Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Chilly Beans

Well this week flew by once again ... really in two weeks I will have
>> been serving a mission for 6 months and will be heading on to my 4th
>> transfer...time is nothing here and we have been having a hard time
>> trying to fit appointments in to our week which is really a blessing!!
>> This last week i had the first experience with an american companon
>> because of exchanges and over that exchange I got to build a Christmas
>> tree(like our decorations) and play soccer in jinhae- other area in
>> our district- and also got to meet with the recent converts and
>> members that I saw almost once a week my first transfer!! REally
>> fun--so different being able to just talk about whatever and
>> understand.. really strange hah I almost like korean more!
>> As for investigators--our two referrals are doing well! both
>> progressing but just hard to get a hold of --the one who said he would
>> be baptized doesnt have a phone so we have to contact him through his
>> cousin. date still not set but should be by the end of this week. Our
>> older investigators are still having a hard time with commitments
>> especially prayer---very hard to tell them again and again that they
>> need to pray and still not have them do it but in other areas
>> progressing and understanding the different principles that we are
>> teaching.
>> We had again alot of success in visiting less actives this week and
>> saw benefits as three came to church this week. the others that we
>> have visited have answered or been home so definitely cool to see that
>> persistance is key!!
>> I love my companion!! He is hilarious and really is always having a
>> good time!! such a blessing to have him with me!! I feel alot more
>> relaxed than in my first two transfers -stress although I still have
>> alot has taken some major steps down and my companion really has help
>> me realize ways to solve the problem! I really hope that I get one
>> more transfer with him!! Honestly no one knows because its my first
>> area and am in my 3rd transfer anything could happen.
>> Weather wise --- korea continues to surprise me with its weather. It
>> really changes over night or in the period of 5 hours hahah yesterday
>> at church we were in our suits sweating and by 6 it was just ice cold.
>> hah we are into sweaters and suits now and apparently it will just
>> keep getting colder from now to january. ha
>> Language... I dont know sometimes it clicks and other times it really
>> doesnt hahah most of the time pretend to understand still but there
>> are different feelings that i am starting to understand now. Native
>> companions definitely help with my questions and fixing my mistakes!
>> pictures again I am on a wierd computer I will try to get some through
>> but maybe sending a few emails ha and for the picture with the kids i
>> dont know why you couldnt use it.. I guess the only problem is that my
>> companion isnt with me but other permission I dont think you need
>> ...????? haha
>> Lastly food-- so the buffet we went to last p-day by choice was also
>> the place where our dinner appointment was this last week!! It really
>> is so good! and we stuffed ourselves pretty full (the man who took us
>> kept telling us to get more and with him, you just cant say no) The
>> other thing I had was this bread that has red beans in it actually
>> really good!! other than that just the same old that I have told you
>> about. This week we have 3 lunch appointments so I may have some new
>> experiences hah
>> Christmas list----really I dont have one ...sorry .. and I bought
>> some face wash here but if you want to send the other kind again feel
>> free.
>> Well thats about it! sounds like you have a big week coming!! thanks
>> for your love and prayers!!!!
>> ELder Jackson

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