Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Funiculi Funicula

Ok so this week was pretty much awesome!!! Every day had a meeting with one of our current investigators and all increase a ton in hope!!! and have a desire to really act and do what we are inviting them to do!!
tuesday we met with an investigator whos family all left him he is living alone and two weeks ago he wouldnt take a Book of Mormon but this week he did!!! so excited! He committed to read but is having a little bit of trouble with prayer.. The next man, his family all lives in america but he is just hanging out here. He likes to ask diffucult questions but this last week all were answered and you could really feel a different calming spiritual feeling in the room--also committed ti read the Book of Mormon! then to  The bakery man. First meeting with him he wouldnt accept anything and has rejected the invitation to pray since then on wednesday night he committed to read the BoM and pray and then closed our meeting with a prayer!!! so awesome!!!! Although none of these investigators has quickly progressed It will come slowly and in the time the Lord has set for each of them!
    So Thursday mission tour which was a 2 zone combined meeting with Elder Whiting - area 70- and the message he gave was about HASTENING the WORK!!!! hahaha and this wasnt his first plan- he had asked us to study the doctrine of Christ and how it applied to missionary work. however this topic has become more important!! It truly is the Lords work and as said in general conference and in many meetings since now is the time to DO HIS WORK!! How blessed are we to be able to be a part of it!!! So along with that he talked about how we can recieve power to go with our authority!! so cool anf I will write you more about that one!
    Well thursday night- transfer calls and I will continue to serve in 창원. so today new companion -- 양성준 -- such a fun elder!! as we came back from BUsan I was just praying that I would be able to find home!! hahah and we did so I continue to hope for that luck in finding the different places in the area!!! hahaha so Native companion number two.
Love the fact that the Gilberts send you all this haha and I hope you eat that cake with me in mind!!
Packages all recieved as well as letters from all!!!! THANK YOU!!!!! I love the advice given and am so excited to finish reading them tonight!!
Ps. I loved my trainer! He taught me a ton more than just how to do missionary work but really what the Korean culture is and how we can work in it! also I learned alot about service and love for others!!!
PPS this week we had a choir conference as a stake and we sang funiculi funicula in korean and at the beginning there was a flute solo of---ERES TU!!!! really just took my thought to home as brad ran around the house singing in spanish in his high skeaky voice!!! hahaha
LOVE you all keep up the great work! I really do think about you every day and use alot of our stories as a family while teaching-dont worry, only good stories;) hahaha
 I will try to get a tie out asap for Elder Phillips!!
the most important message is from you!
and thats about it!!!! hah
Elder Jackson

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Typhoon Tuesday

Hows it?? Sounds like its been wonderful back at home and as for life changing experiences ... no dongchims but there were some pretty crazy happenings this week and more to come in the week ahead.
This week we met with 2 of the three new invesstigators and taught them again. Alot about Heavenly Father and His want to help us and how the gospel can do so. One of our investigators sits and listens but responds with little to no hope. I admire him alot for his desires to be a good father with his family situation of living alone right now. The other investigator has met with missionaries before and just asks detailed questions that really caught us off guard. Both are amazing people and I really hope we can help them as much as possible...aka baptize them!!!! haha or at least bring them closer to Heavenly Father.
On Tuesday, I got to experience my first Korean typhoon!! It was insane and actually really fun.  That day a few of our appointments cancelled but just watching the rain pour as we planned and did others things in the church was awesome. and on the way home...just drenched and holding on to our umbrellas for dear life!
From thursday to yesterday we spent alot of time with other missionaries for a zone meeting, an english test for the korean missionaries and conference!!--which was amazing!!! For conference along with a personal study questions, I chose 2 words to look for as I listened and watched. They were remember and continue!! It was so cool to recieve personal things I need to remember and continue to do in order to be a missionary and become converted deeply rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ! My favortie takl came from President Uchtdorf in the Preisthood session and I also loved L. Tom Perrys talk( also in Preisthood session) hah Some amazing life changes words and thoughts I think!
Food wise-- I ate this crab dish the other day that was really nasty looking hahah whole crab on a plate( gutted or cleaned out but eyes still there-crab tasted like frozen ocean water) and the legs were placed on top just whole. To eat it you bite the shelled legs till they break and suck out the frozen substance inside hahaha and then use the shell as a bowl for your rice.. eyes looking right at you hahah also went to my first pizza place with a member way fun he just told me to eat as much as I could because I was too skinny ahah and also first meat buffet.. All so different but so good!! haha
And this week is the last week of my missionary training and we are 99.8% sure that 박호형 장로 is leaving and that means I will probably stay in 창원... kinda scary it will for sure be a life changer... Thursday is mission tour and then that night is transfer call night!! so next monday--transfer day! haha cant believe I have already been here for 3 months............yikes--
THank you for the packages and prayers!! right now I dont need anything but will let you know again next week.
Mom-- Glad your birthday was great!! I will be bringing home a present in about 20 months hahaha Love you and love the stake leadership topic. The tree analogy has had alot deeper and more of a meaning since I have been here It is such a cool one!!!
LOVE YOU ALLLLLL!!! and I will let you know immediately if I ever do get dongchimmed!!
LOve Always
Elder Jackson

Monday, October 7, 2013

The Olive Tree

October 6, 2013
This week was a blessing overload in the beautiful land of Korea!!!

