Monday, December 9, 2013


Well again it has felt like maybe 2 days have passed and it has already been a week in 괴정~!!  So nuts!!! But I love it here! Very different from changwon-here is a like an older city so feeling is .. Old haha anyway it is a branch with between 20-30 people attending each week-yesterday a high of 35 people so very fun!! Most I have already met 3 times just because there are so few haha young men and young women total a number of 5 --- sound familiar;) yesterday as I prepared and blessed the sacrament and then spoke and then after church visited a hospital to give the sacrament to an older woman i felt right at home!! haha flash back to hanging out with Jeff and Chad and Jason and other leaders for hours on sundays hah
The other members are just about all over 40 and hilarious! on Friday we had a dinner party with the branch and after we had a little program with singing and the members were dancing --it was hilarious!! When we finished my companion just kept asking mehow weird I thought it was because when he first got here he thought it was crazy!! haha ps at this dinner we had some sort of fish always with the bones still learning how to eat that hah and mussels and just alot of fish haha it really is weird but so delicious!!!
ok so finding in this area ---we will be doing alot but this week we recieved 3 referrals two of which we will be meeting with twice a week teaching 30 minutes of english and 30 of gospel! and one of them came with the less active family that referred him to church yesterday! so cool!! the other was at first a little taken off by the gospel part when we first told him but by the end of our first meeting said he was open to it and so we will see where that goes!!!
apparently this area used to have a ward of 200 people and so this transfer we will be visiting a ton of less actives and trying to bring them back! also the members are starting to get involved and the branch president is starting to push missionary work!!! so excited to be here!!!!!!
I dont know what else to say hah packages one was from grandma and grandpa and the other was santa one both were checked by mailing and a few of the presents wrapping had been cut so early thank you for the socks and stocking candy:) and also to grandma and grandpa for the socks as well:) and I was too excited to wait to open the book that you made so i opened it and it has been great for introducing myself!!!!:) Thanks!~!!! haha
So glad that everything is going well and hope that it continues!!! LOVE YOU SOOOO MUCH!!!
~~~Elder Jackson~~~^^

Monday, December 2, 2013


Yeah so this week holy smokes it flew by especially our thanksgiving day which happened to be transfer call day.....
Well this week we just had break throughs with all of our investigators. One started studying the Book of Mormon by using footnotes and reading through more than once to answer questions that he has after the first time reading. Another came to church for the first time and loved it attanded again this week and said he would continue to come. Another we set to meet with more than just once a week to study and learn about the gospel and finally we set a baptism date for the 21 or 22 of december!!!
Well of course on thursday during daily planning we recieved a few phone calls. One for my companion. starting this week he will be a trainer ... in ...창원 changwon. Which means . I am now in an area called 괴정 holding a branch of about 40-50 people and as of right now there are no real investigators in the area so as I said a challenge to find more of our Heavenly Fathers children to teach about the message of joy and love!! my new companion is hilarious and we are in for some great work in the new area of goejoeng! (gwayjong) haha
This week I have been thinking alot about learning by and through the spirit and of course today in transfer meeting it is part of what our focus will be this transfer! Coming to remember who we are through the gifts of the Spirit!! in other words learning how we recieve personal revelation and how we can most effectively use these gifts to most effectively share the gospel of Christ!!! AHHH I love this work and do not want to be 6 months in haha really there is so much to do and so little time!! I really have thought about KICC alot this week and espcially the scripture we use for "IN" found in 1 timothy 4:12 being an example of the believers!!! So cool and I know that as we do this that we will be blessed with the power of God even the Holy Ghost the Spirit of our Heavenly Father that teachs only truth and allows us to become beackons of Light and Examples of Christ!
For Thaksgiving I made spaghetti for dinner hahah requested by my companion and we had a good time that day with weekly planning our service activity and visiting less active members of the ward! A really great day of thanks as together as a companionship we made an extra effort to give thanks for the blessings we have and the miracles that we see! So cool!!!
Christmas season has begun and weather has not cooled too much we still are in suits and a sweater with a scarf at night and doing just fine! ha next week I will give some information about how we will talk on Christmas .. as of right now there is a possibility of skype but it hasnt been cleared other directions we will recieve in district meeting this week!! And thanks for the packages i got all of them today at training meeting so again just to help missionaries astand out adding 3 boxes on a subway does a good job ahahahah ps with all mail-including packages-send them to the PO box that way they can just forward them on and I will not have to wait till transfer day haha
Well thats about it!!! Glad to hear all is well!!!
elder Jackson
Last Day in Changwon

Sunday, November 24, 2013


WA!~I lvoe my family!!! thank you for the thankful for experience from half way around the world!!! THis last week has gone by even faster than before and this coming week I will hit my 6 month of being a missionary month..not like I am counting but it is so nuts how fast time has flown by!! THis week thursday --transfer call day and as much as i want to stay with my favortie companion and an awesome ward with the work just starting to rise i really dont want to be moved so I guess we will see and if i do get transferred all is well just a challenge to pick things up like they are in the 도계 area!!!
Our investigators coulnt be better we talked alot about baptism this week and alot about church attendence and 2 of our investigators came to church this week which is the most that have come since I first came here with the record of 1 haha so we were very blessed yesterday and are looking forward to another great week of teaching wiith the Spirit!! tonight we will set the baptismal date for our 16 year old referral!! way excited he already seems like a member literally a "golden investigator" So excited for him and for his cousin who invited his cousin to learn about the church!!!
Weather is weird but alright we have a few days where it is freezing and then it will warm up again haha so most of the time just in suits with sweaters and we are good!!!!
