Saturday, August 3, 2013

I'm Here!

Hello hello from the beautiful land of Busan Korea!!!! We arrived at 845ish last night(tuesday night) and came straight to the mission home. The Gilberts were at Koreas EFY in the taejon mission and so we did not meet them till this morning. We came straight to the mission home last night and got a snack and then straight to bed!  It is so pretty here and I cannot wait to go out and explore a bit more later today! We are at the mission home right now and are taking care of financial business and such before orientation begins!
I could not be more thankful for the safety of the flights and the flights we were able to make that keep us on schedule and ready to go!
sorry i didnt call from san fran we were legit running like home alone to get to the flight they had held for us there ps I would not suggest a flight more than 5 hours... it was exhausting! haha got probably 12 hours of sleep total over the flights and then slept like a baby last night so it was all good. i picked up a bit of a cold but have been blessed and am healing up for sure!
It is humid as can be when outside you are just sticky and wet but it feels so good hahaha I just am so happy to be here!
The Gilberts are awesome and have a letter from Sister Baker, who is leaving today, for me. Hope all is well back at home and that you are living up tuesday for me because I completely lost mine hahah Love you all lots and lots!!!
Elder Jackson

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