Friday, July 26, 2013

Time to Fly!

The events of this week are many but went by so quickly it feels like it was all one day! I cannot wait to head out to Korea and start the real work!!!!
The MTC has been fanstastic but its definitely time to move on.
1-In field oreintation
Well yesterday we spent from 8-5:30pm in the in-field orientation meeting and it was probably the longest day of the MTC and things got as real as they can get while still in the MTC bubble. We "tracted" and learned how to plan and things like that. Basically it was review because we have now been here for two full months. It was still alot of fun and definitely necessary plus it was a full day in English so not too hard to understand;) all the english speaking elders that have been here for a week and two days were all "so excited to get outta here" -- all we could say was..Youre telling me hahah I felt a little rood after the fact but really a week here is awesome you learn so much in that first week and that is where so many first changes are made.
Well the rest i think ill just write out my favs of th MTC experience:
-My District: the best district in the world!! I really hope I see these elders and sisters alot in the field!! unfortunately we loose two companionships-Elder Han and Clark to the Sydney North mission and Elder Sorensen and BLake to California Arcadia mission--we will miss them a ton on our flights and orientation in Korea. HUGE shoutout to the best companion Elder Wilson!! I love this elder to death he has taught me so much and it is going to be hard to leave him in the next week.
-My teachers: Brother Kim and Sister Sagers are outstanding teachers!!! I am going to miss having the opportunity to hear their testimonies and their wisdom daily! They have both influenced my goal setting and the missionary I will be for the better and I can not be more grateful for them.
-Devotionals: If you want a life changing experience twice a week the MTC is where you need to be. THe Devotionals have taught me so much and they are one of the places wher I feel the Spirit so strongly and learn so much in such a short amount of time! Also Devotional reviews with the District sooo great! Definitely a time of learning and understanding and pondering the words of servants of our Heavenly Father!!
-Branch Presidency: We have without a doubt the most amazing branch presidency in the MTC they are all so sincere and want 100% what is best for us and what will help us most while on this call to serve. I honestly could not have asked for a better set of leaders for this branch for our district and for me specifically! I love each and every one of them and will miss them.
Everyday is fantastic here in the MTC so much is always happening and learning is always on the rise. If you dont learn anything in the MTC it is because you are either sleeping all day or dead. you could roam the campus and do nothing and still learn here haha it is incredible.
Well now that we have seen 5 groups of english speaking elders come and go it is our turn to join the 6th on the journey back into the "real world." I have grown so much and though I know i havent learned everything(not even close to some of everything) I am ready and feel as prepared as I think I can be at this point. I cannot wait for the adventure ahead! I cannot wait to serve my Heavenly Father and bring others into this gospel of happiness and love!!! Off to Korean see ya in 22;) Peace sign duck face pic just like my people!!!
With Love,
ELder Nathan Jackson

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