Not a ton new happened this week besides the fun with our investigators and the progress we have continued to make with them!! I really love missionary work and am really excited to hear about how the invite to Chrsit for Christmas goes!!!!
Welll pday activity bowling again so not a ton of time!! I love you all and will email you next week of course!!!!!!!^^^^ haha ahhh really families are the greatest blessing and as missionaries we cannot do our work without you!!!! I am so greatful for you and along with that the gospel that is given to bless our family!!! LOVE YOU!!!!!
Elder Jackson

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The work is on the rise...push along!

HEEELLLOOOOOO from chilly korea!! hah it is definitely starting to cool down here but the work is just warming up!! I have been so blessed to be in this area right now!!! 
So to start, this week has flown by....I cannot believe that it is already week 5 of this transfer.. and really koreans love christmas so plans for the party on the 21 are already in progress!! haha so just making things go by quicker. this week we had 7 lessons with our investigators and 4 of them are progressing reading the book of mormon praying and there has been a change in how they are seeing the principles that we teach!! 
unfortunately we were only able to meet with our baptism committed investigator once and so didnt set a date this week but next week for sure!!! And the men that we are teaching really have shown alot of trust and love towards us and our efforts. It has been so cool to see the hand of the Lord this week in our work and see the Spirit working in the hearts of these amazing people!!!!

Well along with that we had 3 meal appointments this week all of which were so different from each other and all really fun!! At the first we had clam chowder and salad and pasta...yeah some how the amazing sister just knows how to make foreign food and where to find ingredients!! the second back to korean food and with an older sister so...very interesting a combo of meat (which my companion recooked for us because she didnt cook it all the way) and some bitter mushrooms along with some kimchi and other side dishes! hahah soooo much fun and the one tiny room that we had to fit in made it better!!! the last another buffet during this meal we got to know the family pretty well and their son who is less active was their and it was fun being with them!!!!

This weekend we did alot of traveling.. saturday to busan for a young mens activity to play soccer --soooooo dang fun!!!! and then to masan--the stake center-- for stake conference and for this special stake conference we were asked to attend all 3 sessions. why? because they were all about missionary work with the members and missionaries!! so cool to hear experiences and try to figure out what the speakers were saying hahah but really a spiritual saturday night! and then sunday a special broadcast where we heard from Elder Cook and Elder Hales... both really great talks about how to strengthen a family through prayer, scripture study and family home evening and family counsel!!! so so so good!!!! And to end we had a last minute lesson with one of our investigators last night that was awesome so there ya go!!!!
The work is korea is on the rise and I am so excited to be here and help push it along!!! 

Thanks for everything!!!! I love your emails and letters--havent gotten the most recently sent but will soon im sure!! This week sounded like it had some ups and downs and as always it did here too. but truly when we take a step back and listen to what others say and especially listen to what the Spirit is trying to tell us we find what we need to do and say. where we need to go and what we need to be in order to align ourselves with Heavenly Fathers will!! Im thankful for a missionary family and a covenant keeping family that has taught me how to be happy and how to live the Gospel of our Savior Jesus Christ!! 
LOVE YOU ALLL!!!!!!!!!!!
Elder JAckson

Brother Aston, Elder Jackson, Elder Yang Sunjun

Chilly Beans

Well this week flew by once again ... really in two weeks I will have
>> been serving a mission for 6 months and will be heading on to my 4th
>> transfer...time is nothing here and we have been having a hard time
>> trying to fit appointments in to our week which is really a blessing!!
>> This last week i had the first experience with an american companon
>> because of exchanges and over that exchange I got to build a Christmas
>> tree(like our decorations) and play soccer in jinhae- other area in
>> our district- and also got to meet with the recent converts and
>> members that I saw almost once a week my first transfer!! REally
>> fun--so different being able to just talk about whatever and
>> understand.. really strange hah I almost like korean more!
>> As for investigators--our two referrals are doing well! both
>> progressing but just hard to get a hold of --the one who said he would
>> be baptized doesnt have a phone so we have to contact him through his
>> cousin. date still not set but should be by the end of this week. Our
>> older investigators are still having a hard time with commitments
>> especially prayer---very hard to tell them again and again that they
>> need to pray and still not have them do it but in other areas
>> progressing and understanding the different principles that we are
>> teaching.
>> We had again alot of success in visiting less actives this week and
>> saw benefits as three came to church this week. the others that we
>> have visited have answered or been home so definitely cool to see that
>> persistance is key!!
>> I love my companion!! He is hilarious and really is always having a
>> good time!! such a blessing to have him with me!! I feel alot more
>> relaxed than in my first two transfers -stress although I still have
>> alot has taken some major steps down and my companion really has help
>> me realize ways to solve the problem! I really hope that I get one
>> more transfer with him!! Honestly no one knows because its my first
>> area and am in my 3rd transfer anything could happen.
>> Weather wise --- korea continues to surprise me with its weather. It
>> really changes over night or in the period of 5 hours hahah yesterday
>> at church we were in our suits sweating and by 6 it was just ice cold.
>> hah we are into sweaters and suits now and apparently it will just
>> keep getting colder from now to january. ha
>> Language... I dont know sometimes it clicks and other times it really
>> doesnt hahah most of the time pretend to understand still but there
>> are different feelings that i am starting to understand now. Native
>> companions definitely help with my questions and fixing my mistakes!
