Saturday, June 22, 2013

WEEK four -- what more‏

Well this has been quite the week really and ulimately exhausting but still alot of fun as past weeks!
To begin,
The District:
I was called to serve as District Leader for the next three weeks. Besides that eveything is looking just about the same. We are allcoming closer together and learning the language and having fun!! Its a blast being able to find fun in everything with those in my district. Our zone had about 30 great missionaries depart for the land of Korea on Monday and Tuesday. On wednesday, we gained a total of ten new missionaries that will be attempting to learn the language with us. We are really tight with the other distict that got here before us. They leave in three weeks and saying bye to them will be rough.
New shipment+world wide broadcast:
Wednesday brought in alot of new missionaries and it was awesome to see Colin, Zaza, Zach Labrum, Marc Oleker, Mary Lamphier and Morley Baker! Its fanatastic seeing so many poeple and I will be hosting this next wednesday so looking out for Elder Kemp for sure!! Alot of people leave this week and I still have another 5 weeks real time however, MTC time, we are just about on our downhill slope! hah well we didnt get into the choir but all will be attending at the Marriott Center so it will be a fun time and a time of learning by and through the Spirit! I am so excited for a mix up in schedule. Everyday kinda blends together. But this week will definitely stand out!
Still hard as ever and it probably will be until I come home. But last week I wrote something down that I want to keep as my attitude for the rest of my mission. "Korean is hard and it will probably take my whole mission to learn. But that means I will know how to speak korean." kinda doesnt sound as cool as when I wrote it the first time but just something I want to remember. There are so many word forms and the sentence structure is crazy but it is slowly starting to click and lessons that used to be completely written in korean so we could read striaght out off our script, are only a few bullet points in english that we are able to translate and teach. It is really cool!! We had our first experience at TRC last friday which was a bit nerve reacking. But the people there are so nice and help you with the language and basically taught me more than what I taught them! Cant wait for TRC tonight it is going to be awesome!!
Great as always!! Had a fun time sunday night with Brother Allen as we watched old LDS commercials that were really just hilarious to us-- then again our sense of humor has kinda been warped-- almost everything is funny-- kinda sad. haha but defintiely look them up on and pay attention to the taglines. As we went through each clip, great advice was given and it was really a good way to start the week! This devotional was held in the chapel on west campus so it was a "historic" day at the MTC. Tuesday was again at the Marriott Center with Elder Gay and it was a complete contrast to the sunday devotional. Where as one was planned from clip to clip, the other was given with almost no script. It was a talk full of personal experience and I was able to feel the spirit in a way that was different than what I would normally feel which was really awesome. Knowing how the Lord gives us reveltaion and communicates with us is very important and feeling a new way and understanding/ discrening that spirit was incredible!
Other happenings:
Sickness broke out. everyone in my district(minus me and two sisters) have come down with a cold that lasts for about 3 days. Also, there is some disease that was discovered just yesterday so we are no longer allowed to shake hands with anyone! hahah good thing Koreans bow!!
Got my first in mission haircut today and was way scared to see the outcome.... I thought my hair was short when I came here... haha its not too bad after put gel in it haha kinda looking like im in the military a bit but whatever haha
Learned a sick handshake that has been passed down in the korean zone for a few years i guess and I bore my testimony to some random missionaries in Korean! \
Days drag on but weeks fly!! before we know it will, we will be packing up and getting ready to leave and serve the people of Korea!! 
Last thought:
This has been a very humbling experince where I have already learned so much. Hoever, I find that as I become prideful or feel as things are going just fine, I experience the hardest times. I look to my farewell talk and the experience we had with finishing it up the night before and also at what my talk was about. Why I try to do things on my own still? I dont know. We need help from all those around us and from the Lord and I have found that even more over the last week. My faith has grown, spirits broken and lifted, full of ups and down struggles and successes and turning to my Heavenly Father! What a blessing it is to have Him as my constant companion!!
Love you all,
Elder Nathan Hart Jackson



