Sunday, November 24, 2013


WA!~I lvoe my family!!! thank you for the thankful for experience from half way around the world!!! THis last week has gone by even faster than before and this coming week I will hit my 6 month of being a missionary month..not like I am counting but it is so nuts how fast time has flown by!! THis week thursday --transfer call day and as much as i want to stay with my favortie companion and an awesome ward with the work just starting to rise i really dont want to be moved so I guess we will see and if i do get transferred all is well just a challenge to pick things up like they are in the 도계 area!!!
Our investigators coulnt be better we talked alot about baptism this week and alot about church attendence and 2 of our investigators came to church this week which is the most that have come since I first came here with the record of 1 haha so we were very blessed yesterday and are looking forward to another great week of teaching wiith the Spirit!! tonight we will set the baptismal date for our 16 year old referral!! way excited he already seems like a member literally a "golden investigator" So excited for him and for his cousin who invited his cousin to learn about the church!!!
Weather is weird but alright we have a few days where it is freezing and then it will warm up again haha so most of the time just in suits with sweaters and we are good!!!!
Not a ton new happened this week besides the fun with our investigators and the progress we have continued to make with them!! I really love missionary work and am really excited to hear about how the invite to Chrsit for Christmas goes!!!!
Welll pday activity bowling again so not a ton of time!! I love you all and will email you next week of course!!!!!!!^^^^ haha ahhh really families are the greatest blessing and as missionaries we cannot do our work without you!!!! I am so greatful for you and along with that the gospel that is given to bless our family!!! LOVE YOU!!!!!
Elder Jackson

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The work is on the rise...push along!

HEEELLLOOOOOO from chilly korea!! hah it is definitely starting to cool down here but the work is just warming up!! I have been so blessed to be in this area right now!!! 
So to start, this week has flown by....I cannot believe that it is already week 5 of this transfer.. and really koreans love christmas so plans for the party on the 21 are already in progress!! haha so just making things go by quicker. this week we had 7 lessons with our investigators and 4 of them are progressing reading the book of mormon praying and there has been a change in how they are seeing the principles that we teach!! 
unfortunately we were only able to meet with our baptism committed investigator once and so didnt set a date this week but next week for sure!!! And the men that we are teaching really have shown alot of trust and love towards us and our efforts. It has been so cool to see the hand of the Lord this week in our work and see the Spirit working in the hearts of these amazing people!!!!

Well along with that we had 3 meal appointments this week all of which were so different from each other and all really fun!! At the first we had clam chowder and salad and pasta...yeah some how the amazing sister just knows how to make foreign food and where to find ingredients!! the second back to korean food and with an older sister so...very interesting a combo of meat (which my companion recooked for us because she didnt cook it all the way) and some bitter mushrooms along with some kimchi and other side dishes! hahah soooo much fun and the one tiny room that we had to fit in made it better!!! the last another buffet during this meal we got to know the family pretty well and their son who is less active was their and it was fun being with them!!!!

This weekend we did alot of traveling.. saturday to busan for a young mens activity to play soccer --soooooo dang fun!!!! and then to masan--the stake center-- for stake conference and for this special stake conference we were asked to attend all 3 sessions. why? because they were all about missionary work with the members and missionaries!! so cool to hear experiences and try to figure out what the speakers were saying hahah but really a spiritual saturday night! and then sunday a special broadcast where we heard from Elder Cook and Elder Hales... both really great talks about how to strengthen a family through prayer, scripture study and family home evening and family counsel!!! so so so good!!!! And to end we had a last minute lesson with one of our investigators last night that was awesome so there ya go!!!!
The work is korea is on the rise and I am so excited to be here and help push it along!!! 

Thanks for everything!!!! I love your emails and letters--havent gotten the most recently sent but will soon im sure!! This week sounded like it had some ups and downs and as always it did here too. but truly when we take a step back and listen to what others say and especially listen to what the Spirit is trying to tell us we find what we need to do and say. where we need to go and what we need to be in order to align ourselves with Heavenly Fathers will!! Im thankful for a missionary family and a covenant keeping family that has taught me how to be happy and how to live the Gospel of our Savior Jesus Christ!! 
LOVE YOU ALLL!!!!!!!!!!!
Elder JAckson