>> pictures again I am on a wierd computer I will try to get some through
>> but maybe sending a few emails ha and for the picture with the kids i
>> dont know why you couldnt use it.. I guess the only problem is that my
>> companion isnt with me but other permission I dont think you need
>> ...????? haha
>> Lastly food-- so the buffet we went to last p-day by choice was also
>> the place where our dinner appointment was this last week!! It really
>> is so good! and we stuffed ourselves pretty full (the man who took us
>> kept telling us to get more and with him, you just cant say no) The
>> other thing I had was this bread that has red beans in it actually
>> really good!! other than that just the same old that I have told you
>> about. This week we have 3 lunch appointments so I may have some new
>> experiences hah
>> Christmas list----really I dont have one ...sorry .. and I bought
>> some face wash here but if you want to send the other kind again feel
>> free.
>> Well thats about it! sounds like you have a big week coming!! thanks
>> for your love and prayers!!!!
>> ELder Jackson

Life Changing Limbo

hahah welll what do you know this week .. I got dongchimmed... hahaha
soo funny all I could do was laugh!!! We were at a member's uncles house
for dinner and we were playing with the kids limbo and my arm was the
limbo stick(always the prop..haha..bugs life) anyways the youngest son
went under my arm and then behind me and the next thing I
know---DONGCHIM! hahah soo funny and so strange!

This week has been awesome!! since the second day we havent been lost
and have been having quite the success in the littlest ways! We
received two referrals last week from members - both between age
16-18) and havbe already set a time to meet for our next lesson! one
of these new investigators accepted the invitation to be baptized when
we invited him yesterday. no dat set but we have no doubt that it will
be soon!!! The other is a little more quiet and shy so we have been
workingon trying to build trust and a relationship with him still.

2 of our other investigators are progressing little by little and the
other two are just not keeping commitments.....its really sad and hard
to ask them over and over again and have them still want to meet and
learn but not doing anything after--we have been trying to work on a
moer effective way to follow up with them so as we put that in to play
this week we will see how it goes!

This week we had interviews--HOLY SMOKES!! I love them!! haha while
interviews are going we have that time to discuss a certain topis that
we have been asked to study. This week it was so cool to share and
learn and build a stronger testimony and have a deeper understanding
of our topic: The Doctrine of Christ and how to recieve power to match
our authority! really cool!!!! in my next letter I will send more of
an explanation home! really what it all came down to is knowing our
such a strong spirit!!

ALso this week alot of meetings with memebers! whether it was a dinner
appointment or an activity all soo fun!! to celebrate halloween, a
newly returned missionary set up a thursday Family Home Evening(this
is where we were introduced to our baptism commiting investigator) and
had pizza chicken and these japanese snacks --tapanyaki or something
like that haha anyway it has squid and lettuce baked into this batter
pretty dang good!! We had two dinner appointments where we had meat
and especially at last nights..both of us felt sick because of the
amount of food we were given to eat haha

Other than that everthing is awesome!! because its cooling down we
have switched to a suit everyday and dont need anything as of now.

Love you all Hope all is well!!
Elder Jackson^^

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Funiculi Funicula

Ok so this week was pretty much awesome!!! Every day had a meeting with one of our current investigators and all increase a ton in hope!!! and have a desire to really act and do what we are inviting them to do!!
tuesday we met with an investigator whos family all left him he is living alone and two weeks ago he wouldnt take a Book of Mormon but this week he did!!! so excited! He committed to read but is having a little bit of trouble with prayer.. The next man, his family all lives in america but he is just hanging out here. He likes to ask diffucult questions but this last week all were answered and you could really feel a different calming spiritual feeling in the room--also committed ti read the Book of Mormon! then to  The bakery man. First meeting with him he wouldnt accept anything and has rejected the invitation to pray since then on wednesday night he committed to read the BoM and pray and then closed our meeting with a prayer!!! so awesome!!!! Although none of these investigators has quickly progressed It will come slowly and in the time the Lord has set for each of them!
    So Thursday mission tour which was a 2 zone combined meeting with Elder Whiting - area 70- and the message he gave was about HASTENING the WORK!!!! hahaha and this wasnt his first plan- he had asked us to study the doctrine of Christ and how it applied to missionary work. however this topic has become more important!! It truly is the Lords work and as said in general conference and in many meetings since now is the time to DO HIS WORK!! How blessed are we to be able to be a part of it!!! So along with that he talked about how we can recieve power to go with our authority!! so cool anf I will write you more about that one!
    Well thursday night- transfer calls and I will continue to serve in 창원. so today new companion -- 양성준 -- such a fun elder!! as we came back from BUsan I was just praying that I would be able to find home!! hahah and we did so I continue to hope for that luck in finding the different places in the area!!! hahaha so Native companion number two.
Love the fact that the Gilberts send you all this haha and I hope you eat that cake with me in mind!!
Packages all recieved as well as letters from all!!!! THANK YOU!!!!! I love the advice given and am so excited to finish reading them tonight!!
Ps. I loved my trainer! He taught me a ton more than just how to do missionary work but really what the Korean culture is and how we can work in it! also I learned alot about service and love for others!!!
PPS this week we had a choir conference as a stake and we sang funiculi funicula in korean and at the beginning there was a flute solo of---ERES TU!!!! really just took my thought to home as brad ran around the house singing in spanish in his high skeaky voice!!! hahaha
LOVE you all keep up the great work! I really do think about you every day and use alot of our stories as a family while teaching-dont worry, only good stories;) hahaha
 I will try to get a tie out asap for Elder Phillips!!
the most important message is from you!
and thats about it!!!! hah
Elder Jackson

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Typhoon Tuesday

Hows it?? Sounds like its been wonderful back at home and as for life changing experiences ... no dongchims but there were some pretty crazy happenings this week and more to come in the week ahead.
