Monday, July 1, 2013


Well looks like Im not the only perspn who has been counting the time here at the MTC.. haha HALFWAY mark hit today!! and it has been so crazy to look back over the month and see progression in so many things. I apologize if this e-mail has any repeats of things I have said. Honestly having the same schedule for a month now.. not a ton of change.
1-World Wide Broadcast Sunday:
To begin, because of the Mission President Orientation and seminar, a lot of things were actually different this week. First, cafeteria was moved to the big gym and that really was not great because having options became nothing. Six lines with the same food and then only like three choices of cereal.,..rough. The gym floor got pretty nasty and it was good to see that they had washed it and waxed it as we retuened back to it yesterday. Next, What an aweome Sunday that felt nothing like a Sunday at all. haha well it was just an overall amazing eperience. To see every Elder in the MTC in one preisthood meeting was so cool and then further to go to a sacrament that was so different because of the amount of people was way cool. I loved knowing that the principles and ordinance was the same even though it was in a different setting and different place. Then the broadcast. Holy Smokes could you have asked for better instruction... I don't think you can. It was a blessing to be a part of and I was glad I had the chance to be a part of the excitement. Main themes I picked up throughout the day: 1--Humble yourself and trust in Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost. 2--Every member must be a missionary, it is how the Lord would have us work and it will hasten the work. 3--Have Faith and do not fear, if we are obedient, the Lord will not let us fail. It was so cool to hear directly from those who speak for our Heavenly Father.
2- Preparation Days
Normally this is what a p-day consists of (since we have now had 5 Im sure they wont change too much haha) To begin, we wake up at 5:30 and put on our overalls this is so we can beat the laundry rush. We start our loads and then head to service at 6:05 where, for the past 4 weeks, Elder Wilson and I have had the great chance to clean bathrooms... Its a lot of kicks;) haha we eat breakfast, finish our laundry, shower, email, nap, study, write letters, temple trip, chill, dinner, and then end with class and TRC! they are pretty fun and we get alot done! One thing we are all really sad about is that the Provo Temple is closing(for cleaning) for the rest of the time we are here so we are going to have about 3 hours to fill each day. More study time, napping time and letter time coming maybe some gym time as well. We just learned that the small gym is open to us on p-days so having another day to excercise will be a blessing. hah and thats about it. A lost of time to think and reflect and most of the time, p-days are the days where decisions are made and goals are evaluated because of the time you have to listen to our own thoughts hah
What a great time hosting was!! I was allowed to host three elders(one Elder Kemp) and it was just cool being on the other side of things. One thing that is crazy to me is how old I felt even though some of the Elders were older than me in age..It was interesting for sure and really such a blessing to be able to have the Kemps pull up right in front of me. I honestly did not have to take a step to the side or anything, couldnt have worked out better!! Thats all I really have to say about hosting but it was really fun and I am glad that everything was the way it was cause it set a great feeling for the rest of the day and week.
On wednesdays, we have missionary portal time and this week were surprised with a language test....... all I could do was laugh as it asked me to answer siome questions that I wouldve had a hard time explaining in English.. however this is the time that I really recognized that the ability to bear testimony is so important. As we share what we know, our abilities and faith increase and invite the spirit and so the answer is in fact not given by us but by our Heavenly Father through His Spirit! So important and so cool!!! I also memorized the missionary purpose in Korean over the last couple of days and it is great to see it read it and understand what I am saying. We learned some more challenging grammar forms this week that I am having a hard time with but ya know it will come.
5-Tender Mercies
Rain on some night this last week!! so awesome to walk back from class with a slight sprinkle ;)
Hosting my best friend and seeing so many others come into the MTC
Mail (Fa Mulan, Sunshine in my soul) haha
Devotional by my companions great aunt Janice Kapp Perry (he got a shout out and we got to go talk to them for a bit before they kicked us out--no time for a pic)
Sang Primary songs in the Devotional on Tuesday
Ability to create sentences off the top of my head while sharing my testimony in Korean
The Book of Mormon
My awesome district and great teachers and amazing breanch presidency
basically there are too many to count and I could not be more thankful for the joy I have felt and the guidance I have recieved this week.
Love you,
Elder Nathan Hart Jackson

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