Sunday, September 22, 2013

Korean Thanksgiving

HOKAHY SO..... 추석 week!! what a fun holiday if you arent a
missionary!!! hahah jkjk we Had a great time but it was like ghost
town status in Changwon-- like 10 people total stores, restaraunts,
gas stations, banks, post office... all closed!! Unfortunately we did
not have any appointments for three days but it left alot of time to
study and prepare for the next 4 weeks of this transfer!!! Today marks
what wouldve been the start of my 8th week in the MTC-- I have almost
doubled the time I have been on my mission and it feels like I have
been here for a total of a month maybe...
Well tuesday we had a lunch with a lady whose family moved on saturday
which was sad but also really fun!! Her food was amazing! I really
coulnt tell you what it was but just know it was good!! hahah When
koreans try to explain foos to me they are using korean so I dont
really get it!! haha
anyway to end we sang god be with you till we meet again in Korean
with the sister missionaries -- it was pretty cool she recorded it ---
hopes I get that tag on the FB hahaha
Anyway as I said Wednesday Thursday Friday No Appointments so we
studied and on thursday got together with the elders in 진해 to eat and
such. Friday we spent the whole day planning for 독신 meeting wich
directly translated is bachelor) that we had on saturday. At the
meeting we had about 25-30 people there and played games and made
curry and just had a fun time!! ps all korean games have some sort of
physical punsihment--whether if its you losing and getting slapped ofr
punched or if the game is crack the egg on hard ground and you can
only crack by kicking the other person hahahah so fun and so
crazy!!!!! We also played water balloon volleyball and everyone was so
shocked when another american elder and I launched the balloons out of
a towel straight up into the air(yes using skills from even elementary
school to fill and launch water balloons!! thank you water fights and
feild days hahaha)
Yesterday--such a long day--but always so good!! Sitting for 3-4 hours
just straining your mind to understand a little bit of what is going
on gives a headache but truly pays off! and today we will just be
relaxing and then going to 박호형 장로 s less active uncles home for dinner
and FHE!! always so fun!!!!
So funniest thing I think is just the old koreans rolling around with
their carts full of cardboard to sell-- today there was an old lady
jay- walking in front of the bus with her cart like everything was all
good( keep in mind that she was maybe 5 foot 1 or 2 and also that the
bus did stop for her haha)
The members love trying to speak english to me and will always check
for pronunciation which just has the hardest accent to it haha and
they all use really formal language for something that is not so
formal hah i dont know how else to explain that but it is just funny
hahah yesterday a few young women learned how the names of vegetables
and koreanized it so they got the pronunciation haha tomamto apple---
oh they also say pardon alot and many times when people start talking
they will just throw 3 or four questions and then laugh and dont know
anything else hahah yeah its fun!!
Investigators same 2 came to the meeting on saturday!! way fun!!!
BAptism dates looking like the 20th of October so keep you updated!


Elder Jackson

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