This week we met with 2 of the three new invesstigators and taught them again. Alot about Heavenly Father and His want to help us and how the gospel can do so. One of our investigators sits and listens but responds with little to no hope. I admire him alot for his desires to be a good father with his family situation of living alone right now. The other investigator has met with missionaries before and just asks detailed questions that really caught us off guard. Both are amazing people and I really hope we can help them as much as possible...aka baptize them!!!! haha or at least bring them closer to Heavenly Father.
On Tuesday, I got to experience my first Korean typhoon!! It was insane and actually really fun.  That day a few of our appointments cancelled but just watching the rain pour as we planned and did others things in the church was awesome. and on the way home...just drenched and holding on to our umbrellas for dear life!
From thursday to yesterday we spent alot of time with other missionaries for a zone meeting, an english test for the korean missionaries and conference!!--which was amazing!!! For conference along with a personal study questions, I chose 2 words to look for as I listened and watched. They were remember and continue!! It was so cool to recieve personal things I need to remember and continue to do in order to be a missionary and become converted deeply rooted in the Gospel of Jesus Christ! My favortie takl came from President Uchtdorf in the Preisthood session and I also loved L. Tom Perrys talk( also in Preisthood session) hah Some amazing life changes words and thoughts I think!
Food wise-- I ate this crab dish the other day that was really nasty looking hahah whole crab on a plate( gutted or cleaned out but eyes still there-crab tasted like frozen ocean water) and the legs were placed on top just whole. To eat it you bite the shelled legs till they break and suck out the frozen substance inside hahaha and then use the shell as a bowl for your rice.. eyes looking right at you hahah also went to my first pizza place with a member way fun he just told me to eat as much as I could because I was too skinny ahah and also first meat buffet.. All so different but so good!! haha
And this week is the last week of my missionary training and we are 99.8% sure that 박호형 장로 is leaving and that means I will probably stay in 창원... kinda scary it will for sure be a life changer... Thursday is mission tour and then that night is transfer call night!! so next monday--transfer day! haha cant believe I have already been here for 3 months............yikes--
THank you for the packages and prayers!! right now I dont need anything but will let you know again next week.
Mom-- Glad your birthday was great!! I will be bringing home a present in about 20 months hahaha Love you and love the stake leadership topic. The tree analogy has had alot deeper and more of a meaning since I have been here It is such a cool one!!!
LOVE YOU ALLLLLL!!! and I will let you know immediately if I ever do get dongchimmed!!
LOve Always
Elder Jackson

Monday, October 7, 2013

The Olive Tree

October 6, 2013
This week was a blessing overload in the beautiful land of Korea!!!

We have three new investigators all of which are so prepared to hear the gospel and grow closer to our Heavenly Father through Jesus Christ!! It is so amazing to see how the Lord prepares these people and also sometimes strange to work in His ways but they are perfect so what do ya do? haha all about being obedient and listening to Him through the Spirit! We also had more success with less active members and specifically one we are starting to build a really good relationship and hope that he will be coming back to church soon!!

I am a little jealous because Conference does not show here till this coming weekend... so all of your comments just made me a little jealous! i am so exciting to see what the messages are and to receive answers and guidance from the leaders of our church who are truly called of God!! What a blessing that is in our lives and as we heed to there words, we can only be blessed! Reminds me of the letter mom sent about being anchored to the Lord. It is so crucial and as we do so we find true happiness!!

Well training meeting this week was awesome!!! The Gilberts are incredible!! Truly know how to supervise and guide the Lords work! There were alot of thoughts I had as we talked about the olive tree and I sent some in a letter home. The one I shared came through a long connection of many scriptures but really only two are needed. The first Jacob 4:4 specifically footnote A and then 1 Nephi 1:4-7. Through these scriptures I learned that really we are like Prophets of God! As we teach the gospel and are a warning voice unto them and help them come unto Christ through repentance we are fulfilling the Mission of Prophets and ultimately the mission of our Heavenly Father. and that gives a pretty good reason as to why a mission is called a mission. Also we talked about making this allegory personal so I compared it to Alma 32. make us the tree and then see what you come up with!! haha
THis week I ate raw fish and these whole fried fish like a legit fish stick hahah I was kinda scared at first but then again It wasnt my first time eating the fish bones and all I just glad that they gut them and cut off the head haha also way good salads and fruits! and ALWAYS KIMCHI ahhah sooo good!! Training meeting we had salad and bulgogi bakes from costco haha it was awesome! Anyways
Got my package LOVE CANDY hahah and if you could send a shoe shining rag that would be great-- cant find one to buy here hah and I think thats it -- my backpack is ok so I dont have to buy shoulder bag. and yeah this p day we just relaxed and we have a ton of food from members that we ate! hhaa
I hope all is well with everything I sent another letter today and I am thankful for the advice and counsel in your letters!! Also so thankful as always for your prayers!!!
love ya!!
ELder JAckson

Change One

This week was difficult --we had every appointment cancel and all
investigators stopped keeping commitments.... weird to think that in 7
days all that changed haha however because this is the Lords work,
everything this week was great!! We visited 40+ less active member
homes and saw some amazing miracles along the way.

So out of all the homes we visited probably 1/2 had moved and the
other half werent there (some relatives were but the actual member
wasnt). This was a constant pattern for 3 days and then the last day
the last house... Boom we knocked they answered the mother tried to
deceive us but the father had been drinking just a bit and invited us
in to meet their son who was baptized in 2004 . All worth it to make
contact with that one person!!!!
As we walked our area, we boosted the number of contacts we normally
recieved in a day one day doubling it to 4 contacts. We also ran into
one of the sisters investigators who suddenly stopped answering calls
and stopped coming to english class. We found out why and also found
out that her parents, who a month ago hated the church, have a
different view because they had seen both us and the sisters as we
were working last week!!
