Sunday, November 24, 2013


WA!~I lvoe my family!!! thank you for the thankful for experience from half way around the world!!! THis last week has gone by even faster than before and this coming week I will hit my 6 month of being a missionary month..not like I am counting but it is so nuts how fast time has flown by!! THis week thursday --transfer call day and as much as i want to stay with my favortie companion and an awesome ward with the work just starting to rise i really dont want to be moved so I guess we will see and if i do get transferred all is well just a challenge to pick things up like they are in the 도계 area!!!
Our investigators coulnt be better we talked alot about baptism this week and alot about church attendence and 2 of our investigators came to church this week which is the most that have come since I first came here with the record of 1 haha so we were very blessed yesterday and are looking forward to another great week of teaching wiith the Spirit!! tonight we will set the baptismal date for our 16 year old referral!! way excited he already seems like a member literally a "golden investigator" So excited for him and for his cousin who invited his cousin to learn about the church!!!
Weather is weird but alright we have a few days where it is freezing and then it will warm up again haha so most of the time just in suits with sweaters and we are good!!!!
Not a ton new happened this week besides the fun with our investigators and the progress we have continued to make with them!! I really love missionary work and am really excited to hear about how the invite to Chrsit for Christmas goes!!!!
Welll pday activity bowling again so not a ton of time!! I love you all and will email you next week of course!!!!!!!^^^^ haha ahhh really families are the greatest blessing and as missionaries we cannot do our work without you!!!! I am so greatful for you and along with that the gospel that is given to bless our family!!! LOVE YOU!!!!!
Elder Jackson

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