Saturday, June 15, 2013

WEEEk THree -- flyin away with my OVERALLSS‏

THANKS FOR THE OVERALLS!! This week has gone by so quickly it seems like yesterday I was sitiing in the same place of the english building(because they have the nicest stuff) and writing you all. Well this week was awesoma and though it didnt seem as event filled as last week, alot happened.
 1. Class and teaching
Saturday we found out our first investigator was noe going to be a second teacher and he has been exactly what the district has needed. He speaks Korean like a korean, american accent not so much. haha and whenever he realizes we are down or tired he will stop and have us read scriptures or so something fun to re gain focus. We are now teaching two investigators(our teachers) and have now started to use an english script and straight translate it over to korean as we are teaching. As we do this, there is alot of silence but it allows the spirit to speak and fill in our still extremely broken korean language. Today we have our first TRC and I am kinda really nervous but after the prep time we have today we should be fine. Classes are still long and after the first one of the day, I feel like I have lived through 5 days of straight Korean and then we have three hours more.. Its exhausting but a lot of fun and really rewarding!!
2. Temples, Chior and the Marriott Center
Going to the temple is one of mmy favorite weekly activities whether it is for temple walk or to go and do temple work! Last week I had the opportunity to participate in sealings as a child and it was really one of the coolest experiences ever!! The temple is a stress reliever and also a way that our district comes closer together. At our first temple walk on Sunday we took lots of pic and it was a blast! hah we actually only stayed for 20 minutes because it was so hot!! We are trying to get into the chior they are only allowing 1100 in and there were 1500 plus at the last unfortunatley we didnt get in however there are alot of people leaving this week so we may be able to sneak our way in for that. The Marriott Center this last week was so awesome!!!! Elder Arnold of the 70 spoke and I will talk more of his devotional later! It was so cool to see the army of missionaries walking from the MTC to the Marriott Center. We filled it more than a normal devotional at BYU haha not reallly but still so many of us!
4. Devotionals
This week we had two great devotionals! On sunday we heard from brother Heaton, he works as something important here and as a part of his job, goes from mission to mission interviewing investigators. From him we learned that we must understand the investigators and that as we teach by the spirit there will be edification and understanding. Sunday Deotional was my favorite since we have been here in the MTC. As I said, it was given by Elder Arnold. This devotional was extremely personable and really helped me and our district as a whole. On monday all of us were having a rough day full of exhaustion and second guessing. It was hard to sit through all korean and then try and teach and have to be in what felt like a prison all day ... fortunately in our second class we were given hope as our teacher Brother Kim shared scriptures and his testimony with us. Well Elder arnold built completely off of the testimony given by our teacher. He and his wife both shared experiences of trial and how they over came and also gave us instruction and advice for how to make a mission or calling one of no regrets. HIs words are still engraved in my mind specifically one sentence and it is this. I HAVE A DIVINE NATURE AND DESTINY! It was exactly what I needed to hear and I couldnt have asked for it in better timing or in a better way. The Lord truly knows us with exactness. He knows what we need when we need it and will give it to us in a way that we will best understand! Following the devotional we had a district devotional review and things only got better from there!! It was so cool to see how we all had different parts that stood out to us and hear the testimony of each member of the district. We also had the opportunity to have President Yost(Branch President) join us. He said this, It is another beautiful day at the MTC just as everyday is! That has since been written on my Daily planner at the top of each page so I remeber that every day is beautiful and to remind myself that I need to find the beauty of it and make that my focus!
3. District Dynasty
Honestly I think to myself everyday.. I could not have asked for a better district! everyone is way nice and undersanding and we can really build off of each others ideas and experiences. We continue to laugh and joke around while learning what we need to both doctrinally and in the language! We have grown even closer which I thought was almost impossible! but it is a lot of fun and I love them all. SO the OVERALLS were an idea from Elder Han our District Leader! He is way sick and is one of my best friends here! He wanted to start something new and different and so overalls were the way to go! unfortunately hiw havent come yet but should early next week! our plan is to wear the, on P days and then pass them down to newbies when we leave haha They are so awesome so THANKS!!
4. extras
Havent seen Nathan Mcclaws yet but have seen just about everyone else haha
I love the mail I have been getting everyone is too great!! It is a blessing and I couldnt be happier!
Rap Battles in our district have begun.. We made a rule that we have to use some korean when we rap though haha
There is a group of 20 or more korean missionaries leaving this week. also Elder Funaro, Sister Hart and ELder Sorenson leave this week with Elder Conley Adams and Jake next week... holy smokes!
Love hearing about all thats going on a miss talking in an accent but then again as I speak the korean I know sound like a ridiculous accent anyway! haha glad to hear everyone is doing WONDERFULLY!!
SIx more p-days until the field coming upon us quickly!!
Love you all have a Fantastic Friday!!
pics are coming!
Elder Nathan Hart Jackson

District "K POP"

New P-Day attire for the district. lookin classy.