We also have two great potentiel investigators who were referals from
the english class website we have! they both seem to have just as much
of an interest in the gospel as they do in learning english so we will
see where that goes!!!!
SO yeah even though it was a sad week, we really got alot done and
were ablr to get alot of review and practice in for teaching those
that canceled.
ANd I taught gospel doctrines class yesterday in korean... haha
consisted of me asking 3 questions and alot of Im nopt 100% sure what
else... hahaha

Anyways thats about it for the week -- food wise I had kimchi and rice
grilled together sooo goood!! and last night we were invited to a
members home and had like make your own dumpling kinda deal--rice
sheet put in hot water fill it with fruits or veggeis and meat and
roll it up hah also korean toast!--prety mush a bunch of different
ways to have an egg sandwich -- ours was just egg and this sweet sauce
that was way good!!

weather has been cooling and this morning woke up to some nice rain
but it has cleared up and will be sunny for the rest of the day--
humid as ever but of course almost adjusted to it! Yes I bought some
cheap cleats!! hah jess nike stuff depends --the thing about korea is
that every store is having a sale at all times you just have to have
the right sale to get stuff really cheap haha
The kids in the picture are  cousins. Their uncle lives in our
area and has just barely started coming back to church so we teach him
and have FHE with them! so fun!!!

PS we are half way through this transfer already---NUTS!!!!!!
So last thing we have been studying the doctrine of Christ alot for
Mission Tour in two weeks-- it applies to everyone because it is how
we come closer to Christ and to our Heavenly Father!! As I have been
reading the scriptures I have noticed it in almost evey story Fatih
repentance baptism gift of the Holy Ghost and enduring to the End!! I
want to hear your thought on it so let me know!!!

Elder Jackson

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Korean Thanksgiving

HOKAHY SO..... 추석 week!! what a fun holiday if you arent a
missionary!!! hahah jkjk we Had a great time but it was like ghost
town status in Changwon-- like 10 people total stores, restaraunts,
gas stations, banks, post office... all closed!! Unfortunately we did
not have any appointments for three days but it left alot of time to
study and prepare for the next 4 weeks of this transfer!!! Today marks
what wouldve been the start of my 8th week in the MTC-- I have almost
doubled the time I have been on my mission and it feels like I have
been here for a total of a month maybe...
Well tuesday we had a lunch with a lady whose family moved on saturday
which was sad but also really fun!! Her food was amazing! I really
coulnt tell you what it was but just know it was good!! hahah When
koreans try to explain foos to me they are using korean so I dont
really get it!! haha
anyway to end we sang god be with you till we meet again in Korean
with the sister missionaries -- it was pretty cool she recorded it ---
hopes I get that tag on the FB hahaha
Anyway as I said Wednesday Thursday Friday No Appointments so we
studied and on thursday got together with the elders in 진해 to eat and
such. Friday we spent the whole day planning for 독신 meeting wich
directly translated is bachelor) that we had on saturday. At the
meeting we had about 25-30 people there and played games and made
curry and just had a fun time!! ps all korean games have some sort of
physical punsihment--whether if its you losing and getting slapped ofr
punched or if the game is crack the egg on hard ground and you can
only crack by kicking the other person hahahah so fun and so
crazy!!!!! We also played water balloon volleyball and everyone was so
shocked when another american elder and I launched the balloons out of
a towel straight up into the air(yes using skills from even elementary
school to fill and launch water balloons!! thank you water fights and
feild days hahaha)
Yesterday--such a long day--but always so good!! Sitting for 3-4 hours
just straining your mind to understand a little bit of what is going
on gives a headache but truly pays off! and today we will just be
relaxing and then going to 박호형 장로 s less active uncles home for dinner
and FHE!! always so fun!!!!
So funniest thing I think is just the old koreans rolling around with
their carts full of cardboard to sell-- today there was an old lady
jay- walking in front of the bus with her cart like everything was all
good( keep in mind that she was maybe 5 foot 1 or 2 and also that the
bus did stop for her haha)
The members love trying to speak english to me and will always check
for pronunciation which just has the hardest accent to it haha and
they all use really formal language for something that is not so
formal hah i dont know how else to explain that but it is just funny
hahah yesterday a few young women learned how the names of vegetables
and koreanized it so they got the pronunciation haha tomamto apple---
oh they also say pardon alot and many times when people start talking
they will just throw 3 or four questions and then laugh and dont know
anything else hahah yeah its fun!!
Investigators same 2 came to the meeting on saturday!! way fun!!!
BAptism dates looking like the 20th of October so keep you updated!


Elder Jackson

Monday, September 9, 2013

Transfer 1 OVER ...

These last 6 weeks have honestly been like nothing I am staying in
the beautiful city of 창원 to finish training with 박호형!! This P-day we
went down to Busan for transfer meetings unfortunately this means I
didnt get time to finish witing all your letters but they will be sent
next week. I love being able to look back and see progression. It
really boosted my confidence to see where I started and where I am!
And also see alot of these I clearly needed to work on. Your letters
truly helped me in this reflection process and probably the main
principle form this week is being yourself.
This transfer it has been hard to be 100% me due to the language and
new culture and things that I am still getting used to--but the thing
is when I turn away from who I am that is when it is hardest to learn
and grow and accept the many new things!
The Poelmans wrote me this week and Jeff left a great article about
the 11 necessities of missionary work--The last was be yourself.
