Sunday, August 18, 2013

Journey has begun

Well this transfer is halfway over.... we are starting our fourth
week... I cannot believe it... time really does fly out here and if
you are not doing what is right and being exactly obedient there are
so many opportunites that will just fly by..

So baptisms one .. you are going to be a little disappointed because I
left my camera at home that day and we didnt have time to go back and
get it.. however poictures were taken and so I will get them to you
haha it was a fanstatic service and the spirit was so strong, This
ward is outstanding in support and really I do not think he will have
a trouble with staying active. He has such a strong testimony and light
with him!!! We were also allowed to attend another baptism yesterday
in another neighboring area.. This convert had been taught by
missionaries for a year and I was lucky enough to get to meet and
teach him this week before his baptism while I was on exchanges! The
Lord truly works in amazing ways!!!

Ok so the other area is called jinhe and it is pretty similar to
changwon but alot more countryside ish... country to them is changwon
so home is extremely country haha anyway we also played some soccer in
jinhe with the young men and some investigators of both areas super

K one last story for you .. A stereotypical missionary story at that
haha someone approached us the other day as we were waiting for the
bus. He asked if i was from america (surprisingly in english) and if I
could help him with an english class that he had we said we had top
check with the President of our mission and we would stay in contact
with him. Well he was all about staying in contact he has been calling
and texting us since thursday and we met with him and found out he has
met with missionaries before. His english is really good so I have
been able to talk and understand alot more than normal it makes it
alot different but really fun, He took us to a cafe on saturday and
bought us "american food" haha he is so kind and hopefully will be one
we can bring closer to Christ.

ps english is like spanish in the us and it makes me laugh on the
daily!! anyway almost out of time.. keep on keeping on love you
Elder Jackson

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