Monday, October 7, 2013

Change One

This week was difficult --we had every appointment cancel and all
investigators stopped keeping commitments.... weird to think that in 7
days all that changed haha however because this is the Lords work,
everything this week was great!! We visited 40+ less active member
homes and saw some amazing miracles along the way.

So out of all the homes we visited probably 1/2 had moved and the
other half werent there (some relatives were but the actual member
wasnt). This was a constant pattern for 3 days and then the last day
the last house... Boom we knocked they answered the mother tried to
deceive us but the father had been drinking just a bit and invited us
in to meet their son who was baptized in 2004 . All worth it to make
contact with that one person!!!!
As we walked our area, we boosted the number of contacts we normally
recieved in a day one day doubling it to 4 contacts. We also ran into
one of the sisters investigators who suddenly stopped answering calls
and stopped coming to english class. We found out why and also found
out that her parents, who a month ago hated the church, have a
different view because they had seen both us and the sisters as we
were working last week!!
We also have two great potentiel investigators who were referals from
the english class website we have! they both seem to have just as much
of an interest in the gospel as they do in learning english so we will
see where that goes!!!!
SO yeah even though it was a sad week, we really got alot done and
were ablr to get alot of review and practice in for teaching those
that canceled.
ANd I taught gospel doctrines class yesterday in korean... haha
consisted of me asking 3 questions and alot of Im nopt 100% sure what
else... hahaha

Anyways thats about it for the week -- food wise I had kimchi and rice
grilled together sooo goood!! and last night we were invited to a
members home and had like make your own dumpling kinda deal--rice
sheet put in hot water fill it with fruits or veggeis and meat and
roll it up hah also korean toast!--prety mush a bunch of different
ways to have an egg sandwich -- ours was just egg and this sweet sauce
that was way good!!

weather has been cooling and this morning woke up to some nice rain
but it has cleared up and will be sunny for the rest of the day--
humid as ever but of course almost adjusted to it! Yes I bought some
cheap cleats!! hah jess nike stuff depends --the thing about korea is
that every store is having a sale at all times you just have to have
the right sale to get stuff really cheap haha
The kids in the picture are  cousins. Their uncle lives in our
area and has just barely started coming back to church so we teach him
and have FHE with them! so fun!!!

PS we are half way through this transfer already---NUTS!!!!!!
So last thing we have been studying the doctrine of Christ alot for
Mission Tour in two weeks-- it applies to everyone because it is how
we come closer to Christ and to our Heavenly Father!! As I have been
reading the scriptures I have noticed it in almost evey story Fatih
repentance baptism gift of the Holy Ghost and enduring to the End!! I
want to hear your thought on it so let me know!!!

Elder Jackson

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