Missionary work(and really everythingwe do in the church) does not ask
us to change who we are. Our Heavenly Father created each of us
individually and differently so that we are all unique. Based off of
the gifts He gives, He then expects us to take these things apply them
to our lives and use them to bless others!! Truly this gospel is a
personal gospel. It shapes us and helps us grow in ways that nothing
else could. Through it we can always learn more and strive to become
our best selves. That is what Heavenly Father asks us to do and as we
put our trust in His Son, He promises all that He hath!! How blessed
are we!!
Carazy to hear about all thats going on at home.. and again happy to
hear about all the success and joy that is found from week to week!!!
Also love the fact you went hiking hahahah that one made me laugh im
sure it was beautiful!!

Anyway here in Korea we have been blessed with rain on rain as well
temps are kinda starting to cool on somedays haha
This week we were busy with helping the 진해 elders move to a bigger
apartment and visiting less actives! also went to a wedding for a man
who was baptized in 진해 a few weeks ago! what a cool experience
everything from the fancy aisle way to epic music and couldnt end
without some beatles and a buffet hahah!!!

well investigators continue to progress-- we now have two men in their
40s ish who both have had their fathers die -- getting to teach about
the plan of salvation and eternal families has really been a blessing
and I could not thank you enough for the spirit that is felt when we
teach. I know that your prayers have a huge effect!!! We have two new
young investigators both age 16 who we read the book you are special
(about the wooden people and the star/circle stickers) and applied it
to this life and the gospel. really cool. Our recent convert fell back
on some addiction problems but really has the desire to change. the
only way we can help is through love and I know he is striving to do
all he can. He has such a strong testimony and again bore his
testimony last week at church. The bus station guy is becoming
more sincere in meeting with us. 

Other than that everything is great!!! I love korea!!! GOt to
see the MTC distrcit today at transfer meeting turns out most of them
are in the same zone! so fun to catch up with them a bit! LOVE YOU
Elder JAckson

Week before Transfers

Ah SO glad to hear all the good from the week each week!!! Cannot believe its the last week of the transfer!! We have time on thursday to clean up and such. From what I know so far I will continue training in 창원 for this next transfer and will let you know for sure next week!! 
The picnic was different last week definitely caused some awkward feelings as I tried to stop a volleyball from bouncing into the meat we were cooking and almost trampled 3 people while kicking rocks all over the mats.....hahah the fact that I dont speak Korean made that even better as I tried to explain what happened hahaha anyway camping in korea would be something our family might enjoy! they have electricity and put their tents up on these wood platforms all have rice cooking and a waterfall maybe 5 minute walk away haha nice and easy life. 
Anyway we had alot of fun this week with our service and activities! On wednesday we cleaned the carpets in the church haha so fun and actually hard but working with the members definitely built trust and unity so way cool! We had a late baptism interview in the other area of our district on thusrday night and got to sleep over in that area and then back to that area for soccer again saturday morning! so fun!!! 
So our investigators.. 
최영서 the older man is progressing. He continues to understand the doctrine and everything but prayer and the importance of the Book of Mormon so we taught him about these two things again both times meeting with him last week. This next week we are planning on inviting him to church and maybe a family home evening with the rest of his family. we will see how that goes! so glad our family had FHE so I can share experiences about it with him. 이상민 or has been coming to english classes and also reads the Book of Mormon but we are not sure if he is interested in the church or is keeping the commitments we give to drag us along for his "marketing plan" haha we havent really had a first lesson with him but that is the plan this week and we are going to invite him to be baptized. those are our two main investigators right now so but many potentials and lots of time has been spent trying to figure out how to start member missionary work. we have our plans set and I could not be more grateful for the leaders doing the best they can in supporting us and the missionary work in the area.
Food wise I had a cup full of barbie arm for Jess a korean corndog and my first Korean Chinese food which was way good!! and thats really about it we cooked meat at our picnic last week and this week are having another member investigator missionary party with a bunch of food that was brought by an elders parents to him because he had not contacted them for at least 6 weeks haha interesting situation but we have tons of food for today! 
 I love the messages you share with me through email and cant wait to get my package and read your letters today! I love you and miss you! 
Thanks for everything and good luck this week!!!!!
Elder Jackson

Friday, August 30, 2013

Picnic in the Park

Well to begin this week I want to talk about people.

I love the 장원 ward!! They are all so full of light and love!! This last week our focus really turned to active members and we are hoping to increase the amount of members attending church and getting back into things!! We are really close with the bishop and his family! He has a son who is the same age as me and he leaves in November for Hawaii! he is going to be a great missionary! our ward mission leader served in this area when he was serving his mission and does a really great job! we just planned out a new program to visit and invite some of the many less actives in the area!  As for investigators.. the older man 최영서 is doing well. we continue to teach him english and the lessons and its alot of fun. The spirit is always so strong!!!!  the other mans name is 이상민 , speaks english well we are pretty good friends already so we are hoping that leads to a connection for the things to come. He reads the Book of Mormon and has been great!

Language... Slowly slowly slowly understanding and speaking more ... its really hard when the members and investigators learning english want to speak with me in english... yeah causes some brain mixing for me haha but all is well LOVED jessicas comment on that!! 

It poured rain over the weekend which was a ton of fun and besides that everything is about the same!! so many miracles happen everyday!!!

Well glad to hear all is well! we are going to have a picnic today so we need to go buy some food!!!!  Everything sounds awesome! GOOD LUCK TO EVERYONE. I think about you always! 
너무 사랑해요!!
잭슨 장러
Elder Jackson

PS we need a rice cooker when I get back and kim-chi as well...sooo good;)

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Journey has begun

Well this transfer is halfway over.... we are starting our fourth
week... I cannot believe it... time really does fly out here and if
you are not doing what is right and being exactly obedient there are
so many opportunites that will just fly by..

