Monday, September 9, 2013

Transfer 1 OVER ...

These last 6 weeks have honestly been like nothing I am staying in
the beautiful city of 창원 to finish training with 박호형!! This P-day we
went down to Busan for transfer meetings unfortunately this means I
didnt get time to finish witing all your letters but they will be sent
next week. I love being able to look back and see progression. It
really boosted my confidence to see where I started and where I am!
And also see alot of these I clearly needed to work on. Your letters
truly helped me in this reflection process and probably the main
principle form this week is being yourself.
This transfer it has been hard to be 100% me due to the language and
new culture and things that I am still getting used to--but the thing
is when I turn away from who I am that is when it is hardest to learn
and grow and accept the many new things!
The Poelmans wrote me this week and Jeff left a great article about
the 11 necessities of missionary work--The last was be yourself.
Missionary work(and really everythingwe do in the church) does not ask
us to change who we are. Our Heavenly Father created each of us
individually and differently so that we are all unique. Based off of
the gifts He gives, He then expects us to take these things apply them
to our lives and use them to bless others!! Truly this gospel is a
personal gospel. It shapes us and helps us grow in ways that nothing
else could. Through it we can always learn more and strive to become
our best selves. That is what Heavenly Father asks us to do and as we
put our trust in His Son, He promises all that He hath!! How blessed
are we!!
Carazy to hear about all thats going on at home.. and again happy to
hear about all the success and joy that is found from week to week!!!
Also love the fact you went hiking hahahah that one made me laugh im
sure it was beautiful!!

Anyway here in Korea we have been blessed with rain on rain as well
temps are kinda starting to cool on somedays haha
This week we were busy with helping the 진해 elders move to a bigger
apartment and visiting less actives! also went to a wedding for a man
who was baptized in 진해 a few weeks ago! what a cool experience
everything from the fancy aisle way to epic music and couldnt end
without some beatles and a buffet hahah!!!

well investigators continue to progress-- we now have two men in their
40s ish who both have had their fathers die -- getting to teach about
the plan of salvation and eternal families has really been a blessing
and I could not thank you enough for the spirit that is felt when we
teach. I know that your prayers have a huge effect!!! We have two new
young investigators both age 16 who we read the book you are special
(about the wooden people and the star/circle stickers) and applied it
to this life and the gospel. really cool. Our recent convert fell back
on some addiction problems but really has the desire to change. the
only way we can help is through love and I know he is striving to do
all he can. He has such a strong testimony and again bore his
testimony last week at church. The bus station guy is becoming
more sincere in meeting with us. 

Other than that everything is great!!! I love korea!!! GOt to
see the MTC distrcit today at transfer meeting turns out most of them
are in the same zone! so fun to catch up with them a bit! LOVE YOU
Elder JAckson

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