Friday, July 19, 2013

Last Week in the MTC!

Well if you could end a week any better than this one I would be extremely surprised. I am so happy for all of you and know that the Lord is blessing me as He calls us forward to serve only asking us to be our best and follow Him.
And besides the fact that we only have three weeks left.... WE GOT TRAVEL PLANS TODAY!!! I will be leaving the 29 of July and stop in San Fancisco, Tokyo and then head straight in to Busan!!! I cant believe it is already here!!
1-- More on the plans
SO wewont have to meet at the travel office until 7:30 on Monday July 29 and from there we will be shuttled up to SLC! Well we also reacived a letter from President Gilbert this week with information of what we will be doing when we arrive. First off we will be staying in the mission homes for two days and in our time there we will have orientations and participste in cultural events hhahaha Im soo excited to go to work and start sharing what I have learned. THere is going to be a large language barrier when we arrive not only because we dont really understand the language in its fullest yet but also because of the dialect in Busan! either way the Lord is on our side and will provide the means for us to fulfill our purpose as long as we have faith and are obedient!!
In other news--
2-- Koreans
This week starting Monday the group of Native koreans we will leave with came into the MTC. Their English is not as good as the other korean elders and sisters as we have had in the past. This is how I really found out that we really know only the simplistic almost awkward converstaional form of Korean. However it is what we will learn to teach and when we speak in this way we honorfy and show respect to just about everyone! Well another different thing about the elders that came in is that most of them are born in 94 so our same age(they base age and such off of the lunar year there and answer there age with when they are born instead of how "old" they are) but it automatically make us friends in Korea. The weird thing about that is that most korean elders serve their military time for two years before serving a mission so they are normally between 22 and even 25 years old! ha
Funny story though -- I was talking to elder pak who is as of now the korean I am closest to and I taught him how to say my name... he has the hardest time making the "th" sound of Nathan and it is so funny to watch him concentrate so hard each time he does. All Koreans by the way have some pretty solid style. I cant wait to buy some ties there for 2 dollars.haha
3-- mail
I love the mail I get from everyone. It really does help so much and brings back great memories and stories for me to share!! Last night I shared some of my fruit loops with the non sugar eating native koreans and they fell in love and asked me for more. hahah they are all so funny!! I really had a flashback to all the great times watching movies and being together but it really gives me a motivation to be better and to want to serve so that others can have the joy that comes with the gospel in a family!! That is what I am most excited to share with them all. Thanks for the mail again and for the love support and prayers. It really does show even when we are doing the same thing almost everyday the Lord blesses us in so many ways that help us learn and grow and I know that wouldnt be possible without prayers coming from you all!! Eveery missionary needs them and benefits so much from something so simple yet amaxing from our Heavenly Father!
4--Thats all folks
I have seen Elder Burgi twice since wednesday also Ty states, kolton savage, david ju and STU many times this week. I really am so glad that everyone is doing so well and I can't emphasize how much I feel the love from you all!!
Last thoughts...
Remember who you are-- this week I had a few days in a row in which I had forgotten who I was. I knew but for some reason I didnt believe it. It was hard to go through and telling myself I had faith and knew what I was doing when inside I was dying wondering how I could really figure it out. It was of course only as I turned to my Heavnely Father in prayer that he ansered the questions that I had and that He did so only by bringing to my remembrance who I was. It is so important that we remember we are His children and that He will bless us with many things. However He requires us to ask in faith and then act on that answer. I could not be more grateful for that blessing and gift in itself!!
Love You All!!!!
Elder Nathan Hart Jackson

Elder Jackson and Elder Kenney
Elder Wilson, Han and Jackson

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