So baptisms one .. you are going to be a little disappointed because I
left my camera at home that day and we didnt have time to go back and
get it.. however poictures were taken and so I will get them to you
haha it was a fanstatic service and the spirit was so strong, This
ward is outstanding in support and really I do not think he will have
a trouble with staying active. He has such a strong testimony and light
with him!!! We were also allowed to attend another baptism yesterday
in another neighboring area.. This convert had been taught by
missionaries for a year and I was lucky enough to get to meet and
teach him this week before his baptism while I was on exchanges! The
Lord truly works in amazing ways!!!

Ok so the other area is called jinhe and it is pretty similar to
changwon but alot more countryside ish... country to them is changwon
so home is extremely country haha anyway we also played some soccer in
jinhe with the young men and some investigators of both areas super

K one last story for you .. A stereotypical missionary story at that
haha someone approached us the other day as we were waiting for the
bus. He asked if i was from america (surprisingly in english) and if I
could help him with an english class that he had we said we had top
check with the President of our mission and we would stay in contact
with him. Well he was all about staying in contact he has been calling
and texting us since thursday and we met with him and found out he has
met with missionaries before. His english is really good so I have
been able to talk and understand alot more than normal it makes it
alot different but really fun, He took us to a cafe on saturday and
bought us "american food" haha he is so kind and hopefully will be one
we can bring closer to Christ.

ps english is like spanish in the us and it makes me laugh on the
daily!! anyway almost out of time.. keep on keeping on love you
Elder Jackson

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Greetings from Changwon!

I dont know where to begin.... hahah this week has been the hardest most exhausting week of my life but also quite rewarding. 

The first day and a half were so awesome!! proselyting for the first time eating some delicious and really normal looking korean food and then off to the area. I am serving in a city called changwon and it really hasnt been a huge change like I thought it was going to be. My apartment is tiny fourth floor in kinda a hidden place. (top floor is the fourth floor) It is quite a hike and I can get around the whole apartment in about ten steps hahaha two small rooms a bathroom and an area to cook and thats all you need. Park or 박호형 is my trainer and companion and we have come really close in the last couple of days. Benefits of having a korean speaking trainer... when I get stuck, he knows exactly what to say. He understands what everyone else is saying and he knows where to get some pretty good food. Hard things.. He speaks korean.. my understanding obviously is still not good at all but that has actually helped me more because I understand even more why we need the spirit and I have been able to feel it so strongly. In the MTC devotional film "Character of Christ" by David A Bednar, he explains that the reason investigators invite people back is because of the feelings they have when we meet. Missionary work is more Who we are and What we are than what we say. it has been something that has really been pushing me onward this first week. Ok so back to elder park, he is the best trainer and I know that the Lord meant for us to be together here and now to help bring others unto Christ.With that being said now to talk about our investigators. I have now taught 3 lessons and tagged teamed one with the sister missionaries and the Bishop. So two of the lessons have been taught to lee dam-key(이 담 기) and tonight I invited him to be baptized and he said yes so we are planning on that next saturday. He is in high school and went to SMYC --koreas EFY-- last week and is just so into our lessons! Our other is an older man that was way impressed with my korean we are teaching him english. SO awesome we are planning on inviting him to the baptism next week and hopefully baptize him in a few!! 
 We teach two english classes every week and I have to start learning basic korean sign language its really fun!
Korean stereotypes are all that you think of. and everything here is what we heard times ten!! I love it and cannot wait to experience what lies ahead in the next two years!!
The Gilberts are SO cool!! They are extremely spiritual and just want you to do what is right and what is best!
Thats all for now- love you all!! keep up the fun and ill do the same here!! 
ELder Jackson

Link to Video of Changwon History and Culture:

Saturday, August 3, 2013

I'm Here!

Hello hello from the beautiful land of Busan Korea!!!! We arrived at 845ish last night(tuesday night) and came straight to the mission home. The Gilberts were at Koreas EFY in the taejon mission and so we did not meet them till this morning. We came straight to the mission home last night and got a snack and then straight to bed!  It is so pretty here and I cannot wait to go out and explore a bit more later today! We are at the mission home right now and are taking care of financial business and such before orientation begins!
I could not be more thankful for the safety of the flights and the flights we were able to make that keep us on schedule and ready to go!
sorry i didnt call from san fran we were legit running like home alone to get to the flight they had held for us there ps I would not suggest a flight more than 5 hours... it was exhausting! haha got probably 12 hours of sleep total over the flights and then slept like a baby last night so it was all good. i picked up a bit of a cold but have been blessed and am healing up for sure!
It is humid as can be when outside you are just sticky and wet but it feels so good hahaha I just am so happy to be here!
The Gilberts are awesome and have a letter from Sister Baker, who is leaving today, for me. Hope all is well back at home and that you are living up tuesday for me because I completely lost mine hahah Love you all lots and lots!!!
Elder Jackson

Friday, July 26, 2013

Time to Fly!

The events of this week are many but went by so quickly it feels like it was all one day! I cannot wait to head out to Korea and start the real work!!!!
The MTC has been fanstastic but its definitely time to move on.
1-In field oreintation
Well yesterday we spent from 8-5:30pm in the in-field orientation meeting and it was probably the longest day of the MTC and things got as real as they can get while still in the MTC bubble. We "tracted" and learned how to plan and things like that. Basically it was review because we have now been here for two full months. It was still alot of fun and definitely necessary plus it was a full day in English so not too hard to understand;) all the english speaking elders that have been here for a week and two days were all "so excited to get outta here" -- all we could say was..Youre telling me hahah I felt a little rood after the fact but really a week here is awesome you learn so much in that first week and that is where so many first changes are made.