We have three new investigators all of which are so prepared to hear the gospel and grow closer to our Heavenly Father through Jesus Christ!! It is so amazing to see how the Lord prepares these people and also sometimes strange to work in His ways but they are perfect so what do ya do? haha all about being obedient and listening to Him through the Spirit! We also had more success with less active members and specifically one we are starting to build a really good relationship and hope that he will be coming back to church soon!!

I am a little jealous because Conference does not show here till this coming weekend... so all of your comments just made me a little jealous! i am so exciting to see what the messages are and to receive answers and guidance from the leaders of our church who are truly called of God!! What a blessing that is in our lives and as we heed to there words, we can only be blessed! Reminds me of the letter mom sent about being anchored to the Lord. It is so crucial and as we do so we find true happiness!!

Well training meeting this week was awesome!!! The Gilberts are incredible!! Truly know how to supervise and guide the Lords work! There were alot of thoughts I had as we talked about the olive tree and I sent some in a letter home. The one I shared came through a long connection of many scriptures but really only two are needed. The first Jacob 4:4 specifically footnote A and then 1 Nephi 1:4-7. Through these scriptures I learned that really we are like Prophets of God! As we teach the gospel and are a warning voice unto them and help them come unto Christ through repentance we are fulfilling the Mission of Prophets and ultimately the mission of our Heavenly Father. and that gives a pretty good reason as to why a mission is called a mission. Also we talked about making this allegory personal so I compared it to Alma 32. make us the tree and then see what you come up with!! haha
THis week I ate raw fish and these whole fried fish like a legit fish stick hahah I was kinda scared at first but then again It wasnt my first time eating the fish bones and all I just glad that they gut them and cut off the head haha also way good salads and fruits! and ALWAYS KIMCHI ahhah sooo good!! Training meeting we had salad and bulgogi bakes from costco haha it was awesome! Anyways
Got my package LOVE CANDY hahah and if you could send a shoe shining rag that would be great-- cant find one to buy here hah and I think thats it -- my backpack is ok so I dont have to buy shoulder bag. and yeah this p day we just relaxed and we have a ton of food from members that we ate! hhaa
I hope all is well with everything I sent another letter today and I am thankful for the advice and counsel in your letters!! Also so thankful as always for your prayers!!!
love ya!!
ELder JAckson

Change One

This week was difficult --we had every appointment cancel and all
investigators stopped keeping commitments.... weird to think that in 7
days all that changed haha however because this is the Lords work,
everything this week was great!! We visited 40+ less active member
homes and saw some amazing miracles along the way.

So out of all the homes we visited probably 1/2 had moved and the
other half werent there (some relatives were but the actual member
wasnt). This was a constant pattern for 3 days and then the last day
the last house... Boom we knocked they answered the mother tried to
deceive us but the father had been drinking just a bit and invited us
in to meet their son who was baptized in 2004 . All worth it to make
contact with that one person!!!!
As we walked our area, we boosted the number of contacts we normally
recieved in a day one day doubling it to 4 contacts. We also ran into
one of the sisters investigators who suddenly stopped answering calls
and stopped coming to english class. We found out why and also found
out that her parents, who a month ago hated the church, have a
different view because they had seen both us and the sisters as we
were working last week!!
We also have two great potentiel investigators who were referals from
the english class website we have! they both seem to have just as much
of an interest in the gospel as they do in learning english so we will
see where that goes!!!!
SO yeah even though it was a sad week, we really got alot done and
were ablr to get alot of review and practice in for teaching those
that canceled.
ANd I taught gospel doctrines class yesterday in korean... haha
consisted of me asking 3 questions and alot of Im nopt 100% sure what
else... hahaha

Anyways thats about it for the week -- food wise I had kimchi and rice
grilled together sooo goood!! and last night we were invited to a
members home and had like make your own dumpling kinda deal--rice
sheet put in hot water fill it with fruits or veggeis and meat and
roll it up hah also korean toast!--prety mush a bunch of different
ways to have an egg sandwich -- ours was just egg and this sweet sauce
that was way good!!

weather has been cooling and this morning woke up to some nice rain
but it has cleared up and will be sunny for the rest of the day--
humid as ever but of course almost adjusted to it! Yes I bought some
cheap cleats!! hah jess nike stuff depends --the thing about korea is
that every store is having a sale at all times you just have to have
the right sale to get stuff really cheap haha
The kids in the picture are  cousins. Their uncle lives in our
area and has just barely started coming back to church so we teach him
and have FHE with them! so fun!!!

PS we are half way through this transfer already---NUTS!!!!!!
So last thing we have been studying the doctrine of Christ alot for
Mission Tour in two weeks-- it applies to everyone because it is how
we come closer to Christ and to our Heavenly Father!! As I have been
reading the scriptures I have noticed it in almost evey story Fatih
repentance baptism gift of the Holy Ghost and enduring to the End!! I
want to hear your thought on it so let me know!!!

Elder Jackson