Monday, September 9, 2013

Week before Transfers

Ah SO glad to hear all the good from the week each week!!! Cannot believe its the last week of the transfer!! We have time on thursday to clean up and such. From what I know so far I will continue training in 창원 for this next transfer and will let you know for sure next week!! 
The picnic was different last week definitely caused some awkward feelings as I tried to stop a volleyball from bouncing into the meat we were cooking and almost trampled 3 people while kicking rocks all over the mats.....hahah the fact that I dont speak Korean made that even better as I tried to explain what happened hahaha anyway camping in korea would be something our family might enjoy! they have electricity and put their tents up on these wood platforms all have rice cooking and a waterfall maybe 5 minute walk away haha nice and easy life. 
Anyway we had alot of fun this week with our service and activities! On wednesday we cleaned the carpets in the church haha so fun and actually hard but working with the members definitely built trust and unity so way cool! We had a late baptism interview in the other area of our district on thusrday night and got to sleep over in that area and then back to that area for soccer again saturday morning! so fun!!! 
So our investigators.. 
최영서 the older man is progressing. He continues to understand the doctrine and everything but prayer and the importance of the Book of Mormon so we taught him about these two things again both times meeting with him last week. This next week we are planning on inviting him to church and maybe a family home evening with the rest of his family. we will see how that goes! so glad our family had FHE so I can share experiences about it with him. 이상민 or has been coming to english classes and also reads the Book of Mormon but we are not sure if he is interested in the church or is keeping the commitments we give to drag us along for his "marketing plan" haha we havent really had a first lesson with him but that is the plan this week and we are going to invite him to be baptized. those are our two main investigators right now so but many potentials and lots of time has been spent trying to figure out how to start member missionary work. we have our plans set and I could not be more grateful for the leaders doing the best they can in supporting us and the missionary work in the area.
Food wise I had a cup full of barbie arm for Jess a korean corndog and my first Korean Chinese food which was way good!! and thats really about it we cooked meat at our picnic last week and this week are having another member investigator missionary party with a bunch of food that was brought by an elders parents to him because he had not contacted them for at least 6 weeks haha interesting situation but we have tons of food for today! 
 I love the messages you share with me through email and cant wait to get my package and read your letters today! I love you and miss you! 
Thanks for everything and good luck this week!!!!!
Elder Jackson

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