Well the rest i think ill just write out my favs of th MTC experience:
-My District: the best district in the world!! I really hope I see these elders and sisters alot in the field!! unfortunately we loose two companionships-Elder Han and Clark to the Sydney North mission and Elder Sorensen and BLake to California Arcadia mission--we will miss them a ton on our flights and orientation in Korea. HUGE shoutout to the best companion Elder Wilson!! I love this elder to death he has taught me so much and it is going to be hard to leave him in the next week.
-My teachers: Brother Kim and Sister Sagers are outstanding teachers!!! I am going to miss having the opportunity to hear their testimonies and their wisdom daily! They have both influenced my goal setting and the missionary I will be for the better and I can not be more grateful for them.
-Devotionals: If you want a life changing experience twice a week the MTC is where you need to be. THe Devotionals have taught me so much and they are one of the places wher I feel the Spirit so strongly and learn so much in such a short amount of time! Also Devotional reviews with the District sooo great! Definitely a time of learning and understanding and pondering the words of servants of our Heavenly Father!!
-Branch Presidency: We have without a doubt the most amazing branch presidency in the MTC they are all so sincere and want 100% what is best for us and what will help us most while on this call to serve. I honestly could not have asked for a better set of leaders for this branch for our district and for me specifically! I love each and every one of them and will miss them.
Everyday is fantastic here in the MTC so much is always happening and learning is always on the rise. If you dont learn anything in the MTC it is because you are either sleeping all day or dead. you could roam the campus and do nothing and still learn here haha it is incredible.
Well now that we have seen 5 groups of english speaking elders come and go it is our turn to join the 6th on the journey back into the "real world." I have grown so much and though I know i havent learned everything(not even close to some of everything) I am ready and feel as prepared as I think I can be at this point. I cannot wait for the adventure ahead! I cannot wait to serve my Heavenly Father and bring others into this gospel of happiness and love!!! Off to Korean see ya in 22;) Peace sign duck face pic just like my people!!!
With Love,
ELder Nathan Jackson

Friday, July 19, 2013

Last Week in the MTC!

Well if you could end a week any better than this one I would be extremely surprised. I am so happy for all of you and know that the Lord is blessing me as He calls us forward to serve only asking us to be our best and follow Him.
And besides the fact that we only have three weeks left.... WE GOT TRAVEL PLANS TODAY!!! I will be leaving the 29 of July and stop in San Fancisco, Tokyo and then head straight in to Busan!!! I cant believe it is already here!!
1-- More on the plans
SO wewont have to meet at the travel office until 7:30 on Monday July 29 and from there we will be shuttled up to SLC! Well we also reacived a letter from President Gilbert this week with information of what we will be doing when we arrive. First off we will be staying in the mission homes for two days and in our time there we will have orientations and participste in cultural events hhahaha Im soo excited to go to work and start sharing what I have learned. THere is going to be a large language barrier when we arrive not only because we dont really understand the language in its fullest yet but also because of the dialect in Busan! either way the Lord is on our side and will provide the means for us to fulfill our purpose as long as we have faith and are obedient!!
In other news--
2-- Koreans
This week starting Monday the group of Native koreans we will leave with came into the MTC. Their English is not as good as the other korean elders and sisters as we have had in the past. This is how I really found out that we really know only the simplistic almost awkward converstaional form of Korean. However it is what we will learn to teach and when we speak in this way we honorfy and show respect to just about everyone! Well another different thing about the elders that came in is that most of them are born in 94 so our same age(they base age and such off of the lunar year there and answer there age with when they are born instead of how "old" they are) but it automatically make us friends in Korea. The weird thing about that is that most korean elders serve their military time for two years before serving a mission so they are normally between 22 and even 25 years old! ha
Funny story though -- I was talking to elder pak who is as of now the korean I am closest to and I taught him how to say my name... he has the hardest time making the "th" sound of Nathan and it is so funny to watch him concentrate so hard each time he does. All Koreans by the way have some pretty solid style. I cant wait to buy some ties there for 2 dollars.haha
3-- mail
I love the mail I get from everyone. It really does help so much and brings back great memories and stories for me to share!! Last night I shared some of my fruit loops with the non sugar eating native koreans and they fell in love and asked me for more. hahah they are all so funny!! I really had a flashback to all the great times watching movies and being together but it really gives me a motivation to be better and to want to serve so that others can have the joy that comes with the gospel in a family!! That is what I am most excited to share with them all. Thanks for the mail again and for the love support and prayers. It really does show even when we are doing the same thing almost everyday the Lord blesses us in so many ways that help us learn and grow and I know that wouldnt be possible without prayers coming from you all!! Eveery missionary needs them and benefits so much from something so simple yet amaxing from our Heavenly Father!
4--Thats all folks
I have seen Elder Burgi twice since wednesday also Ty states, kolton savage, david ju and STU many times this week. I really am so glad that everyone is doing so well and I can't emphasize how much I feel the love from you all!!
Last thoughts...
Remember who you are-- this week I had a few days in a row in which I had forgotten who I was. I knew but for some reason I didnt believe it. It was hard to go through and telling myself I had faith and knew what I was doing when inside I was dying wondering how I could really figure it out. It was of course only as I turned to my Heavnely Father in prayer that he ansered the questions that I had and that He did so only by bringing to my remembrance who I was. It is so important that we remember we are His children and that He will bless us with many things. However He requires us to ask in faith and then act on that answer. I could not be more grateful for that blessing and gift in itself!!
Love You All!!!!
Elder Nathan Hart Jackson

Elder Jackson and Elder Kenney
Elder Wilson, Han and Jackson