Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Funiculi Funicula

Ok so this week was pretty much awesome!!! Every day had a meeting with one of our current investigators and all increase a ton in hope!!! and have a desire to really act and do what we are inviting them to do!!
tuesday we met with an investigator whos family all left him he is living alone and two weeks ago he wouldnt take a Book of Mormon but this week he did!!! so excited! He committed to read but is having a little bit of trouble with prayer.. The next man, his family all lives in america but he is just hanging out here. He likes to ask diffucult questions but this last week all were answered and you could really feel a different calming spiritual feeling in the room--also committed ti read the Book of Mormon! then to  The bakery man. First meeting with him he wouldnt accept anything and has rejected the invitation to pray since then on wednesday night he committed to read the BoM and pray and then closed our meeting with a prayer!!! so awesome!!!! Although none of these investigators has quickly progressed It will come slowly and in the time the Lord has set for each of them!
    So Thursday mission tour which was a 2 zone combined meeting with Elder Whiting - area 70- and the message he gave was about HASTENING the WORK!!!! hahaha and this wasnt his first plan- he had asked us to study the doctrine of Christ and how it applied to missionary work. however this topic has become more important!! It truly is the Lords work and as said in general conference and in many meetings since now is the time to DO HIS WORK!! How blessed are we to be able to be a part of it!!! So along with that he talked about how we can recieve power to go with our authority!! so cool anf I will write you more about that one!
    Well thursday night- transfer calls and I will continue to serve in 창원. so today new companion -- 양성준 -- such a fun elder!! as we came back from BUsan I was just praying that I would be able to find home!! hahah and we did so I continue to hope for that luck in finding the different places in the area!!! hahaha so Native companion number two.
Love the fact that the Gilberts send you all this haha and I hope you eat that cake with me in mind!!
Packages all recieved as well as letters from all!!!! THANK YOU!!!!! I love the advice given and am so excited to finish reading them tonight!!
Ps. I loved my trainer! He taught me a ton more than just how to do missionary work but really what the Korean culture is and how we can work in it! also I learned alot about service and love for others!!!
PPS this week we had a choir conference as a stake and we sang funiculi funicula in korean and at the beginning there was a flute solo of---ERES TU!!!! really just took my thought to home as brad ran around the house singing in spanish in his high skeaky voice!!! hahaha
LOVE you all keep up the great work! I really do think about you every day and use alot of our stories as a family while teaching-dont worry, only good stories;) hahaha
 I will try to get a tie out asap for Elder Phillips!!
the most important message is from you!
and thats about it!!!! hah
Elder Jackson

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