Friday, August 30, 2013

Picnic in the Park

Well to begin this week I want to talk about people.

I love the 장원 ward!! They are all so full of light and love!! This last week our focus really turned to active members and we are hoping to increase the amount of members attending church and getting back into things!! We are really close with the bishop and his family! He has a son who is the same age as me and he leaves in November for Hawaii! he is going to be a great missionary! our ward mission leader served in this area when he was serving his mission and does a really great job! we just planned out a new program to visit and invite some of the many less actives in the area!  As for investigators.. the older man 최영서 is doing well. we continue to teach him english and the lessons and its alot of fun. The spirit is always so strong!!!!  the other mans name is 이상민 , speaks english well we are pretty good friends already so we are hoping that leads to a connection for the things to come. He reads the Book of Mormon and has been great!

Language... Slowly slowly slowly understanding and speaking more ... its really hard when the members and investigators learning english want to speak with me in english... yeah causes some brain mixing for me haha but all is well LOVED jessicas comment on that!! 

It poured rain over the weekend which was a ton of fun and besides that everything is about the same!! so many miracles happen everyday!!!

Well glad to hear all is well! we are going to have a picnic today so we need to go buy some food!!!!  Everything sounds awesome! GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE. I think about you always! 
너무 사랑해요!!
잭슨 장러
Elder Jackson

PS we need a rice cooker when I get back and kim-chi as well...sooo good;)

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