dinner appointments where we had meat
and especially at last nights..both of us felt sick because of the
amount of food we were given to eat haha

Other than that everthing is awesome!! because its cooling down we
have switched to a suit everyday and dont need anything as of now.

Love you all Hope all is well!!
Elder Jackson^^

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