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HOly Email!! hahah love hearing about everything and so glad everyone is doing so well loved getting all the letters and presents in my package. Plenty of face wash and also good on shampoo and such although I may need to have some sent before I head out to Korea! DOederant I dont really care too much whatever you feel is good! Ps yesterday the Harts were on my mind as we learned how to say wonderful in korean it is-- 훌류하다. hahah just started laughing when we learned that as all I could think of was WOnderful!! 
Alright weekly report

Basically all I have been eating is salad wraps and cereal everyday every meal... the food is just getting worse and I feel like they serve the things which are the last things I want to eat. Anyway its been a great couple of past weeks and I have had to try and mix cereals. My favorite mix is plain life with frosted flakes and a bit of honey bunches! One or two bowls of that brings complete satisfaction haha what else to make this more exciting... Elder Wilson and Elder Hansen have had two food eating competitions making a total of 10 burgers with nine plates of fries and 32 chicken strips (these are two different times and have been separated by a few weeks but still that is a ton of food!! haha and the package that was sent was much enjoyed because of the treats that are enclosed hah that closes this section
Devotionals again this week were fantastic!! Sunday we heard from another Brother who has worked with the missionaries for 40 years now and his talk was very similar to the talk that President Witworth gave to me the night I was set apart! I was so thankful to compare the notes between these two talks and pull out alot of the same messages that are fantastic and will hopefully help whenever I am going through a rough time. Following the devotional, we went to a film called becoming a missionary by Elder Bednar(this is just a replayed MTC devotional) and it was amazing as well It really gave me a new sense of motivation and connected with the Devotional on Tuesday night really well also. One of the best parts of Sunday nights films was sitting by Elder Kemp. We also sat by ELder Wilsons friend that he hosted so what a blessing it was for our companionship. Well Tuesday nights devotional was probably my second favortie here. We were addressed by the second counselor in the sunday school presidency Brother Richardson. I cannot explain the feeling of the devotional without being very gerenal in my words. The spirit was overwhelming and I realized what my purpose is in serving a mission. I always wanted to bring others unto the joy found in this gospel, but this devotional really answered my questions as to how as we talked about doing your part and as we broke down our mission calls into responsibilities and blessings. I could not be more grateful.
3-The District
Our district almost stepped its bounds this week and contention was sparking... What a stressful time and as District Leader..I had no idea what to do. However thanks to the help of our newly called Zone Leader, Elder Han, and our teachers, we were really able to solve things and we have turned back into the tightest District in the MTC with no problems and a ton of fun!! One thing I realized is that sometimes we have the tendency to go a little to far with jokes or misuse our time because we are all so tight and its just like hanging out with some friends. however, this week we also turned a new page as a district and learned that because we are so close we need to catch ourselves when we hit that situation. anyway besides that the district is fantastic and again I could not ask for a better group of Elders or Sisters to work with while at the MTC. They have taught me so much and have shown sincerity in their want to serve and progress as well as wanting to help me progress I love them all and will miss them when we leave(still have four weeks of fun and Im already realizing this)... haha
4-the 4th
What a life saver day!! It was a blessing to only have one full class yesterday because what we learned just wasnt clicking for me and I was having a hard time. However a fantastic devotional/movie watching(17 miracles) was fantastic and we did get to watch the Stadium of Fire light up the night sky! ps loved the part about the sandlot in jessicas music page to me:) It was a different 4th obviously but being able to say that I was learning korean on the fourth of july feels pretty cool haha oh missionaries are nuts about singing certain hymns and they are not afraid to show it.. You always know everyones favorites because they openly tell the whole MTC. Last night it went a little something like this. We will sing America the Beautiful--some clapping and lifting of voices , and then another hymn -- a little bit louder, and finally The Battle Hymn of the Republic and then came the uproar of YESSSSSS!! from half the auditorium now this was only for prelude hymns so i want you to imagine as time went on and after watching 17 miracles what the reaction was when it was anounced that we were singing Come Come Ye Saints... yeah. Don't get me wrong singing hymns is one of my favorite parts of the MTC however when we have to be reminded not to clap or stand during the hymn almost every devo.. its a little much hahaha
5- Thats about all
I am still loving the MTC and knowing I only have three weeks left makes it even better-14 days til flight plans and 2 days until the the next group of korean missionaries leave.
Seeing everyone on the constant is awesome and knowing that you all pray for me is sometimes better than a letter or package because it is something I can feel and that pushes me to want to do more and be more.(this doesnt mean you can slack off on the letters because I love them;))
~Elder Jackson

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