Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Greetings from Changwon!

I dont know where to begin.... hahah this week has been the hardest most exhausting week of my life but also quite rewarding. 

The first day and a half were so awesome!! proselyting for the first time eating some delicious and really normal looking korean food and then off to the area. I am serving in a city called changwon and it really hasnt been a huge change like I thought it was going to be. My apartment is tiny fourth floor in kinda a hidden place. (top floor is the fourth floor) It is quite a hike and I can get around the whole apartment in about ten steps hahaha two small rooms a bathroom and an area to cook and thats all you need. Park or 박호형 is my trainer and companion and we have come really close in the last couple of days. Benefits of having a korean speaking trainer... when I get stuck, he knows exactly what to say. He understands what everyone else is saying and he knows where to get some pretty good food. Hard things.. He speaks korean.. my understanding obviously is still not good at all but that has actually helped me more because I understand even more why we need the spirit and I have been able to feel it so strongly. In the MTC devotional film "Character of Christ" by David A Bednar, he explains that the reason investigators invite people back is because of the feelings they have when we meet. Missionary work is more Who we are and What we are than what we say. it has been something that has really been pushing me onward this first week. Ok so back to elder park, he is the best trainer and I know that the Lord meant for us to be together here and now to help bring others unto Christ.With that being said now to talk about our investigators. I have now taught 3 lessons and tagged teamed one with the sister missionaries and the Bishop. So two of the lessons have been taught to lee dam-key(이 담 기) and tonight I invited him to be baptized and he said yes so we are planning on that next saturday. He is in high school and went to SMYC --koreas EFY-- last week and is just so into our lessons! Our other is an older man that was way impressed with my korean we are teaching him english. SO awesome we are planning on inviting him to the baptism next week and hopefully baptize him in a few!! 
 We teach two english classes every week and I have to start learning basic korean sign language its really fun!
Korean stereotypes are all that you think of. and everything here is what we heard times ten!! I love it and cannot wait to experience what lies ahead in the next two years!!
The Gilberts are SO cool!! They are extremely spiritual and just want you to do what is right and what is best!
Thats all for now- love you all!! keep up the fun and ill do the same here!! 
ELder Jackson

Link to Video of Changwon History and Culture:

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