Friday, June 7, 2013

Im going to break this email down into a few different parts for you so you can have a taste of what happens throughout the week.
Numba one: class time/speaking.
So we sit in the same room for six hours each day. for three of them, our teacher speaks straight Korean still and we learn about the gospel and about the language! It is a ton of fun and I am so excited for those three hours everyday. the second classroom instruction is used to prepare and teach. We have taught our first investigator 4 times and invited him to baptism yesterday... thankfully he said yes. haha but these three hours go on forever and because they are usually at night... we are all so dead. everyone has already seen the tired side of me and because we are with each other all day we are all just getting closer. Korean is really hard but as long as I rely on the Lord and know the doctrine in english and have the spirit all is well!! We already know how to pray and since Monday night I have been saying each prayer in korean. we get lots of practice because you really do pray about everything! I am starting to be able to read more and better and the grammar and tenses are coming along.. so much for only a week!!!
Two: The peeps
Missionaries are .... missionaries.. haha their are so many interesting people that roam the campus of the MTC... for instance on sunday there was a companionship at a talk we watched (by sheri dew hah) and one elder had his zipper down while the other had his shoes off and his feet reested on the chair in front of him. Bathrooms are hilarious. because you normally end up going whenever your companion goes, there are the best convos in there. yesterday a companionship was talking about there lesson through the stalls qutie the way to use time most effectively.. hah Koreans came this week and they are everything you would think of your stereotypical Korean soooo funny there pictures all look like ours did when we were five.. food going into mouth.. trying to bit someones ear.. peace signs... actually not like we were five more like when we were in disneyland haha I see so many people I know including sister Hart!! my district calls me K-pop star or "the most popular kid at the MTC" take your pic.. hah I love seeing eveyonr though lots of BYU friends and even back to some Brighton friends. I see Elder funaro evey once in awhile and Elder Jake pretty often. I see sister neilson the most though and she leave on tuesday... holy smokes!! It is a blast and a half.
Three: the district
We came up with a few things as a district.. first of all... a Kpop band name.. District 10(because of the ten elders) and our first song is translated as the love room(which is what we named our room) It is easier to go crazy in here than I thought haha this week our district was able to switch to a bigger room with a window(which will help keep us sane) but it is so hard not to be so easily ammused. District is so chill. we set some goals and are already getting better for the elders I became health and fitness coordinator and I will explain why in the next section on food and the Cafeteria haha Well we alsocame up with the S's (struggles) of the MTC -- S1 sleeping struggle, everyday we are so tired and the nights fly by.. S2 sister struggle, there are actually a good amount of cute sisters here thankfully not so much in our district sometimes the sisters can be annoying too that is included in S2.. S3 starvation only a problem for a few but the food is sub par haha .. S4 speaking, learning a language is tough... S5 sweating, not too bad for me but our district gets wet.. S6 spilling no one wants to have to dry clean but so many people spill again not too bad for me so there ya go. this makes it fun for us as no one else knows what we are talking about haha
 I have never seen more food put down in my life... so many carbs all the time and eating here is harder than at byu because there arent as many items of choice... salad friut and an entree/wrap are usually my pickings. however, many elders and sister in and out of my district eat 3-4 entree plates every meal.. well they began to feel bad about that this week and now they check with me before they eat along with about half of our district. in addition, when we have personal gym time, Elder Han and I lead a workout sesh that is pretty rough. We do have gym time each day and I run about two miles with elder Kidman and then we play volleyball or soccer its pretty solid nothing like a six mile monday though. 
Five: Spiritual section
What a spiritually high week. I have had so many prayers answered and seen even more answered. our devotionals were both so awesome and the spirit just resides everywhere you are. Just one of the many stories. SUnday I fasted for you all that you would be comforted and also that I would be comforted as well. well not more than 4 hours later I saw bob sue dick and mary anne just lifting my spirits and being ablt to have that connection with them was no coincidence. It has been hard being away from you all and I realize it more and more everyday but I know that this is where i am supposed to be and what I am supposed to be doing so dont be expecting me home for another 23 months and 14 days hah anyway to continue on, I began to think about you guys again during our sunday devotional. as the closing prayer was being said, I had a feeling I should open my eyes, without hesitation I did. as I opened them the room was brighter than before and a thought came to me... Those whpo surround you are my angels and they will be your guide. I know it sounds cheesy but I have really been ablr to learn so much from the elders and sisters here. These stories (although I only share some with my district) are why I am also called the propeht in our district. I read part of my journal to them as an example of what I write and they call anything spiritual I say a "prophetic quote" haha also know that my pourpose is to bring people unto Christ and so is yours. be a friend and know the doctrine really care about them and strive to have the spirit always. As you do this, you will be able to come unto Christ as well!! 
Anyway thats the weeek because time is almost out I will send some pix next week! I love the letters and the packages and the cupcakes. 
Love you all,
ELder Jackson

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Nate saw his twin Uncles and their wives at church today. We love family love.