Brother Aston, Elder Jackson, Elder Yang Sunjun

Chilly Beans

Well this week flew by once again ... really in two weeks I will have
>> been serving a mission for 6 months and will be heading on to my 4th
>> transfer...time is nothing here and we have been having a hard time
>> trying to fit appointments in to our week which is really a blessing!!
>> This last week i had the first experience with an american companon
>> because of exchanges and over that exchange I got to build a Christmas
>> tree(like our decorations) and play soccer in jinhae- other area in
>> our district- and also got to meet with the recent converts and
>> members that I saw almost once a week my first transfer!! REally
>> fun--so different being able to just talk about whatever and
>> understand.. really strange hah I almost like korean more!
>> As for investigators--our two referrals are doing well! both
>> progressing but just hard to get a hold of --the one who said he would
>> be baptized doesnt have a phone so we have to contact him through his
>> cousin. date still not set but should be by the end of this week. Our
>> older investigators are still having a hard time with commitments
>> especially prayer---very hard to tell them again and again that they
>> need to pray and still not have them do it but in other areas
>> progressing and understanding the different principles that we are
>> teaching.
>> We had again alot of success in visiting less actives this week and
>> saw benefits as three came to church this week. the others that we
>> have visited have answered or been home so definitely cool to see that
>> persistance is key!!
>> I love my companion!! He is hilarious and really is always having a
>> good time!! such a blessing to have him with me!! I feel alot more
>> relaxed than in my first two transfers -stress although I still have
>> alot has taken some major steps down and my companion really has help
>> me realize ways to solve the problem! I really hope that I get one
>> more transfer with him!! Honestly no one knows because its my first
>> area and am in my 3rd transfer anything could happen.
>> Weather wise --- korea continues to surprise me with its weather. It
>> really changes over night or in the period of 5 hours hahah yesterday
>> at church we were in our suits sweating and by 6 it was just ice cold.
>> hah we are into sweaters and suits now and apparently it will just
>> keep getting colder from now to january. ha
>> Language... I dont know sometimes it clicks and other times it really
>> doesnt hahah most of the time pretend to understand still but there
>> are different feelings that i am starting to understand now. Native
>> companions definitely help with my questions and fixing my mistakes!
>> pictures again I am on a wierd computer I will try to get some through
>> but maybe sending a few emails ha and for the picture with the kids i
>> dont know why you couldnt use it.. I guess the only problem is that my
>> companion isnt with me but other permission I dont think you need
>> ...????? haha
>> Lastly food-- so the buffet we went to last p-day by choice was also
>> the place where our dinner appointment was this last week!! It really
>> is so good! and we stuffed ourselves pretty full (the man who took us
>> kept telling us to get more and with him, you just cant say no) The
>> other thing I had was this bread that has red beans in it actually
>> really good!! other than that just the same old that I have told you
>> about. This week we have 3 lunch appointments so I may have some new
>> experiences hah
>> Christmas list----really I dont have one ...sorry .. and I bought
>> some face wash here but if you want to send the other kind again feel
>> free.
>> Well thats about it! sounds like you have a big week coming!! thanks
>> for your love and prayers!!!!
>> ELder Jackson

Life Changing Limbo

hahah welll what do you know this week .. I got dongchimmed... hahaha
soo funny all I could do was laugh!!! We were at a member's uncles house
for dinner and we were playing with the kids limbo and my arm was the
limbo stick(always the prop..haha..bugs life) anyways the youngest son
went under my arm and then behind me and the next thing I
know---DONGCHIM! hahah soo funny and so strange!

This week has been awesome!! since the second day we havent been lost
and have been having quite the success in the littlest ways! We
received two referrals last week from members - both between age
16-18) and havbe already set a time to meet for our next lesson! one
of these new investigators accepted the invitation to be baptized when
we invited him yesterday. no dat set but we have no doubt that it will
be soon!!! The other is a little more quiet and shy so we have been
workingon trying to build trust and a relationship with him still.

2 of our other investigators are progressing little by little and the
other two are just not keeping commitments.....its really sad and hard
to ask them over and over again and have them still want to meet and
learn but not doing anything after--we have been trying to work on a
moer effective way to follow up with them so as we put that in to play
this week we will see how it goes!

This week we had interviews--HOLY SMOKES!! I love them!! haha while
interviews are going we have that time to discuss a certain topis that
we have been asked to study. This week it was so cool to share and
learn and build a stronger testimony and have a deeper understanding
of our topic: The Doctrine of Christ and how to recieve power to match
our authority! really cool!!!! in my next letter I will send more of
an explanation home! really what it all came down to is knowing our
such a strong spirit!!

ALso this week alot of meetings with memebers! whether it was a dinner
appointment or an activity all soo fun!! to celebrate halloween, a
newly returned missionary set up a thursday Family Home Evening(this
is where we were introduced to our baptism commiting investigator) and
had pizza chicken and these japanese snacks --tapanyaki or something
like that haha anyway it has squid and lettuce baked into this batter
pretty dang good!! We had two dinner appointments where we had meat
and especially at last nights..both of us felt sick because of the
amount of food we were given to eat haha

Other than that everthing is awesome!! because its cooling down we
have switched to a suit everyday and dont need anything as of now.

Love you all Hope all is well!!
Elder Jackson^^