Sunday, October 13, 2013

Typhoon Tuesday

Hows it?? Sounds like its been wonderful back at home and as for life changing experiences ... no dongchims but there were some pretty crazy happenings this week and more to come in the week ahead.
This week we met with 2 of the three new invesstigators and taught them again. Alot about Heavenly Father and His want to help us and how the gospel can do so. One of our investigators sits and listens but responds with little to no hope. I admire him alot for his desires to be a good father with his family situation of living alone right now. The other investigator has met with missionaries before and just asks detailed questions that really caught us off guard. Both are amazing people and I really hope we can help them as much as possible...aka baptize them!!!! haha or at least bring them closer to Heavenly Father.
On Tuesday, I got to experience my first Korean typhoon!! It was insane and actually really fun.  That day a few of our appointments cancelled but just watching the rain pour as we planned and did others things in the church was awesome. and on the way home...just drenched and holding on to our umbrellas for dear life!
From thursday to yesterday we spent alot of time with other missionaries for a zone meeting, an english test for the korean missionaries and conference!!--which was amazing!!! For conference along with a personal study questions, I chose 2 words to look for as I listened and watched. They were remember and continue!! It was so cool to recieve personal things I need to remember and continue to do in order to be a missionary and become converted deeply rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ! My favortie takl came from President Uchtdorf in the Preisthood session and I also loved L. Tom Perrys talk( also in Preisthood session) hah Some amazing life changes words and thoughts I think!
Food wise-- I ate this crab dish the other day that was really nasty looking hahah whole crab on a plate( gutted or cleaned out but eyes still there-crab tasted like frozen ocean water) and the legs were placed on top just whole. To eat it you bite the shelled legs till they break and suck out the frozen substance inside hahaha and then use the shell as a bowl for your rice.. eyes looking right at you hahah also went to my first pizza place with a member way fun he just told me to eat as much as I could because I was too skinny ahah and also first meat buffet.. All so different but so good!! haha
And this week is the last week of my missionary training and we are 99.8% sure that 박호형 장로 is leaving and that means I will probably stay in 창원... kinda scary it will for sure be a life changer... Thursday is mission tour and then that night is transfer call night!! so next monday--transfer day! haha cant believe I have already been here for 3 months............yikes--
THank you for the packages and prayers!! right now I dont need anything but will let you know again next week.
Mom-- Glad your birthday was great!! I will be bringing home a present in about 20 months hahaha Love you and love the stake leadership topic. The tree analogy has had alot deeper and more of a meaning since I have been here It is such a cool one!!!
LOVE YOU ALLLLLL!!! and I will let you know immediately if I ever do get dongchimmed!!
LOve Always
Elder Jackson

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