Saturday, June 22, 2013

WEEK four -- what more‏

Well this has been quite the week really and ulimately exhausting but still alot of fun as past weeks!
To begin,
The District:
I was called to serve as District Leader for the next three weeks. Besides that eveything is looking just about the same. We are allcoming closer together and learning the language and having fun!! Its a blast being able to find fun in everything with those in my district. Our zone had about 30 great missionaries depart for the land of Korea on Monday and Tuesday. On wednesday, we gained a total of ten new missionaries that will be attempting to learn the language with us. We are really tight with the other distict that got here before us. They leave in three weeks and saying bye to them will be rough.
New shipment+world wide broadcast:
Wednesday brought in alot of new missionaries and it was awesome to see Colin, Zaza, Zach Labrum, Marc Oleker, Mary Lamphier and Morley Baker! Its fanatastic seeing so many poeple and I will be hosting this next wednesday so looking out for Elder Kemp for sure!! Alot of people leave this week and I still have another 5 weeks real time however, MTC time, we are just about on our downhill slope! hah well we didnt get into the choir but all will be attending at the Marriott Center so it will be a fun time and a time of learning by and through the Spirit! I am so excited for a mix up in schedule. Everyday kinda blends together. But this week will definitely stand out!
Still hard as ever and it probably will be until I come home. But last week I wrote something down that I want to keep as my attitude for the rest of my mission. "Korean is hard and it will probably take my whole mission to learn. But that means I will know how to speak korean." kinda doesnt sound as cool as when I wrote it the first time but just something I want to remember. There are so many word forms and the sentence structure is crazy but it is slowly starting to click and lessons that used to be completely written in korean so we could read striaght out off our script, are only a few bullet points in english that we are able to translate and teach. It is really cool!! We had our first experience at TRC last friday which was a bit nerve reacking. But the people there are so nice and help you with the language and basically taught me more than what I taught them! Cant wait for TRC tonight it is going to be awesome!!
Great as always!! Had a fun time sunday night with Brother Allen as we watched old LDS commercials that were really just hilarious to us-- then again our sense of humor has kinda been warped-- almost everything is funny-- kinda sad. haha but defintiely look them up on and pay attention to the taglines. As we went through each clip, great advice was given and it was really a good way to start the week! This devotional was held in the chapel on west campus so it was a "historic" day at the MTC. Tuesday was again at the Marriott Center with Elder Gay and it was a complete contrast to the sunday devotional. Where as one was planned from clip to clip, the other was given with almost no script. It was a talk full of personal experience and I was able to feel the spirit in a way that was different than what I would normally feel which was really awesome. Knowing how the Lord gives us reveltaion and communicates with us is very important and feeling a new way and understanding/ discrening that spirit was incredible!
Other happenings:
Sickness broke out. everyone in my district(minus me and two sisters) have come down with a cold that lasts for about 3 days. Also, there is some disease that was discovered just yesterday so we are no longer allowed to shake hands with anyone! hahah good thing Koreans bow!!
Got my first in mission haircut today and was way scared to see the outcome.... I thought my hair was short when I came here... haha its not too bad after put gel in it haha kinda looking like im in the military a bit but whatever haha
Learned a sick handshake that has been passed down in the korean zone for a few years i guess and I bore my testimony to some random missionaries in Korean! \
Days drag on but weeks fly!! before we know it will, we will be packing up and getting ready to leave and serve the people of Korea!! 
Last thought:
This has been a very humbling experince where I have already learned so much. Hoever, I find that as I become prideful or feel as things are going just fine, I experience the hardest times. I look to my farewell talk and the experience we had with finishing it up the night before and also at what my talk was about. Why I try to do things on my own still? I dont know. We need help from all those around us and from the Lord and I have found that even more over the last week. My faith has grown, spirits broken and lifted, full of ups and down struggles and successes and turning to my Heavenly Father! What a blessing it is to have Him as my constant companion!!
Love you all,
Elder Nathan Hart Jackson



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