Sunday, July 14, 2013

another week

Yeah so this week has been crazy and I am just going to get right into things because I dont have alot of time....
 this week was so hard langauge wise... we are learning how to make more complex sentences and korean is so mixed up and backwards that after trying to process one sentence I have the worst headache and then still have three more hours of class... Its really hard and almost everyday there will be a time when I am completely discouraged.. Now with that said two things happened this week that really boosted my confidence in my ability to speak.. the First on sunday during fast and testimony meeting I bore my testimony in straight Korean. When the meeting was over the korean elder and sisters made a point of complimenting me on my korean and said that they understood everything I said- now in korea you are never ever ever supposed to take a compliment so even though I wanted to stand up and celebrate, I had to just say thank you. This led to quite a humbling thought and that is why would I accept that anyway it was not me speaking alone--the only way any language here is learned is by and through the spirit. Now the second thing that happened was the coming in of two new korean speakiong missionaries including nathan wunderli ao that is kinda self explanitory.
2-The oldies.
We are now the "oldest" korean speaking missionaries in the MTC. It was really hard to say goodbye to the older district because we were really tight with them especially over that last week but htey were the greatest examples of what missionaries should be. They were hard working and faithful and knew that if they called upon the Lord for hel-p they would recieve it. specifically elder veerothai. Veerothai is from thailand and so he has been learning english and Korean in the MTC and both are extremely good. He bore such a strong testimony of the work on sunday and gave me alot of advice in such little time so basically I look up to him alot. He is also 18 so just another addition and he was also a convert so yeah alot of small things build up to make one great elder!
The new group of missionaries has been fun to have! they told us that we all looked so old even though some are older than me. Most of them are going to the Busan mission and so its awesome getting to know those I will be serving with for the next two years. In the group I think the majority just graduated this past year..I think that is so awesome and know that those who did just graduate will be some of the best missionaries. I experience it first hand with ELder Wilson everyday!! Last thing--flight plans should come next week so Im kinda really pumped for that I cant believe its already coming so soon!!
Te district has been alot better this week and we have really grown and learned a lot. To continue on with Elder Wilson-we have really grown closer in this last week and as we teach I feel a unity with him and its going to be really hard to teach without him!! still rolling as distrct leader which causes me some extra stress but in the words of Brother Lee ( a member from our braench presidency) If you arent a little stressed you will have no motivation. No desrire to improve and no desire to be your best. so I guess its a good thing. I hope and pray daily that I am doing what is best for my district and that I am setting the example I need to.
Well I saw kevin lynch and one of connor and kennys friends and STUART and others this week. Brendan and I see each other maybe once a week.. Its kinda a bummer but when we see each other its a party! Hermana Coffey leaves monday so we took some pics with the three of us. unfortunately because I hadnt seen either of them I was not prepared with my camera. dang. but just so you know it was documented.
Short section but the dress and grooming standards changed for missionaries this week. so I will be growing my hair back out and wearing street clothes more often...haha just kidding that probably isnt funny to you all but again sense of humor here is that everything is funny.. So apparently we cant wear backpacks at all anymore so I was just wondering what you think I should do with mine..?? anyways they are on -- resources--missionary and if you feel like sending anything that align with these new standards feel free;) haha
 but just so you know eveything is great and improvment is constant here even though sometimes I feel like it is not and further if we are doing the things we should be doing, improvement is always happening even if we do not feel it.
your mail definitely pushed me through the week so thanks and keep it coming!!!!!
Love you,
Elder Nathan Hart Jackson
Elder Kemp and Elder Jackson

Koreans in Training

Nate and Elder Veerothai

Elder Jackson and Elder Im

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