Friday, August 30, 2013

Picnic in the Park

Well to begin this week I want to talk about people.

I love the 장원 ward!! They are all so full of light and love!! This last week our focus really turned to active members and we are hoping to increase the amount of members attending church and getting back into things!! We are really close with the bishop and his family! He has a son who is the same age as me and he leaves in November for Hawaii! he is going to be a great missionary! our ward mission leader served in this area when he was serving his mission and does a really great job! we just planned out a new program to visit and invite some of the many less actives in the area!  As for investigators.. the older man 최영서 is doing well. we continue to teach him english and the lessons and its alot of fun. The spirit is always so strong!!!!  the other mans name is 이상민 , speaks english well we are pretty good friends already so we are hoping that leads to a connection for the things to come. He reads the Book of Mormon and has been great!

Language... Slowly slowly slowly understanding and speaking more ... its really hard when the members and investigators learning english want to speak with me in english... yeah causes some brain mixing for me haha but all is well LOVED jessicas comment on that!! 

It poured rain over the weekend which was a ton of fun and besides that everything is about the same!! so many miracles happen everyday!!!

Well glad to hear all is well! we are going to have a picnic today so we need to go buy some food!!!!  Everything sounds awesome! GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE. I think about you always! 
너무 사랑해요!!
잭슨 장러
Elder Jackson

PS we need a rice cooker when I get back and kim-chi as well...sooo good;)

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Journey has begun

Well this transfer is halfway over.... we are starting our fourth
week... I cannot believe it... time really does fly out here and if
you are not doing what is right and being exactly obedient there are
so many opportunites that will just fly by..

So baptisms one .. you are going to be a little disappointed because I
left my camera at home that day and we didnt have time to go back and
get it.. however poictures were taken and so I will get them to you
haha it was a fanstatic service and the spirit was so strong, This
ward is outstanding in support and really I do not think he will have
a trouble with staying active. He has such a strong testimony and light
with him!!! We were also allowed to attend another baptism yesterday
in another neighboring area.. This convert had been taught by
missionaries for a year and I was lucky enough to get to meet and
teach him this week before his baptism while I was on exchanges! The
Lord truly works in amazing ways!!!

Ok so the other area is called jinhe and it is pretty similar to
changwon but alot more countryside ish... country to them is changwon
so home is extremely country haha anyway we also played some soccer in
jinhe with the young men and some investigators of both areas super

K one last story for you .. A stereotypical missionary story at that
haha someone approached us the other day as we were waiting for the
bus. He asked if i was from america (surprisingly in english) and if I
could help him with an english class that he had we said we had top
check with the President of our mission and we would stay in contact
with him. Well he was all about staying in contact he has been calling
and texting us since thursday and we met with him and found out he has
met with missionaries before. His english is really good so I have
been able to talk and understand alot more than normal it makes it
alot different but really fun, He took us to a cafe on saturday and
bought us "american food" haha he is so kind and hopefully will be one
we can bring closer to Christ.

ps english is like spanish in the us and it makes me laugh on the
daily!! anyway almost out of time.. keep on keeping on love you
Elder Jackson

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Greetings from Changwon!

I dont know where to begin.... hahah this week has been the hardest most exhausting week of my life but also quite rewarding. 

The first day and a half were so awesome!! proselyting for the first time eating some delicious and really normal looking korean food and then off to the area. I am serving in a city called changwon and it really hasnt been a huge change like I thought it was going to be. My apartment is tiny fourth floor in kinda a hidden place. (top floor is the fourth floor) It is quite a hike and I can get around the whole apartment in about ten steps hahaha two small rooms a bathroom and an area to cook and thats all you need. Park or 박호형 is my trainer and companion and we have come really close in the last couple of days. Benefits of having a korean speaking trainer... when I get stuck, he knows exactly what to say. He understands what everyone else is saying and he knows where to get some pretty good food. Hard things.. He speaks korean.. my understanding obviously is still not good at all but that has actually helped me more because I understand even more why we need the spirit and I have been able to feel it so strongly. In the MTC devotional film "Character of Christ" by David A Bednar, he explains that the reason investigators invite people back is because of the feelings they have when we meet. Missionary work is more Who we are and What we are than what we say. it has been something that has really been pushing me onward this first week. Ok so back to elder park, he is the best trainer and I know that the Lord meant for us to be together here and now to help bring others unto Christ.With that being said now to talk about our investigators. I have now taught 3 lessons and tagged teamed one with the sister missionaries and the Bishop. So two of the lessons have been taught to lee dam-key(이 담 기) and tonight I invited him to be baptized and he said yes so we are planning on that next saturday. He is in high school and went to SMYC --koreas EFY-- last week and is just so into our lessons! Our other is an older man that was way impressed with my korean we are teaching him english. SO awesome we are planning on inviting him to the baptism next week and hopefully baptize him in a few!! 
 We teach two english classes every week and I have to start learning basic korean sign language its really fun!
Korean stereotypes are all that you think of. and everything here is what we heard times ten!! I love it and cannot wait to experience what lies ahead in the next two years!!
The Gilberts are SO cool!! They are extremely spiritual and just want you to do what is right and what is best!
Thats all for now- love you all!! keep up the fun and ill do the same here!! 
ELder Jackson

Link to Video of Changwon History and Culture:

Saturday, August 3, 2013

I'm Here!

Hello hello from the beautiful land of Busan Korea!!!! We arrived at 845ish last night(tuesday night) and came straight to the mission home. The Gilberts were at Koreas EFY in the taejon mission and so we did not meet them till this morning. We came straight to the mission home last night and got a snack and then straight to bed!  It is so pretty here and I cannot wait to go out and explore a bit more later today! We are at the mission home right now and are taking care of financial business and such before orientation begins!
I could not be more thankful for the safety of the flights and the flights we were able to make that keep us on schedule and ready to go!
sorry i didnt call from san fran we were legit running like home alone to get to the flight they had held for us there ps I would not suggest a flight more than 5 hours... it was exhausting! haha got probably 12 hours of sleep total over the flights and then slept like a baby last night so it was all good. i picked up a bit of a cold but have been blessed and am healing up for sure!
It is humid as can be when outside you are just sticky and wet but it feels so good hahaha I just am so happy to be here!
The Gilberts are awesome and have a letter from Sister Baker, who is leaving today, for me. Hope all is well back at home and that you are living up tuesday for me because I completely lost mine hahah Love you all lots and lots!!!
Elder Jackson