Monday, October 7, 2013

The Olive Tree

October 6, 2013
This week was a blessing overload in the beautiful land of Korea!!!

We have three new investigators all of which are so prepared to hear the gospel and grow closer to our Heavenly Father through Jesus Christ!! It is so amazing to see how the Lord prepares these people and also sometimes strange to work in His ways but they are perfect so what do ya do? haha all about being obedient and listening to Him through the Spirit! We also had more success with less active members and specifically one we are starting to build a really good relationship and hope that he will be coming back to church soon!!

I am a little jealous because Conference does not show here till this coming weekend... so all of your comments just made me a little jealous! i am so exciting to see what the messages are and to receive answers and guidance from the leaders of our church who are truly called of God!! What a blessing that is in our lives and as we heed to there words, we can only be blessed! Reminds me of the letter mom sent about being anchored to the Lord. It is so crucial and as we do so we find true happiness!!

Well training meeting this week was awesome!!! The Gilberts are incredible!! Truly know how to supervise and guide the Lords work! There were alot of thoughts I had as we talked about the olive tree and I sent some in a letter home. The one I shared came through a long connection of many scriptures but really only two are needed. The first Jacob 4:4 specifically footnote A and then 1 Nephi 1:4-7. Through these scriptures I learned that really we are like Prophets of God! As we teach the gospel and are a warning voice unto them and help them come unto Christ through repentance we are fulfilling the Mission of Prophets and ultimately the mission of our Heavenly Father. and that gives a pretty good reason as to why a mission is called a mission. Also we talked about making this allegory personal so I compared it to Alma 32. make us the tree and then see what you come up with!! haha
THis week I ate raw fish and these whole fried fish like a legit fish stick hahah I was kinda scared at first but then again It wasnt my first time eating the fish bones and all I just glad that they gut them and cut off the head haha also way good salads and fruits! and ALWAYS KIMCHI ahhah sooo good!! Training meeting we had salad and bulgogi bakes from costco haha it was awesome! Anyways
Got my package LOVE CANDY hahah and if you could send a shoe shining rag that would be great-- cant find one to buy here hah and I think thats it -- my backpack is ok so I dont have to buy shoulder bag. and yeah this p day we just relaxed and we have a ton of food from members that we ate! hhaa
I hope all is well with everything I sent another letter today and I am thankful for the advice and counsel in your letters!! Also so thankful as always for your prayers!!!
love ya!!
ELder JAckson

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